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HCO Secs Ds of P All HGC Auditors


(This applies to all HCO and Central Org Staffs everywhere)

As the data has come in and I have had a chance to view what has been happening, I would say that many riddles are answered and that we are now embarked upon broad HGC pc and Central Org staff clearing programmes. I will be talking more about this and you will see the pattern shaping so here is a forecast of it.

From October to March I stressed security on Central Org staffs and heavy withholds on HGC pcs as the important point. Now we have broad experience with this. We will continue to use it and not forget what we know about O/Ws and we will continue to teach it.

Don’t let a bad security risk near a staff position ever whether you know the overt or not. It’s enough if the needle falls badly on key questions. That’s it. The person is not put on any post until audited. (Don’t retain on post while auditing for you’ll get Dev-T and other evils.) On an HGC pc a bad O/W picture must be cleaned up before you can get too far as the first thing to do. Not even Help bites on a non-confessed criminal. Such persons know their own overts. We’re kidding ourselves if we think they don’t. So shake the pc down when you see a wild tone arm. Getting the O/Ws confessed is all you do; the tone arm may not change much. But the pc will stop dodging it all and you can begin “Help”, for responsibility is too steep at this stage and the pc too far down for real high auditing.

In other words there’s a pre-presession stage for all staff members and a wild tone arm HGC pc. It’s not auditing, really. It’s a confessional. Cure the analytical “I’m afraid he’ll find out....” the pc is holding to. Don’t run anything on it as though it were a real session. Just shake the info out by any means or process. That’s enough.

Now we begin on Help. Two way help is probably the hottest PE process there is. You can shift to that in PE. But remember to get the PE Co-audit team to a more general form of help within a couple of weeks. The five way bracket would be good enough for PE (complicated enough).

For the staff member we go from getting off a few of the hotter O/Ws to help. And we run help flat-flat-flat. Any version, type or kind. We run help until the pc can be asked “How could you help your worst enemy?” without registering the tiniest change on a needle. All we run is help, any version for hours and hours. We take up terminals. We take up dynamic assessment. But we only run help on anything we find. We flatten help until you couldn’t get its width with a micro electronic caliper. Nothing else. And you’ll hear me on this for months to come.

The same applies to the HGC pc. Once the worst O/Ws are confessed we run help in suitable versions. And we run it for weeks if need be until we get a needle flat, free, utterly calm on any help question. (Of course if the pc can’t talk sensibly at all, we use the CCHs.)

Remember, Help was the primary reason for the clears in 1957-58.

Remember, at 2.0 there is the make-break point. Help is betrayal. How to help? Betray! What is help? A way to do you in! So we audit pcs up to 2.0 with other processes, they blow, they don’t come back. “The auditor......... yak yak yak.” So

why run any other process? If you do you’ll evidently lose the pc in lots and lots of cases.

Flatten help until the pc can be helped and can help without any qualms. You’ve learned a lot about help. Apply it.

Now when we have help flat we’ll go to other things. We’ll follow up the scales of processes like this:

For a staff member in an HCO or Central Org:

O/Ws confessed only (don’t employ a wild tone arm)

Help flattened

Control flattened

Communication flattened

Communication re-established thoroughly (by O/W and responsibility)

Havingness completely rehabilitated.

For an HGC pc:

O/Ws confessed

Help flattened

Control flattened

Communication re-established thoroughly (O/Ws and resp)

Locks, secondaries, etc as per the “light touch” bulletin.

If you have to use CCHs you probably are auditing somebody who shouldn’t be in an HGC.

On an HGC pc havingness can be run on any presession type session. End it up each day with an hour of “Look around here and find something you can have” and have a comfortable pc. But in using havingness while presessioning before control is flat to a free needle remember to make sure pc has done each command before you give the next.

On the field auditors and anybody who has been trained we ought to carry on a programme like:

Get O/Ws confessed

Get help flat-flat-flat

Make sure they get the highest cert they trained for

Get them in for modern training

Get them validated for 1960

Get them audited the rest of the way.

If we attack the field in that order, flattening ourselves, each step we take with them, and taking this step by step with each new Academy trainee, we’ll be clearing the field.

Ah, so you penetrate what I’m trying to do! Yes you’re right. I’ve stayed on post and not gone off hunting lions and have re-researched ten years of work and successes and have plotted out the broadest clearing programme I could practically apply. I am clearing every staff member in Central Orgs and HCOs on a timed programme of a few months for each step as given above. You’ve had the first step, confessed O/Ws. It worked well. By the way, income came way up and flubs went way down. From an October of strewn wreckage we have moved to a May that sees us in pretty wonderful shape organizationally. Income is moving up everywhere. Comm lines are better. Staffs are happier. What did it? The first step for staff members — O/Ws confessed and their use in establishing security.

In my programme, just to make sure we thoroughly win, I’ve calculated how long it takes to move a new concept in. It’s about 5 months. O/Ws info is now grass common. Almost everybody on staffs is aware of meter action and potential. We won’t forget or lose it. All right. We conclude this stage for staffs as of now and move into help. You’re going to get help for months! Run it, PE it. Co-Audit it. HGC it. Staff clear on it.

Any one of you can grasp all this in minutes. But as a group we have to experience it, learn about it, know it, use it. So it’s months now coming on Help. After that we’ll move on up.

This is a long-range clearing effort. I want to see nothing but clear staff members the world around. And we’ll do it. In just twenty months from now it will be done. That’s the timetable. We’re five months on our way. Like it?

Now when I’m stressing this on staff members and HGCs are hitting it hard (HGC will continue to run the scale for HGC as given here on each pc), you are going to hit the field auditors and the public with the subject in vogue. Thus you’ll be stressing help now until five months are up to all the people you reach. Of course even after that you’ll stress it, but for five months we’re monomanic on it. Dig up the help essays in lectures and Abilities. Use them in mags and letters. Get familiar with handling help, talking to people about help, handling help in all its phases. You get clever on the subject. That’s all part of it, you’ll see another resurgence in Central Orgs and the field just by flattening this one for five months. O/W doubled our success. See what help does now.

What formidable people we’d be if we had all five steps flat! We’re already the most effective group on Earth. Let’s upgrade our own group ability.

So that’s the programme. A staff member is lucky to be aboard just now. Has been lucky especially since Autumn 1959. That was when the bell went. And do not send to find for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for an aberrated Earth.

I audit you. You audit the field and Scientologists, they audit Earth. Is it a bargain?

So get hot on the staff co-audit programme. Get hot on the PE with help. Grind help to pieces on the HGC. Picasso had his blue period. This is the help period.

So let’s get clear!