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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Okays to Audit in HGCS - B710428

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Okays To Audit In HGCs

(Effective 60 days from Receipt in every HGC)

It is mandatory that HGC auditors follow the "okay to audit" system. It is in addition to the required courses and any class, org or field experience.

Tech quality in orgs and auditor morale (which depends on wins) depend upon flubless auditing.

A Cramming must exist in any org which sells auditing.

The Qual Auditor Cramming Section issues the okay to audit after rigorously following this essentially interne program.

Franchises may adopt this system.

An "okay to audit" must be signed by the Cramming Officer and attested to in C&A by the auditor.

No former experience counts. Courses, while required, do not give an HGC okay to audit.

Auditors hired after a course must go through this entire procedure.

Okays to audit, issued in a qualified org, are valid on going to a different org if duly certified and presented but may be lost by a poor demonstration on pcs, at which time the okay to audit steps must be undertaken again.

An HGC okay to audit is a high recommendation for a field auditor.

There is no compromise with auditing quality.


Before any auditor, HDC or above, is okayed to audit anything on Flag or in an AO or Org, in addition to course training or other auditing, the following minimum requirement must be done in Cramming and attested to at C&A as having been thoroughly done in the Qual Interneship (Cramming), with Liability for False Attest and a possible action on org executives who fail to enforce its vigorous and thorough application.

1. HCO B 26 April 71, Issue I, in Clay on each part to total certainty.

2. TRs 0 to 4 with no short-cut on 0 and the rest in line with the above HCO B.

3. Metering, its basic drills, its positioning so it can be read while looking at report and pc and clarification of what is a read.

4. The Auditor's Code including clay demo of "Invalidation" and "Evaluation" meanings. Demonstration of how each line in Code can violate HCO B 26 April 7 1, Issue I, and how keeping each one in promotes HCO B 26 April 7 1, Issue I.

5. TRs 101 to 104 resulting in precision giving and getting execution of each command.

6. How to assess a list such as L3B Method 3 and handle.

The above gives a certified HDC or above provisional okay to audit Assists, Dianetics Singles and Triples.

7. A flubless record on Dianetic auditing in an HGC.

8. All Quad HCO Bs.

This gives a provisional okay to audit or repair Quad.

9. A flubless record repairing or doing Quad.

10. Dating drills, precise.

11. How to fly each rud to F/N.

12. How to fly each reading item on a list Method 3.

13. How to assess a list Method 5, one time through, marking reads and any BDs.

14. How to do a GF+40 Method 5 and handle.

15. Laws of Listing and Nulling Verbatim and for use and how to get a BD F/N item on any list.

16. C/S Series complete.

17. How to trouble-shoot cases from studies of FSes and FESes.

18. Neat perfect session admin.

19. Necessity to have an F/N before starting a major action.

20. How to rehab by count.

The above is required in addition to Academy or SHSBC certificate for a temporary okay to audit on any level up to Class IV or Class VI including zero, one, two, three and four.

21. Experience in an HGC with a flubless record on Level 0 to IV auditing.

22. Exteriorization checksheet and pack.

The above gives an auditor a temporary okay to audit Exteriorization Rundowns.

23. A flubless record auditing Exteriorization Rundowns in an HGC.

24. Class VII Interneship in an SH with all relevant Power materials.

The above gives a temporary okay to audit Power in an SH HGC.

25. Experience showing a flubless ability to audit Power and Power Repair.

26. Class VIII Course in an AO.

The above gives an auditor an okay to audit Class VIII.

27. HGC Auditor's Checksheet.

28. Experience in an HGC flublessly applying Class VIII.

29. Class IX Course in an AO.

The above gives one a temporary okay to C/S.

A temporary okay to audit becomes a permanent okay to audit when flubless results are being uniformly obtained. That one has had one of the courses is credited at the level called for above but does not permit waiving any other requirement from the bottom on up.

Course graduation does not give an HGC okay to audit. Student co-auditing does not give an HGC okay to audit. It is expected that auditing practice has existed on the course and that the student may have audited in the field. By following this HGC okay to audit program and a liberal use of Cramming for HGC auditors and keeping abreast of current issues in Cramming, auditors will obtain many wins and greatly increased morale and HGC tech quality will be improved.