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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Flag External Expenses (BPL) (canceled) (FIN-14RB) - P760106

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Внешние Расходы Флага (Серия ФИНАНСЫ 14) (ц) - И760106RC91
- Внешние Расходы Флага, Дополнение (Серия ФИНАНСЫ 14-1) (ц) - И760106RC-1R91
Finance Series 14RB
Finance Series 14RB Addition

BPL 6 Jan. 1976, Finance Series 14RB, FLAG EXTERNAL EXPENSES and BPL 6 Jan. 1976-1, Finance Series 14RB Addition, FLAG EXTERNAL EXPENSES have been canceled by SPD 67, FINANCE SERIES 14RB AND 14RB ADDITION CANCELED — FLAG EXTERNAL EX- PENSES AND FLAG EXTERNAL EXPENSES — ADDITION CANCELED, dated 28 Dec. 1982. The data in Finance Series 14RB and 14RB Addition is covered in Int Finance ED 25, FLAG EXTERNAL EXPENSES, dated 29 Oct. 1982.