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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Postulate Off Equals Erasure - B780916

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Выявление Постулата Равно Стиранию (Серия ДНЭ 28) - Б780916
- Снятие Постулата Равносильно Стиранию (Серия ДНЭ 28) (2) - Б780916
- Снятие Постулата Равносильно Стиранию (Серия ДНЭ 28) - Б780916
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo (Cancels HCOB 7 July 1978 DIANETIC F/Ns.)


The EP of a Dianetic chain is always always always the postulate coming off. The postulate is what holds the chain in place. Release the postulate, the chain blows. That’s it.

You must recognize the postulate when the pc gives it, note the VGIs, call the F/N and end off auditing on that chain.

Even if you get an F/N as the incident is erasing, you don’t call it until you’ve gotten the postulate.

1. When it appears that you have reached the basic incident of the chain and that it is erasing, after each pass through the auditor asks, “Has the incident erased?”

2. When the pc has stated that it has erased the auditor should also expect a postulate to be volunteered by the pc.

3. If the pc says the incident has erased, but no postulate (made during the time of the incident) has come off and been volunteered by the pc the auditor should ask, “Did you make a postulate at the time of that incident?”

(Note that the postulate will usually come off in the form of a cognition. However the pc may give a cognition which does not contain a postulate. If this is the case, simply ask, “Did you make a postulate at the time of that incident?”)

4. The pc does not have to state that the incident has erased. Once he has given up the postulate, the chain has blown. You will have an F/N and VGIs. This is a full Dianetic EP. Now you call the F/N. Do not call F/Ns until you have reached the EP.

You must learn to recognize a postulate when you hear one. It is a vitally important skill as postulates can be confused with bouncers and denyers when they are in no respect similar and require totally different handlings.

“Women are no good” is an obvious postulate.

“That’s the way men are” is a postulate.

“I can’t stay here” is a bouncer.

“I can’t remember this” is a denyer.

To push a pc earlier after he has given the postulate is a severe invalidation of the erasure and you will soon have the pc believing that nothing erases, anyway.

To cause a pc to search for further, earlier incidents on a chain (which is no longer there) will get him into some very serious overrun. He may pull in another flow of the item, he may think the erased incident is still there and try to mock it up, or he may find another incident of an entirely different chain and start to run that.

Dianetic overruns are repaired by assessing and handling the L3RF. But the real cure is to flawlessly handle Dianetic EPs by getting the postulate, F/N and VGIs and then promptly ending off on that chain with a bright and happy pc.

Recognizing the postulate when it comes off and never never running a pc beyond it are vitally important to the success of New Era Dianetics sessions.

It’s the postulate we are going for in New Era Dianetics.