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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Case Gain - Completing Levels - B690303

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Достижения Кейса, Завершение Уровней (Серия СДС 32) - Б690303

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Class VIII Level IV Tech Sec Qual Sec


Anyone who interprets "the real gains of a case consist of going up the levels" (which is true and was stated in order to prevent over-review) as meaning that the level a case is on is not to be conclusive or put the pc into good case condition, has a tech alter-is going.

The registrar can use "You need the next level" but when Tech or Qual buy this as an excuse not to run levels right or to get gains on any given level it's time to look this fact over HARD.

ANY LEVEL IS ITSELF CAPABLE OF STABLE CASE GAIN. If a level does not THEN THE CASE IS LOUSED UP ON EARLIER LEVELS and is a standard case of someone with a lower level out! This is all covered in Class VIII.

This is true of ARC Straight Wire and OT VI alike. The rule holds.

Any level is capable of giving a stable case gain and if it does not THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG with the way it or an earlier level was run.

To chase a pc on up the levels to cure an outness on earlier levels is idiocy. It is WASTING AUDITING. It is a shabby excuse for not setting a case up to be audited or auditing badly.

To solve an earlier out tech situation one does not "give the next level".

If a pc ends up at Level II (or OT II) without a stable gain attained then the set-up of the case or the handling of it is SOUR.

This is the most elementary situation in case repair.

ANY LEVEL is capable of case gain and of being stable, the pc feeling good, etc. The drive to get the next level is very natural but when it becomes obsessive to get a case gain then it isn't the next level that's needed.

ARC Straight Wire is more tech than Man ever had before. It produces a stable gain. This is true of every level on up.

We have just had a PreOT whose case at every level "was going to be solved by the next level". People kept saying he "needed the next level" to solve his case. Bull. He got all the way to OT II before I caught wind of it. He "had to have OT III" to solve his case according to the Qual Sec.

That case probably never made ARC Straight Wire! One or more earlier levels or ruds or 7 cases are out. That's the trouble with that case.

If you now let him go on to OT III he'd cop it.

The tech you are handling is capable of giving spectacular gains at every level. If it does not then the case has missed somewhere, comes under 7 resistive cases or out ruds or one or more missed or overrun levels.

This is one of those things which seems to have been going around ("needs the next level to solve his case") for some time without my finding out about it. Sure they need their next level. But do they have their levels up to where they are? If they aren't in good shape at the end of any one level then there's a miss on the case and it must be repaired by standard tech.