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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Present Time Problem - B571216

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Проблема Настоящего Времени - Б571216
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The handling of a present time problem is relatively simple but requires a certain deftness on an E-Meter.

DEFINITION: A present time problem is one which has its elements in the material universe in present time, which is going on NOW, and which would demand the preclear’s attention to such an extent that he would feel he had better be doing something about it rather than be audited.

EXAMPLE: Auditor locates girl friend as pt problem of pc. He runs problem with “invent something worse”, considers it flat, never looks at it again in intensive. Girl friend calls up pc every night, invalidates him, finally makes him so sick she carts him off in triumph to a hospital. BLUNDER: Auditor tried to clear pt problem for the whole intensive, not at the beginning of each session. BLUNDER: Auditor in this case went backtrack to a dead wife to clean up charge.

A pt problem is cleaned up as itself only. One doesn’t backtrack to get why the pc has such a problem when doing CCH 0.

A pt problem is checked at the beginning of every session — and if there is a break at noon, is cleaned up also at the beginning of the afternoon session.

A pt problem doesn’t always bop on the meter at the first question. The auditor has to spend a little time asking around and making sure. Then he audits it on if it falls under above definition of pt problem.

THINGS TO AUDIT PT PROBLEM WITH: A very bad off case: TR Ten and if it turns on a somatic, flatten TR TEN “YOU notice that object.” An average case: Isolate the terminal most closely associated with the problem and run “Invent something worse than (terminal)” and then flatten it off with “Invent a problem of comparable magnitude to (terminal).” Also can be run “Spot where (terminal) is now. Okay. Spot where you are now. Okay.” A very easy case: Two way comm about the problem and terminals, getting pc to cognite, until the charge is gone.

Where the PT PROBLEM is pain in some member of the body, the auditor can run “Recall an unwanted (member that hurts).” And when that has been run for a few cycles from present to past, “Recall a lost (member that hurts).” (Always run lost and unwanted in the same session and for the same length of time.) Short spotting will also relieve a pain but is rough on the pc unless wholly flattened and run along with medium and long spotting.