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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Pc Application Form for Major Actions - B700204

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Remimeo Registrars Case Supervisors Class VIIIs All orgs SHs Urgent — Important


It is vital that HCO Policy Letter of 4 February 70, "PC Application Form for Any Major Auditing Action", be filled out by any pc applying for major auditing actions.

Major actions are:

Other actions, such as Student Rescue Intensives, Assists, handling chronic somatics, regaining specific abilities, as desired by the pc, are not major actions.

The big point of Class VIII is that a pc's case — or a Pre-OT's — is prepared and set up for any Major Action.

This applies to all levels of pcs and applies to all auditors whether VIII or not.

Never run a pc on a Major Action whose case is giving trouble.

Get that trouble handled first. This is done in Tech Div 4, not in Review. Pcs shy off reviews. Reviews are for cases flubbed in auditing. Ordinary Dianetic Intensives or Class VI Scientology processes to handle case trouble are run in the Tech Division.

The lowest level of handling is to get the pc to a medical doctor for treatment of any purely medical trouble. This can be accompanied by Dianetic assists. We do not advocate severe operations and particularly do not advocate "exploratory operations". We will not refuse auditing on the grounds of medical illness. We do advocate that known physical illnesses that respond to medical treatment be given it.

Assists are the next level.

Flying life ruds, S & Ds and other such Scientology actions, including "GF 40 Complete", more Dianetics and Class VI processes are all preparatory actions. There are literally hundreds of these.

It takes, it is reported, 25 hours of Dianetics for a field pc to get into past lives. On the PL Form No. 6*Refers to question no. 6 on the HCO PL 4 February 1970, PC Application Form, OEC 2, p. 341 , these are noted. If the pc has not contacted past lives yet, he must have more Dianetic Auditing until he does so. Using Suppress and Invalidate on old lists gives you lots of items to run triple.

If a needle is dirty the pc needs to be smoothed out by good auditing.

If the TA is high (4 or above) the pc needs more engrams run.

Dianetics and Class VI actions can and do handle chronic somatics. Use such processes until there are no more chronic somatics.

Test results should be available to a Case Supervisor. Until these are better, it is folly to engage in Scn triples or Power or above as the gains won't hold.

Example of Wrongness: Pc has had Scn singles. TA tends high. Registrar signs up for triples and without further ado they are delivered. Flunk. The pc should have had a lot of Dianetics before anyone ran triples.

Example of Wrongness: Pc with migraine signs up for Power, is given Power, asks for refund. Flunk. The pc should have been required to get all Dianetic auditing necessary to get rid of the migraine and the whole case smoothed before Power was begun.

It is very serious not to prepare a case for a major step. The cycle of sign up, give major action, refund is a very very sour way to deliver auditing.

The org and the Case Supervisor and the auditor must care what happens to the pc. An org and a Case Supervisor and an auditor must have a reality on what auditing can do.

By using HCO PL 4 Feb 70, you get around the sticky bit of the pc thinking he is just being persuaded to have more auditing. He is made to apply. He is looked over in Tech as well as the form and told what needs to be done first.

If you are really interested in the pc, you will have no trouble.


The pc or PreOT makes out HCO PL 4 Feb 70 for every major step in auditing. Studying these the Case Supervisor will know what to do.

Do not use HCO PL 4 Feb 70 to prevent auditing from occurring. On the contrary, use it to increase gains on the pc.

This PL is also a major promotion opportunity. But don't promote by mailing it broadly unless you actually have auditors auditing in your org and the large number of auditing actions which can be done on a pc comprehended by the org and Case Supervisor.

Handled right, this HCO PL 4 Feb 70 can bring success and great prosperity to your org and make a very happy field.