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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Validation Committee (PAB 118) - PAB570815

P.A.B. No. 118

The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
35/37 Fitzroy Street, London W.1

15 August 1957


The following statement and recommendations concerning U.S. Validation of Certificates were made by the Validation Committee of the Freedom Congress, held July 4 through 7 at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C., and accepted by the Congress and myself for the U.S.

“Scientologists play the game of life. They put life into living. Homo sapiens lets life live him and this planet has a large lack of people who knowingly play the game of life. The reality of the game of life can only be communicated by those who play it. Scientologists do play the game. Our ability as players determines how well and how swiftly we win at making life a game for all men, and this is one of the goals of Scientology. Our direct ability to control, to communicate and to have men, women, groups and governments determines the degree to which we can create a game of life and a knowledge of livingness to all men. Your ability as a Scientologist to play and to communicate playingness and livingness will determine how soon and how well we can win. The Validation Program can better enable you to play and live on all dynamics, no matter how well you are doing now. Truthfully, can you be more able? Yes! No man will ordinarily light a fire by rubbing dry sticks together when he can use a match; the match is obviously a better tool. The Validation Program will sharpen your old tools and provide you with better ones. We have today in Scientology better communication, control and havingness on ability than ever before. The Validation Program is intended to give every professional Scientologist the basic tools of livingness and the ability to use them. These are his by right of his own very existence, by right of the fact that he helped build the better bridge that Ron Hubbard asked him to help build, and by right of the fact that he cannot help but want to play the game better once he realizes that there really is a better level of game now in existence through his participation in this program. Toward this end, we, the Validation Committee, propose and recommend the following procedures dedicating them to mankind and the creation of human ability:

“1. That there be two classifications of validation:

“2. We further recommend that a travelling HCO Board of Review be organized to sit in major cities for the purpose of validating for the use of CCH processes those professional auditors coached by Doctors of Scientology in the field.

“3. That Notification be sent to every professional auditor in the field that his professional certificate of whatever grade is as valid today and as honored as it was upon the day it was issued.

“4. That Doctors of Scientology authorized to coach other professional auditors in training drills and CCH processes take responsibility for their areas in seeing to it that all professional auditors (those holding professional certificates) in their respective areas are personally contacted and the purposes of the 1957 Validation Program are thoroughly and carefully communicated and received.

“We of this Committee deem ourselves highly honored at having been selected for this recommending committee. We pledge our cooperation in this 1957 Validation Program and urge the fullest cooperation by all auditors everywhere that we may have for the first time in earth’s recorded history true sanity and civilization for all mankind.”

Wing Angel, Chairman
Kenneth D. Barrett, Technical Adviser
Burke Belknap
J. Burton Farber
Rosina Mann
Ralph Swanson