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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Revised 25 July 1978
Re-revised 21 September 1978
Remimeo NED Grad Checksheet (Revisions in this type style)
(Ellipsis indicates deletion)


All a Case Supervisor looks for in Dianetics folders to advise the next action is departure from exact New Era Dianetics procedure.

It is a very easy job providing the Case Supervisor knows his New Era Dianetics exactly and completely.

Any time there is the most minute or flagrant departure from exact assessment or exact R3RA, there will be a breakdown of the results.

It is quite a tribute to the tech that this is true. And it is true. Doing C/Sing recently on a very great many Dianetic cases audited by relatively untrained auditors the following emerged in letters ten feet high.

1. Where the auditor followed the exact procedure without deviation the results were uniformly excellent.

2. Where the auditor deviated from the exact procedure the results were poor or bad.

There are many, many ways an auditor can deviate from exact procedure.

There is only one exact procedure.

As a result of doing this C/S work, I would, if I were doing Dianetic C/Sing, refuse to let an auditor audit until he could attest with absolute certainty to each point of the Student Attest on the Hubbard New Era Dianetics Course Checksheet. This would save nearly all work required of a Case Supervisor.

When the auditor is in a fumbly state regarding the procedure and has not drilled it until he could do it with the house caving in, the preclear does not get good results. That is really all there is to it.

If the auditor simply observes the Auditor’s Code, handles TRs and the meter fairly well and does the assessments and R3RA exactly as laid out, the results will be found to be astonishingly good, even miraculous.


To correct a bad session the normal action of the C/S is to order the offbeat actions done correctly.


A. Auditor assessed by interest only, not by read and the session bogged down. C/S action — reassess by longest read.

B. Medical terms were put on the running item list; one was chosen and case bogged. C/S action, order such be taken off list and proper preassessment procedure applied to it to get running items.

C. A basic was found and auditor told it was erasing but sent pc earlier but pc could find nothing so left it. C/S orders the last incident found fully erased.

D. Auditor tells pc he won’t run it because it „isn’t an engram.” C/S action, order auditor to retrain on Auditor’s Code and do Invalidation and Evaluation in clay. Orders pc to a Scientology auditor, Green Form.

E. Pc very nattery to auditor. C/S orders pc to Scientology auditor, „and be sure to pull all withholds.”

F. C/S finds his orders to complete a chain left undone with a high TA were not done — folder mislaid or pc not routed. Pc has become ill. Order the pc to medical treatment and the chain completed and the auditor to Ethics.

You see how it is. Each time the auditor violated normal simple procedure, the C/S orders that the normal simple procedure be completed either by first giving pc a Scientology Green Form and then completing the New Era Dianetics action or, omitting GF (when pc not out rud), just getting the real standard action done.

This is really all there is to case supervising New Era Dianetics case folders. The more you try to do something else than the above the further the case will go wrong.

The Hubbard New Era Dianetics auditor does not have to know how to do Green Forms or rudiments. When they have to be done you get a Scientology auditor to do them.

It is a serious error to mix up Dianetics and Scientology.

The potential errors of out ruds and all the rest are present of course in any New Era Dianetics session, but do not usually happen when exact New Era Dianetics procedure is used. When they do happen you send the pc to a Scientology auditor.

This is case supervision, New Era Dianetics. It has been fully worked out by my case supervising a great many Dianetic sessions to launch this new view of Dianetics. And the above is what I found.

It drives home also the necessity of training New Era Dianetics auditors as precision technologists and the risk of letting people audit before they are fully grooved in on exactly what’s done in a New Era Dianetics session.