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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Barriers to Study (WCS-3R) - B710625R74

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Важные Сведения об Обучении - Б710625
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- Препятствия в Обучении (Серия ПрСл 3R) - Б710625R74
- Препятствия в Учебе (Серия ПрСл 3R) (2) - Б710625R74
- Препятствия в Учебе (Серия ПрСл 3R) (3) - Б710625R74
- Препятствия в Учебе (Серия ПрСл 3R) - Б710625R74
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Revised 25 November 1974
Remimeo Tech & Qual All Students Supervisors Supervisor’s Course Cramming Word Clearers Word Clearing Series 3R


There are three different sets of physiological and mental reactions that come from 3 different aspects of study. They are three different sets of symptoms.


(1) Education in the absence of the mass in which the technology will be involved is very hard on the student.

It actually makes him feel squashed. Makes him feel bent, sort of spinny, sort of dead, bored, exasperated.

If he is studying the doingness of something in which the mass is absent this will be the result.

Photographs help and motion pictures would do pretty good as they are a sort of promise or hope of the mass but the printed page and the spoken word are not a substitute for a tractor if he’s studying about tractors.

You have to understand this data in its purity — and that is that educating a person in a mass that they don’t have and which isn’t available produces physiological reactions. That is what I am trying to teach you.

It’s just a fact.

You’re trying to teach this fellow all about tractors and you’re not giving him any tractors — well he’s going to wind up with a face that feels squashed, with headaches and with his stomach feeling funny. He’s going to feel dizzy from time to time and very often his eyes are going to hurt.

It’s a physiological datum that has to do with processing and the field of the mind.

You could therefore expect the greatest incidence of suicide or illness in that field of education most devoted to studying absent masses.

This one of studying the something without its mass ever being around produces the most distinctly recognizable reactions.

If a child felt sick in the field of study and it were traced back to this one, the positive remedy would be to supply the mass — the object or a reasonable substitute — and it would clear it up.


(2) There is another series of physiological phenomena that exist which is based on the fact of too steep a study gradient.

That’s another source of physiological study reaction because of too steep a gradient.

It is a sort of a confusion or a reelingness that goes with this one.

You’ve hit too steep a gradient.

There was too much of a jump because he didn’t understand what he was doing and he jumped to the next thing and that was too steep and he went too fast and he will assign all of his difficulties to this new thing.

Now differentiate here — because gradients sounds terribly like the 3rd one of these study hang-ups, definitions — but remember that they are quite distinctly different.

Gradients are more pronounced in the field of doingness but they still hang over into the field of understanding. In gradients however it is the actions we are interested in. We have a plotted course of forward motion of actions. We find he was terribly confused on the second action he was supposed to do. We must assume then that he never really got out of the first one.

The remedy for this one of too steep a gradient is cutting back. Find out when he was not confused on the gradient, then what new action he undertook to do. Find what action he understood well. Just before he was all confused what did he understand well — and then we find out that he didn’t understand it well.

It’s really at the tail end of what he understood and then he went over the gradient you see.

It is most recognizable and most applicable in the field of doingness.

That’s the gradient barrier and one full set of phenomena accompanies that.


(3) There is this third one. An entirely different set of physiological reactions brought about through — a bypassed definition. A bypassed definition gives one a distinctly blank feeling or a washed-out feeling. A not-there feeling and a sort of nervous hysteria will follow in the back of that.

The manifestation of “blow” stems from this 3rd aspect of study which is the misunderstood definition or the not comprehended definition, the undefined word.

That’s the one that produces the blow.

The person doesn’t necessarily blow on these other two — they are not pronouncedly blow phenomena. They are simply physiological phenomena.

This one of the misunderstood definition is so much more important. It’s the make-up of human relations, the mind and subjects. It establishes aptitude and lack of aptitude and it’s what psychologists have been trying to test for years without recognizing what it was.

It’s the definitions of words.

The misunderstood word.

That’s all it goes back to and that produces such a vast panorama of mental effects that it itself is the prime factor involved with stupidity and the prime factor involved with many other things.

If a person didn’t have misunderstoods his talent might or might not be present but his doingness would be present.

We can’t say that Joe would paint as well as Bill if both were unaberrated in the field of art, but we can say that the inability of Joe to paint compared with the ability of Joe to do the motions of painting is dependent exclusively and only upon definitions — exclusively and only upon definitions.

There is some word in the field of art that the person who is inept didn’t define or understand and that is followed by an inability to act in the field of the arts.

That’s very important because it tells you what happens to doingness and that the restoration of doingness depends only upon the restoration of understanding on the misunderstood word — misunderstood definition.

This is very fast processing. There is a very swift wide big result obtainable in this.

It has a technology which is a very simple technology.

It enters in at the lower levels because it has to. This doesn’t mean it is unimportant, it means it has to be at the entrance gates of Scientology.

It IS a sweepingly fantastic discovery in the field of education and don’t neglect it.

You can trace back the subject a person is dumb in or any allied subject that got mixed up with it. The psychologist doesn’t understand Scientology. He never understood a word in psychology so he doesn’t understand Scientology.

Well that opens the gate to Education. Although I’ve given this one of the misunderstood definition last it is the most important one.