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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Persistent FN (CSS-20) - B701008

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Устойчивая ПС (Серия КС 20) - Б701008
- Устойчивая Плавающая Стрелка (Серия КС 20) - Б701008
- Устойчивие ПС (Серия КС 20) - Б701008
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo C/Ses All Auditors Level 0 HGC Checksheet CS Series 20


A Floating Needle can persist.

This fact tells you at once why you cannot do three major actions in a row in the same ten minutes.

This was the bug behind "Quickie Grades" (0 to IV in one session. This also occurred in Power when it was run all in one day). The auditor would attain a bona fide full dial F/N. The pc was still cogniting, still in a big win. The auditor would "clear the next process command", he would see an F/N. He would "clear the next process command", and see an F/N.

But it was the same F/N!

Result was that processes 2 and 3 were never run on the case.

This is really what is meant by "Quickie Grades".

In 1958 we got real Releases. You could not kill the F/N for days, weeks.

Several processes had this effect. Today's real Clear also goes this way. You couldn't kill the F/N with an axe.

By running a lot of Level Zero processes, for instance, you can get a real swinging unkillable F/N.

It not only gets to the Examiner, it comes in at the start of the next day's session!

Now if in one session you ran all of Level Zero and went on up to Level One, you would just be auditing a persistent F/N. The pc would get no benefit at all from Level One. He's still going "Wow" on Level Zero.

If you ran Level Zero with one process that got a big wide floating F/N and then "ran" Level I, II, III and IV, you would have just a Level Zero Release. The pc's bank was nowhere to be found. So next week he has problems (Level I) or a Service Fac (Level IV) and he is only a Grade Zero yet it says right there in Certs and Awards log he's a Grade IV. So now we have a "Grade IV" who has Level I, II, III and IV troubles!

A session that tries to go beyond a big dial-wide drifting floating F/N only distracts the pc from his win. Big Win.

Any big win (F/N dial-wide, Cog, VGIs) gives you this kind of persistent F/N.

You at least have to let it go until tomorrow and let the pc have his win.

That is what is meant by letting the pc have his win. When you get one of these dial-wide F/Ns, Cog, VGIs wow you may as well pack it up for the day.


In running a Dianetic chain to basic in triple you will sometimes see in one session a half dial on Flow 1, ¾ of a dial on Flow 2, a full dial on Flow 3.

Or you may have 4 subjects to two-way comm or prepcheck in one session. First action ⅓ dial F/N. Then no F/N, TA up. Second action ½ dial F/N. Then no F/N. Third action ¾ dial F/N. Fourth action full dial-wide floating swinging idling F/N.

You will also notice in the same session-long time for 1st action, shorter, shorter, shorter for the next three actions.

Now you have an F/N that anything you try to clear and run will just F/N without affecting the case at all.

If you audit past that you are wasting your time and processes.

You have hit an "unkillable F/N", properly called a persistent F/N. It's persistent at least for that day. Do any more and it's wasted.

If an auditor has never seen this he had better get his TR0 bullbait flat for 2 hours at one unflunked go and his other TRs in and drill out his flubs. For that's what's supposed to happen.

F/Ns on pcs audited up to (for that session) a persistent F/N always get to the Examiner.

If you only have a "small F/N" it won't get to the Examiner. However, on some pcs maybe that's good enough. May take him several sessions, each one getting a final session F/N a bit wider. Then he gets an F/N that gets to the Examiner. After that, well audited on a continuing basis, the F/N lasts longer and longer.

One day the pc comes into session with a dial-wide floating swinging F/N and anything you say or do does nothing whatever to disturb that F/N.

It's a real Release man. It may last weeks, months, years.

Tell him to come back when he feels he needs some auditing and chalk up the remaining hours (if sold by the hour) as undelivered. Or if sold by result, chalk up the result.

If the F/N is truly persistent he will have no objections. If it isn't, he will object. So have him come back tomorrow and carry on whatever you were doing.


The technical bug back of Quickie Grades or Quickie Power was the Persistent F/N.

This is not to be confused with a Stage 4 (sweep, stick, sweep, stick) or an ARC Broke needle (pc Bad Indicators while F/Ning).

This is not to be used to refuse all further auditing to a pc.

It is to be used to determine when to end a series of major actions in a session.