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CONTENTS Validation of Scientology
Issue 40-G [1954, ca. late November]
Published by
The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International Phoenix, Arizona

Validation of Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard

The validation of Scientology and Dianetics has engrossed the time and attention of many auditors and myself. The aggregate validation programs engaged upon in the last four years have cost in excess of $200,000. It is not for nothing that we can say that today we practice the most validated science in the field of the mind and spirit that Earth has ever known.

The first validation pamphlet was accumulated by practicing psychologists and psychometrists in Los Angeles in mid-1950 and was published in the fall of that year. It was no more than an effort to make a formal study of validation itself. It brought forward many astonishing factors and was very broadly and pleasantly received.

Another validation program was engaged upon publicly on the founding of the HAS when people were invited to send their results in to the HAS so that these could be collected and published. These case histories were never published due to lack of funds which could be appropriated to that specific purpose.

Clinical course graduates report results to the HASI on exact report forms. This multitude of cases represents an enormous amount of study by individual auditors operating in various stages of training and in various areas on a wide cross section of the populace. These demonstrate a uniform and continued success on the part of auditors at this time to obtain results upon preclears.

However, the most arduous and carefully carried out program of validation has never been offered to the public and probably never will be. This is the program undertaken by myself and a few auditors to test and validate or invalidate new processes before their general release. Countless tests have been made of the processes which are today Scientology, and from this has come an understanding of the human mind of a magnitude and certainty to permit the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, to guarantee today to a preclear that Scientology, administered by a trained auditor, will result in a far better life. And this research program is mirrored in the results we get, for it has included the knowledge of how to train auditors so that they can continue to obtain these results. Today there is no question about the workability of Scientology and the results it obtains. It is, indeed, the most validated science of mind Earth has ever known. The results which come in every day adequately prove this.