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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
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Presessioning had some missing points in it which I have been filling in in order to clear as many 1st Saint Hill ACC students as possible.

Seeing that students were not obtaining as much tone arm action as HGC auditors would for the same amount of auditing it was necessary to study the fact. Students audit each other without altitude and so I had to resolve altitude as such.

Altitude is the factor that makes a pc receive and execute an auditing command. Any good auditor in the field and certainly HGC auditors audit from altitude. Therefore they get more tone arm action and faster clearing. Students auditing each other audit without altitude. As one can’t build up the altitude of students to one another, it was necessary to reduce the need of altitude on the part of the pc.

I have developed then a new presession step at the level of control to care for altitude. It turned out to be a possible one-shot clear command.

This step should be run hard on any pc and very hard on pcs who do not have much effect on their banks. Many pcs cannot run a “think” command. The gradient of cases is the increasing ability to affect the bank with new thought. A low level case can’t. A high level case can.

As low level cases also cannot execute an auditing command cleanly without alterations, vias or non-execution, it follows that the process run is not in question. What is in question is the pc’s ability to follow a command.

Therefore if a tone arm on an E-Meter does not swing at least through 3 tones in an hour of auditing the pc is not following the command clearly or the pc can produce small effect on his own bank. If such a condition exists then the pc is allergic to orders and will be a slow case or hangfire in auditing.

The remedy of this is a presession process at the level of Control. The process is Presession Control Processing.

The commands are:

  1. “What order was disobeyed?” or
  2. “What intention was not followed?”

If (a) does not work go to (b). In any event eventually run both (a) and (b) at the level of Control in Presessioning.

As this is a heavy gain process, if the pc is low scale on a graph, run it instead of help in a Model Session for many sessions.

Presession Commands which are now set are:


“What is worse than death?”

PRESESSION HELP: (two-way help on auditor-pc)

“How could I help you?”

“How could you help me?”


“What order was disobeyed?” or “What intention was not followed?”

PRESESSION COMMUNICATION: Rapid handling of possible overts. There is a set procedure for this that removes life computations which will be expanded later.

As noted, Presession Interest (Live or Die) belongs actually fourth as Interest and may be so placed later.

On the new Presession Control Process the tone arm is the clue. If it doesn’t shift rapidly (3 tones at least per hour of Help processing) the remedy is the Presession Control Process as given above.

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