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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Word Clearing Errors (WCS-51R) - BTB731216R77

CONTENTS Word Clearing Errors PROCEDURE PRD Source Reference
Reissued 19 July 1974 as BTB
Cancels HCO Bulletin Of 16 December 1973 Same Title
Revised 25 April 77
(Revisions in this type style) Remimeo Word Clearers Course Supervisors Cramming Officers Word Clearing Series 51

Word Clearing Errors

A way of quickying Word Clearing has sprung up from time to time whereby a word being looked up in the dictionary is incompletely defined. Example: The PRD Student who guesses at the context the word is used in and only looks up one of several definitions. As a Superliterate this person is later found to have trouble with study and checkouts though “certain” she knew what the words meant. Example: The M4 Word Clearer in Qual says, “Look at definition No. 5.” The Student does and gets it but later has trouble with the same word or HCO B due to incompletely defined words. Example: The PCRD Student who looks up words until she’s “feels good about it”, incompletely defines half the words on the PCRD and utterly defeats its purpose, and hers.


In clearing words the Student looks up every definition, using each meaning of the word in sentences until he’s got it. When all definitions have been cleared, the context of the sentence the word was found in is consulted and the Student chooses the definition that applies and ensures he understands it. At this point the word has been cleared, and not before.


This procedure applies especially to the PRD where the context is unknown. The PRD can be made to fail through neglect of proper Word Clearing procedure. And that will cost us our Study Tech, and with that goes Scientology.

Source Reference

In Word Clearing Series 54 (HCOB 7 Sept 74, Superliteracy and the Cleared Word) you will find the following quote:

“Thus, a Cleared Word is defined as follows:

A word which has been cleared to the point of full conceptual understanding.”

One is, in W/Cing aiming to achieve the above. This BTB is to be applied keeping the above LRH definition of cleared word in mind. The keynote is the word “full”.

W/O Ron Shafran
Training & Services Aide
Reissued as BTB by
Flag Mission 1234
Revised by
Lt. (jg) S. Hubbard
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Training & Service Aide CS-4/5
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