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- Дианетический Клир (Серия ПУВСК 1R) - Б780924-3RC88
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- Программа Исправления Конец Бесконечной Интеризации (Серия ИНТ РД 4RA) - Б780924-1RA79
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Issue II
C/Ses Tech/Qual Int Auditors Class IV Grad Checksheet Interiorization Rundown Series 13


Although the newly revised Int Rundown uses New Era Dianetics R3RA commands, with the assessed Int button as the running item, the rundown and its repair do NOT include the use of New Era Dianetics preassessment (nor any form of AESPs).

In Int you can only address Int. A preassessment addresses something else.

Wins are sometimes reported on the use of preassessment on Int but it is a dangerous and dicey procedure. It isn’t really directly addressing Int. That actually violates the law that when handling Int you run only Int, nothing else.

Using preassessment, whereas you might have one win you’ll have five failures along with it. Sure, somebody got some wins on it but the next five guys will cave right in and go over the cliff.

The apparency of the win is this: Int flattened and this went unnoticed and then they were running an original item having to do with headaches or some other symptom. This was then preassessed and the person was on the line with R3RA which, of course, can be run after you’ve done an Int Rundown.

So the apparency here is that the use of preassessment handled Int, whereas Int probably had actually flattened first and then the person was able to get gains from the preassessment and auditing that was done.

This could go in the opposite direction. For example, with Int still unflat you go into preassessment, and you’re not now addressing the subject of Int itself. You are now into chains that are not Int chains, with the Int chains themselves restimulated but not yet run, or not fully run. So it is actually a violation of basic tech and it would very swiftly get into a tangled mess.

The rule is: When handling Int you address only Int, nothing else. And you do not run Preassessment or AESPs on Int.

We have a new, simplified Int Rundown with which to handle it and an extremely workable process in the End of Endless Int Repair Rundown which resolves any persistent Int trouble.

R3RA and preassessment can be run in full by the book, exactly per the New Era Dianetics Series, after Int handling has been completed.