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CONTENTS Today’s Riches in Scientology
Issue 45 [1957, ca. mid-April]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

Today’s Riches in Scientology

L. Ron Hubbard

Today, we have something here.

To apologize to anyone for any fumbling I may have done in a line of research which Man has consistently muffed for the past 50,000 years is unthinkable, since at any given moment we have had more progress than has before been attained. This is not a light statement nor lightly made, for today’s results can vouchsafe for anyone the truth of these words.

As every Dianeticist knows, we have since the beginning had the foremost clue to the condition of the mind and the aberrated state of individuals or groups. The mental image picture, carrying a record of the past which could be restimulated and thus made to react against the body was, one might say, our entrance point into the solution of the subject of the human mind and beingness.

Following from there, it was necessary to isolate any and all important parts of the human mental anatomy, and to bring about an understanding of any vagaries or wild variables which might occur.

It was important, further, to establish whether or not it was thinkingness or mechanics which gave us the best exit route from the involvement of life which we found beyond our control. The decision was finally made and proved that it was the mechanics of the mental image picture rather than the significance in the mental image picture which best surrendered to our efforts. Handling the mechanics made it possible to resolve the significances, and even though the significances were the greatest difficulty from the viewpoint of a human being, it was found that adequate handling of the mechanics eradicated the villainy of the significances.

An astonishing number of characteristics and potential abilities were unearthed in this course of study, and it was a difficult task which had to be painstakingly done to isolate the most important.

It will be discovered in any other activity or line of endeavor that the Prelogics of Dianetics are missing from that course of study. Therefore the Prelogics themselves have given us our course and have taught us which way to go in our courses of investigation. Thus it will be discovered that the work of many failed to stress the greatest importance, but gave us a rather aesthetic view of a great many facts, all of which were true but none of which were sufficiently isolated to undo the riddle of existence. Taking older works, one can find in them, here and there, bits of Dianetics and Scientology, but a careful study of them reveals that at no point does one of these factors have greater stress than another factor. This single difference must be understood, otherwise our people will continue to study and search in ancient texts, and these have in common the frailty of failing to stress the importance of various truths, even though they give us a great many truths, many of which we have regained today. Unless this is clearly appreciated, then the value of Dianetics and Scientology cannot be entirely experienced, for one is continually chasing down corridors where all pillars are like all pillars, and all pillars in the corridor seem equally true. It is not a fact that truths are equal; there are truths which are greater than other truths, and the greatest of the great truths have been isolated in Dianetics and Scientology, even though our answers today seem extremely simple.

Today, once more, the mental image picture has taken its stand as the foremost discovery of Dianetics and Scientology. By the handling of the mental image picture concurrently with the handling of present time, it is possible not only to destimulate the bank in its entirety, but also to bring about a number of abilities by which the individual can recover data of the past much more easily than ever before. This, everyone who has had anything to do with Dianetics will understand, is extremely worthwhile.

We set out, in the beginning, to bring into being a state which we called “clear.” Although this seemed relatively simple in 1947, as the years progressed it became more and more difficult. Just why this was is not clearly understood even today, although it could be said that those people who began to think on this subject reduced their havingness considerably, and we had to do mostly with people who had been thinking on this subject. Therefore, we were starting below the level of case which I had started upon in 1947. We had not yet learned, from ‘47 to ‘56 that significances or thinkingness was not the route. Therefore it was very easy to use these and handle them, and, as a result, to suppress the case level below an easy recovery point. There is no apology in this; it is simply a liability of investigation. That many people were cleared goes without saying, but these unfortunately became more interested in living than processing, in the most part, since none of these had been trained before they were processed. Thus, knowing nothing about the subject, and simply attaining a state which they themselves did not particularly understand, they saw no reason to continue on in our midst. Thus we did not find ourselves surrounded by clears and we ourselves were not clear.

Clearing today, and the attainment of the state of clear, exactly as given in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, Chapter II, is once more easily obtainable and is, through what we know today, extremely simple, providing we ourselves do not have to be so complicated that we override the goal.

Today a procedure exists which is known as Procedure CCH. This stands for Communication, Control and Havingness. This procedure is used directly toward the accomplishment of a technique known as “Then and Now Solids.”

The auditing of this particular procedure is much more difficult and much more exacting than any auditing which has ever been attempted. The precision of the results is attained only by a precision of application. Therefore, it is unfortunately rather necessary that auditors be trained, not indifferently by someone who “knows all about the subject,” but in a regimented course of study, by which-the individual can himself attain sufficient subjective reality upon the techniques to follow them along and to be able to predict what is happening with the preclear. Thus the auditor today should have training. Fortunately, the many past years have given us techniques and technologies for training which bring us to an achievement of our goal in training rather easily. We can, today, make a very excellent auditor in only eight weeks. This in itself is news, and is very worthy of comment amongst the great number of advances which we have made. As a matter of fact, we could probably make a very good almost anything in six or eight weeks today, since we have unearthed and put to use the technologies of training itself.

Then and Now Solids is not attainable by many preclears on a straight route. It is evidently necessary to carry through a very precise series of exercises to better his abilities up to a point where he can accomplish the technique. Then and Now Solids is not susceptible of being run, unfortunately, by a large percentage of the cases to which it is addressed until certain preparatory steps are accomplished. These preparatory steps are not difficult, and are the stepping stones toward these greater abilities. The steps themselves are apparently complete, and anyone who is faintly conscious can be pulled forward up to an ability to do Then and Now Solids through a series of gradients.

Then and Now Solids consists exactly of making the preclear capable not only of contacting and handling present time, but also any segment of the past.

Evidently we have been under a misapprehension with regard to the character of past and future. The fact of the case is that mental image “pictures” are, in effect, only de-solidified present times. By a sequence of de-solidifying present time, one evidently achieves time. This is a crude and not entirely exact explanation of the matter, but serves us in our processing. It then behooves the individual who wishes to be clear to achieve the ability of creating a present time out of any segment of the past track.

The length of time required in processing today is sufficiently short as to be accomplished in almost any case in under two or three hundred hours. This is a much better look than it has ever had. At any given instant of this processing, the results obtained are superior to those which we have been led to expect by our own experience. Thus, one must realize, when I say two or three hundred hours, that one is in actuality saying two or three hundred hours for a new and heretofore unenvisioned goal. Our ability to process upwards has gone so high that there is no real comparison with what we have done in the past. Furthermore, our ability to reach low has extended sufficiently that we are able to say with some aplomb that we are not balked by states of case. Naturally, the insane pose a problem to us, and always will, but our business is not with this peculiarity of mental mix-up. One of the more heartening factors is that insanity is found to be a highly peculiar form of composition of the mind, and is not an immediate consequence of livingness. To undo insanity, one today has the techniques if he also has the patience. So only insanity itself is set aside in this estimation of two or three hundred hours, since it is true that two or three hundred hours of processing might be found necessary on some insane people simply to bring them up to a rational response to the auditor.

Age also poses some limitation. Not old age, as it has in the past, for this is not today important, but the very young preclear, up to the age of six, seven or eight, will still be found to give the auditor difficulty. The reason for this is the attention factor. This is not the same thing as the attention factor in insanity, but is handled in much the same way. The attention factor of extreme youth has been discovered to be a disorientation factor brought about by the inability to handle the body and the environment, and is not an immediate “natural state.” A child is a thetan in usually rather bad condition. The attention factor has to be widened before much processing can be embarked upon, along a line leading to clear.

We have then achieved our goals in terms of processing. It is necessary now to apply those goals, and in order to apply them it is necessary to learn what there is to know about auditing itself. Today, we can make excellent auditors. We are doing so. We are making auditing training available in any way we can.

We have never been more sincere about our goals, and we have never been more successful in achieving them.

The race with the atomic bomb was, years ago, more or less a method of comparing Dianetics and Scientology to the physical sciences. Today it is a fact and an actuality. The consequences of air pollution and other matters, consequent upon the possession by not too sane governments of weapons of this magnitude, make it incumbent upon us to do our job here and now. It is actually not that we wish to any vast degree to save Earth. As I have said before, it has been saved too many times. But here we have a playing field, we have trained auditors, we have organizations, we have the technologies, and here we can exert a higher self-determinism than ever before. Here we can do the job of Dianetics and Scientology. We have factors in our immediate vicinity seeking to destroy the riches which we have assembled in getting ourselves out of this jackpot. We probably will have to solve the atomic puzzle on the third dynamic if we can hope for much further progress in livingness.

Dianetics and Scientology are today more alive than ever before. We know more, we can do more, we can achieve those things which we set out to do.

Those of us who were basically interested in Dianetics and Scientology for ourselves and others, today must be informed and must understand that whatever vagaries in our career of research and investigation, whatever organizational upsets we may have had, have never at any time been capable of swerving us from our basic goals and our determination to make it this time. We are making it this time. Whatever you wanted out of Dianetics and Scientology is yours today. It is only necessary for you now to reach out your hand in order to achieve it.

May I ask you to extend that hand?