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CONTENTS The 1959 HCA Course Becomes a Clearing Course

The 1959 HCA Course Becomes a Clearing Course

L. Ron Hubbard

Three subjects, not one, have been in development in Dianetics and Scientology for these many years.

First and foremost of course is Scientology itself. Second is Organizational knowhow. Third is How to Train Auditors.

These last two technologies did not exist in 1950, which accounts for our inability to make every gain we needed to make. Only in the past three years have we grown larger than we ever were in ‘50. Organizational know-how permits us to grow. Training know-how permits us to get results generally.

Today the student in the new 1959 Academy can be taught at Hubbard Certified Auditor Level to Clear somebody. That is news. And with this issue we announce that the HCA Course will teach clearing to Mest Clear.

With a newly grooved Communication Course, with an even stiffer Upper Indoc Course and with Theory and Practice aimed only at Clearing we are giving the best we have to the first professional level of the HCA Course.

As the HCA student, as well as other people, studies the Extension Course, much class time is saved for practical application of auditing.

The enrolling student may arrive any Monday. He is placed at once in a Communication Course. This teaches him the basic drills of auditing. After a week he moves to the Upper Indoctrination Course which teaches the basic drills of handling people. The student is then graduated to Theory and Practice and “gets in” his first professional level auditing.

At the end of eight weeks he has studied and should know how to do the basic processes of Tone 40 auditing:

He has also studied and knows how to do the basic processes of Mest Clearing by formal auditing:

These are the clearing processes for Mest Clear. He is also taught other skills and processes needed in general auditing.

At course end he is examined for his practical ability in auditing by the HCO Board of Review in the Academy area and, due to the precision of Academy training, is generally passed.

Training in engram running and other items was attempted in late 1958 but has been relegated to higher training levels. The HCA must know how to clear people now and all dross has been dropped.

I reorganized the Academy in early 1959 after several tests and trials and can promise you now that the training is more skillful and precise than it has ever been. All the instructors are old-time auditors. They know their business. I taught most of them myself and can vouch for it.

It’s time for all those who aren’t to get themselves trained and get about the business of clearing people.