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Class VI Central Orgs SCIENTOLOGY VI

Overwhelming The Pc

Since there is so much charge available in actual GPMs (several thousand times the charge in any other process) the auditor must be very smooth. He or she must not overwhelm the pc.

If the pc is overwhelmed, these immediate consequences occur:

1. Pc will not cognite;

2. Pc's judgment will vanish;

3. Meter will read on anything with long protest surges;

4. Charge will transfer to other goals or items, making them read;

5. Pc may ARC Break;

6. Pc may go into Sad Effect;

7. Pc may go below ARC Break into propitiation with consequent no co-operation but apparently OK.


Violations of the auditing cycle can bring about overwhelm:

Auditor: Is that your item?

(Pc comm lags, auditor doesn't wait it out.)

Well, is it your item?

(Pc still comm lags. Auditor gets very impatient.)

Well, that's your item!

Any part of this can overwhelm the pc. Always wait out the comm lag.

The pc is under the pressure of charge. He is slow. The auditor not in that charge can think faster. Therefore the auditor fails to see why the pc is taking time.

Auditing sessions look like just two people are sitting there. An unschooled auditor fails to realize he is looking at a pc who is miles away and deep in. The pc is in the room isn't he? Therefore the auditor assumes, as in any social conversation, the pc is there. Well, the pc isn't. The pc is buried under charge. Charge slows down responses.

When you pile charge up on the pc (a slightly misworded item or two) the pc ceases to be capable of clear thought and will reject even right items.

The auditor sees this, gets impatient, starts to overwhelm by informing the pc. The correct step is to do some Case Analysis and get the charge lessened. Then the pc can think.

Example: Auditor sees clearly how blah brings about blah. Pc doesn't. Auditor's wrong action is to explain it. Correct action is for auditor to get charge on pc lessened by Case Analysis.

The pc's judgment is the finest asset the auditor has in a session. By overwhelm, contradiction, small breaks of the auditing comm cycle, echo metering, charge is added to pc's case.

Charge becomes no cognite.

No cognite adds more charge by failing to as-is by pc understanding.

No cognite soon becomes overwhelm.

The less a pc cognites the more charge is accumulated.

It is the charge that overwhelms. Auditor errors add charge. Pc then is overwhelmed.

Example: Pc originates he thinks item is Woof. Auditor checks Garf. Now pc eventually given Woof (even when he said it was his in the first place) fails to understand it.


You can get a pc protesting silently and have everything on a list start to read. Then you can't find the item or goal. Everything reads. Rough auditing, auditor contradictions and comm cycle failures bring this about.


Pc says "I think my Item is Woof. " (It isn't but pc thinks so.) Auditor: (Not even bothering to check Woof) "I'm sorry, it didn't read when I called it a while ago." There goes the list. Everything may start to read. And it wasn't even pc's item. But the auditor overwhelmed the pc by a direct refusal of the pc's idea. So the list went wild on the pc's unspoken protest. The right action, the very least the auditor could have done was recheck the item. That action at least acknowledged the pc. Then the auditor can say "I'm sorry. It doesn't read, and suppress on it doesn't read either. " Now the pc is happy and the auditor can go on nulling.

In Class VI the pc is right a lot more times than at lower levels. You start arguing with the pc's heat-on-items (or goals) and you'll soon have a messed up meter and an overwhelmed pc.

Of course, you must never give a pc goals or items that don't read. That's simply criminal. But you must do everything you can to get what the pc thinks is right to read. If you can't, then tell the pc you can't and all will be well, even so.


A whole list or several parts of it will go alive on overwhelm.

By overwhelming the pc you can get wrong goals and items galore.

And you get a no-cognite pc and after that you've had it.

No auditor can find anything without the pc's co-operation. Preserve it.