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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Prediction and Consequences - B690606

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Предсказание и Последствия - Б690606
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Class II Checksheets Academy SHSBC


Probably the reason overts of omission and commission are done at all lies in Man’s inability or faulty ability to predict and to realize consequences.

Men are rather thoroughly stuck in the present and so involved with its confusions that they rarely foresee anything and are mainly oblivious to any consequences of their own actions or failures to act.

This gives them the appearance of being stupid.

When men become too confused to even stay in the present they slide into the past and become “psychotic” or, at best, “neurotic”.

The Russian psychologist Pavlov was acceptable in Western Universities and governments mainly because he dealt only in stimulus and response mechanisms. Men in universities and governments and other places from which it is difficult to view life (since the situations are so lofty) took psychology and psychiatry at face value. Men were animals one trained like dancing bears. In other words these subjects were political subjects aimed at control. There was no thought of healing anything. “Treatment” meant, not heal or cure, but train by punishing “bad” characteristics. It is interesting that neither subject ever listed any good characteristics. A typical “treatment” was to punish with electric shock a “bad habit”. They would give an alcoholic a taste of liquor and shock him so that he would feel the shock each time he thought of liquor.

This is the Russian Pavlov at work in all American mental practice prior to Dianetics and Scientology. Needless to say a great many people were injured for life but no one was cured of anything.

The psychiatrist and psychologist who did these things were themselves of a criminal temperament and widely boasted they could not tell right from wrong. The ability to tell right from wrong is the legal definition of sanity.

The reason domineering politicians in government supported the psychologist and psychiatrist with billions in funds and helped them destroy any potential rival was that certain types in government conceive it their duty to control populations. In their view populations were merely a herd of animals to be managed and kept from committing anti-social acts as well as milked for tax money or slaughtered.

By making a totally confusing and violent environment and stripping the country of any constitutional safeguards the security of the individual was undermined to a point where he had to be continually alert to immediate threat in his environment.

This tended to pin people in close to present time. It inhibited any future, planning for the future or any long distance consequences in the future.

Thus Russian mental “treatment” imported into the West actually did prevent the people from being able to predict — as they were continuously battered by government.

Thus crime rose to a fantastic level. The citizen, pinned into insecurity in the present by outrageous economic, governmental and social duress, became much less able to predict and therefore became oblivious of the consequences of his own acts.

Most “criminal” types are completely unable to predict and thus have no fear of any consequences even when they are obvious to a more sane person.

The case that is very bad off therefore does not register on a meter. Having no awareness of good or evil due to his low case condition there is no apparent charge on overt acts of omission or commission, regardless of who has been hurt.

Man is basically good.

When his level of awareness rises he begins to be able to predict and see the consequences to himself or others of evil actions.

The more he is freed and the higher his intelligence and ability rise the more “moral” he becomes.

Only when he is beaten down below awareness as a chronic condition does Man commit evil actions.

It is not for nothing that soldiers have to be brutalized and stuck in the present by threat and duress to make them commit harmful actions.

When a person’s awareness is improved he is also able to predict and can foresee consequences on the eight dynamics.

Criminal governments and brutalizing societies are poor things to have around, they are not “clever” enough to forecast their own demise. They engage in cold or hot wars instead of working out their problems. They buy Pavlov and dog technology to crush “bad traits” rather than cure and heal anyone. They work to decrease all liberty or abolish constitutional safeguards.

True Sanity is that condition wherein one is sufficiently intelligent to solve his problems without physical violence or destroying other beings and yet survive happily and prosperously.

The road from insanity to sanity is a road of recognition of the world around one, the future, and consequences of one’s own actions.

Thus the principle of the overt motivator sequence will be found to explain and its techniques remedy the brutality into which races fall.