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CONTENTS “Offbeat” Processing
Issue 76 [1958, ca. early June]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

“Offbeat” Processing

L. Ron Hubbard

Experimental auditing has its place. Indeed, we got where we are because of experimental processes. Every process was once experimental.

BUT when you want results you had better use standard techniques and procedures. After all, I have sweated through their testing for years and we now KNOW what will ease or clear a preclear.

Most clearing “failures” are caused by use of non-standard techniques and procedures. Also, such failures can be caused by ignorance. An auditor thinks he is using standard material. He isn’t sufficiently trained to know.

Such an auditor who has had failure, should take a leaf from New Zealand. Frank Turnbull wasn’t getting the results he wanted way “down under.” So he grabbed a plane and came halfway around the world for a two-day briefing. Frank was right. They weren’t using techniques properly — and their old-style E-Meters weren’t even working and they didn’t know it.

Now if a smart, clever auditor like Turnbull can doubt his command of the subject, I am sure other auditors would experience no disgrace in following through and getting squared around. For clearing is easy if you know how.

Such stories as an auditor who “clears his pcs each week” are more tragic than funny. And rather costly to luckless pcs.

Some auditors don’t understand “What is a Clear” and get confused with their own cases — but that doesn’t mean a Clear doesn’t have a precise definition, an exact and distinct beingness — and very worthwhile, as any clear can assure you.

Perhaps the saddest case of experimental auditing to come to my attention was the case of a young man whose wife was depressed. She was making such difficulty in the family that he could not work. He had had training as an auditor but felt he could not help her. He had no money for auditing from a professional.

I reviewed the case and asked him why he did not at least try to help her, and recommended he use standard auditing and procedures. This he did with adequate results and his efforts succeeded very well so that he was able to resume his work, his wife sharing his responsibilities.

And then it seemed to him that he might go a bit further faster. That is the usual stumbling block — anxiety to do it all at once.

But preclears cannot do it all at once and the thoroughly experimental approach he used, born out of his own basic lack of reality, was not successful. He “audited” his wife downward into a condition almost as low as she had been in before, thus canceling over two-thirds of his gain.

Now none denies his right to undo what he had done to help her, but his intention was to help her swiftly and spectacularly. Had he read his PABs he would have found as of three years ago a mention of his “discovery” as an unworkable approach, in defiance of the principles which make Scientology function.

Once more he had to quit his job and his wife has lost confidence in his willingness to assist her.

Fortunately, another auditor has now volunteered to assist — and he will use standard, proven, tested techniques and procedures.

You see, there is a thing called Scientology. It has axioms. It has principles. It has the goal of empowering a thetan to overcome his own problems. This standard Scientology we don’t change every day. The uninformed, not knowing that a standard exists see in each new release a new subject. So they say, “Why don’t I experiment on my pcs?” And they experiment with the standard background, not with a further reach of old, tried, principles.

Without a guiding central organization Scientology would fall into an anarchy of opinions in a week for there are too many who can go through the motions of auditing who do not know their basics. They think a new thing, Scientology, is an experimental thing. It is not. The basics are inflexible and have been for years.

We know now just exactly what clears people. And we know exactly what a clear is. And we know exactly how to train and process. These are hard won riches. Don’t waste them and your time, too.

This is the way out! Are some people so fond of the trap they avoid the flaming beacons which show the entrance? Or are they afraid to set Man free?