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CONTENTS We Are the Free People
Issue 58 [1957, ca. early November]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

We Are the Free People

L. Ron Hubbard

We are the Free People. We have grown up — grown up to Freedom, not senility.

We are the Free People. The Scientologist has left behind the claws and barriers of miscontrol.

We are the Free People. Grown from out the mud and jungle rot of fear, our unchained minds can reach afar and grasp the idea of ultimate Freedom.

We are the Free People in whom the whims of “I’m supposed to” have no rule, on whom the scientist can blunt his weighty arguments to prove we are not Free.

Be glad, they said before we came, that you are mad, insane, for there is genius, so they said. You cannot change. Our brand on you is fixed. Your brain is all you are and fixed like clockwork in a robot head. So think, they said, as we have said, to think, for thought is our own chain and your ideas nil.

Die, they said, and live no more and become dispossessed so we can own. Fall down, they said, and worship clay or maybe space, but of course wrath. And sing lugubrious songs to fear or maybe international cults that specialize in slaves.

Believe, they said, that Man is just a shiny thing well meant to die beneath the pounding of their bombs — the mightiest God they knew.

The flesh, they said, is All and you are but a decay of yourself. And so they barriered All men.

The witch and the pot; the test tube and the scope; the cell and the club; the textbook and the lies-Control! Control them or we die! Beat them or they win! Starve them or we shrink. We are afraid, afraid, afraid! — they said in that old age we killed.

Freedom becks and we now laughing at their lies, went free. Scientology — The Road Sign Out.

We are the Free People. We LIVE! We’re Free !