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Even though we haven’t the time, personnel or mest to do in many places a full dress PE Foundation, I think it would help if I described a minimum full dress PE.

A PE Foundation is itself but it is also, in a Central Org, one of the six departments. In either case, whether done as an HAS Co-audit Franchise or as a Central Org Department, it has the same staff and routine, handles the same factors and confronts the same problems.

A PE Foundation is a programmed drill calculated to introduce people to Scientology and to bring their cases up to a high level of reality both on Scientology and on life. This is best accomplished not by giving them samples and bits and trying to lead them into auditing but by giving them gen and serious results as heavily and rapidly as possible. A PE Foundation in its attitude goes for broke on the newcomers, builds up their interest with lectures and knocks their cases apart with Comm Course and Upper Indoc.

There are basically three divisions to a PE Foundation; the first of these is the free course; it is the purpose of this course to:

A PE Course curriculum should now consist of a mixture of drills and lectures. The first evening lecture should talk about definitions in life as found in Scientology. The dynamic principle of existence, the eight dynamics, a preview of the next evening’s lecture should be given, and this lecture should consist of a very rapid survey of Comm Course TRs Zero and One and should sail in the second hour into the ARC triangle, and all data for the rest of the week used in lectures should consist of ARC triangle data taking up the whole subject and one corner at a time. The remainder of the week previews TRs Two and Three, and says how the TRs are used in life and how people can’t do them. The last lecture’s last part sells the HAS Comm Course.

The second week and the third are spent in Comm Course with basic TRs, encouraging not criticizing. The coach says fine when he thinks it’s fine and otherwise keeps his mouth shut. This is muzzled coaching. The student does not get out of the Comm Course until he can be trusted to show up well in a muzzled Co-audit. This takes at least two weeks. He pays off the course by the week for his Comm Course as well as his later Co-audit.

The Co-audit Course runs similar to the Comm Course in hours. The only process now permitted on an HAS Co-audit is “From where could you communicate to a body part”, the body part being selected by the instructor with an E-Meter (in a pinch the instructor selects by observation and the answer to the question, “Ever have anything wrong with your body?” and uses whatever the pc says). When a key body part is flat, “From where could you communicate to a body” can be run but only this type of process is allowed. If you go and bring in a lot more processes you’ve had it. Only this process can be counted on to bring reality and results to people on a broad scale. When a person can’t gain on it because of case then get him into private auditing. NEVER let anyone simply walk out. Convince him he’s loony if he doesn’t gain on it because that’s the truth.

Very well, these are the sections of the PE Foundation. A student now has to complete at least five weeks of co-audit before we give him an HAS certificate. It’s not a valuable certificate evidently unless we do it that way.

Now for personnel. Nearly every PE Foundation everywhere is understaffed. Many have to be. But one should at least know the correct amount of staff.

The minimum full scale PE staff should consist of five people, four of them part time, one of them full time. These people are as follows:

The PE Director. Takes no classes, makes no lectures, works from two to ten p.m., supervises and interviews and keeps the course and other instructors going. Lack of a PE Director without a class leaves the place unsupervised and in a confusion.

Receptionist. Routes, handles and invoices people with the help of other PE staff in the first rush, and then makes announcements and sells books in the breaks.

PE Lecturer. The best and most convincing lecturer, evenings only.

Comm Course Instructor. Part-time. Anybody but the Academy Comm Course instructor that knows his business. The Academy man will be too tough and heartless for the public stomachs at this stage.

Co-audit Instructor. Part-time. Choose the person people tell their troubles to. Choose a person who doesn’t mind people screaming in the unit and in fact rather likes it. This person takes responsibility for all cases.

The PE Director, as does the HGC Director of Processing, gets in trouble really if he takes a course or a class, as he leaves all other activities unguided. He can drop in, he can start a class. He can give an address of welcome, but he should not have a class. If he has one the whole place falls apart for lack of a guiding hand and somebody competent to pick up and sort out the emergencies and interview people.

Now roughly speaking, that’s the staff curriculum and courses of a PE Foundation. If yours is running a long way from this one, that is the reason you’re having a rough time and losing people and that’s the shape you ought to be shooting for. I know we can’t all have this but when things start to boom you’d better be able to have it or you’ll go boom too. The thing to do is to sneak up to this as a minimum size with which you can work.

If there’s no Central Org you’ll need daytime secretarial and files by and by or the PE Director will get swamped with papers.

The whole dream of a PE Foundation is to get the people in fast, get them invoiced in a congress type assembly line, no waiting, give them hot, excited, positive service and boot them on through to their HAS and THEN worry about doing something else with them. And never let a student leave or quit — introvert him like a bullet and get him to get audited. If he gets no reality don’t let him wander out. If he walks in that door for a free PE, that’s it. He doesn’t get out except into an individual auditor’s hands in the real tough cases, until he’s an HAS.

So that’s the size and shape of it.

Luck to you.