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Well, we’re easing right into the starting line for Clear Earth. Factually, we are getting lined up for the big push.

Clearing a large population of Earth in our lifetimes is not even improbable now the way it’s going.

By establishing responsible centres all over Earth, running HAS Co-Audits and having them train and process, by having HASI and the FC give upper level training, by holding a tight rein on off-beat activities, we’ll make it rather easily.

The exact plan of a centre is this:

  1. Sign an HCO Interim Franchise.
  2. Run an HAS Co-Audit and individually process people.
  3. Keep a good level of activity for several months, paying regularly and correctly and thus establish “good credit” with HCO.
  4. Obtain from HCO a permanent franchise.
  5. Train to level of HCA/HPA in the centre.
  6. Progress forward toward clearing area on this pattern.

Obtaining a permanent franchise is a big step. It doesn’t just involve signing a piece of paper.

It means an incorporation along exact lines of an exact activity in the centre’s area. It means an exact financial transaction wherein the centre can obtain enough capital to fix up or build its own quarters, to hire people, to advertise broadly.

Obtaining a permanent franchise is a big step. It means finance, promotion, success.

The exact pattern of how this is done now exists and will be put out when centres are ready for it. Special people will come and do the basic work. The advertisement copy, texts, incorporation papers, everything is being made ready right now.

We’re moving from small time to Big Time.

The HASIs and their Central Organisations will upgrade to universities. (They’ll do the certificate examination and preparation for HCO so be good to them.) In centres we’ll make the specialists. In Central Organisations we’ll make the super specialists.

Now, some questions come up. What about people who never asked for a franchise but went ahead and without helping the general push tried for a quick buck? We take them straight out of the line-up. Auditors in the future are either part of this forward thrust or we forget them unpleasantly. We will close all centres operating without legal title to operate.

There’s too much at stake. We can’t go by halves. We’re Clearing Earth. Therefore people fall into two groups for us, those who are with us and those who aren’t. Those who aren’t will be handled by processing and where necessary, by law.

So we’re lining up now.

This is a real tough planet. It will take a really serious shove to clear it. So here’s where we start. And we start with no half-hearted measures.

We have a new motto in HCO WW. If somebody drops a ball, we drop a person.

First example was the solicitor for HASI Ltd. He dropped a ball, we dropped him. And we found a really good solicitor.

It’s a tough planet. We’d better face it and measure up to it.

But your first step is to say “I’m going to clear “ (the continent) and start telling people, naming your continent, “We’re here to clear Africa.” And moves that don’t aim that way are dispersals.

The easy part is getting people on our side. You’ve heard it said “Everybody is a Scientologist. Some just haven’t cognited yet.”

The tough part is to keep everybody pointed toward the goal.

So a Scientologist should say first to himself: “I’m going to clear “ his continent.

And then tell others, “We’re here to clear “ his continent.

And then work along an agreed upon program. Sign or assist an interim franchise, be active, be OK with HCO WW, organise for and sign or assist a permanent centre or help the HASI or HCO to get rolling.

Look how far we’ve come in nine years! All right, I wasn’t going nowhere. Were

So let’s stop fooling around and get serious. Clear Earth!



[This HCO B is modified by HCO PL 20 April 1968, Franchise, in OEC Volume 6, page 278.]