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CONTENTS Start That Practice!
Issue 14 [1955, ca. mid-September]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

Start That Practice!

L. Ron Hubbard

Here’s a new successful way to start a practice !

All over the world auditors are succeeding. However, in some areas we understand there are auditors who can’t seem to get going. In one particular area we have heard that some auditors were working at regular jobs. What a waste! In a world without assistance, real honest assistance from anyone but Dianeticists and Scientologists, the waste of ability in these lines is practically criminal!

There’s no lack of willingness on the part of these auditors. It’s finance. They can’t seem to get paying preclears. And to keep on eating they go to work.

Well, we’ve got the solution to that. We’ve been running a pilot project right here in Washington and although we haven’t gotten it all the way through, the auditor we assigned this project to has now begun to look for an assistant and he has turned over a pc to the Guidance Center.

I have been alert to this problem of starting a practice for a long time and I knew that it was crucial in many quarters. Thus when I got this idea I thought that we had better make a good test of it and see what happened and if it worked out then we had our no-practice auditor right into the swing of it.

We started this a month ago. The auditor selected had no real luck and no intensives for about two weeks and then the dam broke.

Here in essence is the project. On a three-time-a-week basis, place in the personal column of the local paper — in a city of some size — the following advertisement:

PERSONAL RELATIONS: I will talk to anyone for you about anything. Call GR 5-8906 between 4 and 6 p.m. Reverend Charles Gringle, Church of Scientology, 1899 Nevada St.

Putting in the auditor’s home phone (getting an answering service also if you want) and his own name we are now ready to go. The ad should run Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at least or seven a week if you can afford it.

We’ve already varied the wording around to test the best and the above is the one that pulled calls.

You should expect a lull. For a few days people will read it and do nothing. They’ll think it’s a code. But when it appears over and over they will see that it’s really a service and they’ll come out of their comm lag.

Now here’s the trick. DON’T charge for their service. That isn’t where you make it. You DO talk to anyone about anything FOR the caller. You go out and take trouble with his troubles. You help him patch things up with his boss or landlady or wife or the government. And you don’t charge him anything and you don’t straight-talk at him about auditing.

You have to hand, however, literature about Scientology. And you have, of course, your pro card (which gives your minister’s rating) and this should read, this professional card:

The Rev. Charles Gringle, HCA Consulting Scientologist
GR 5-8906452 Fro St.

And you have another card:

The Reverend Charles Gringle Pastor
Meeting every Sunday Morning at 1899 Nevada Street
at 10 a.m.
Repair the ravages of the week with Scientology services

And you hold that Church meeting even if you seem to be TOO BUSY helping people to spare that hour Sunday morning. You run the service only until 11. One hour’s basic group auditing, the simplest session in the Group Auditor’s Handbook, Session I — always that. You vary it and they’ll leave after five or six sessions. Stay with it and the congregation will stay with you.

NOW you will discover that most of the calls you get are from people in trouble which is best solved by auditing. One or the other of the people concerned will be found to need it badly.

You give them auditing on an hourly basis. You charge $10.00 per hour and carry none of it “on the cuff.” Take it cash in advance. Guarantee nothing. Make sure you stress its spiritual slant and value. Steer clear of promising cures. AND DON’T rush them into auditing. They’ll beg for it soon enough.

Actually do this to be of service to Man. Try to give it away. You’ll find you can’t. Don’t use this just because it’s a “preclear getter,” it’s a lot more than that. It will put you in financial condition and get your Church going.

Now if several auditors in an area do this there are ways and means of settling rows amongst them. Given three local papers and three auditors doing this, agree amongst yourselves who should have which paper and run one auditor to the paper. If you are too many for this then run it all through one switchboard or phone and take watches, allot the house calls, pool the auditing and cash resulting. Or do it one group per paper.

Keep that “Church of Scientology” in the ads so there’s always a trademark on the stunt and it can’t be pushed into by some untrained quack psychologist or Commie psychiatrist.

Actually run that Church!

All right, you’ll learn fast when you start it.

You need this to begin. Your ordination must be in good order. With an HCA you can get that from the Founding Church. Its cost is now $18.00. You had better have one from the Founding Church or the Church of American Science or the Church of Scientology.

Make sure you have a Church Charter. Write in to the Founding Church at 1845 “R” Street, N. W. and make your application.

If you want we’ll send you literature. We have a handout piece at the printers into which you stamp your name and address and which advertises nothing else but you.

When you’ve got these, run your ad and begin. Don’t run your ad unless you’ve got the above straight.

Now the press will contact you. The Code of a Scientologist on the subject of the press is explicit. No interviews.

BUT sooner or later make sure you do all you can to get yourself or your group a TV spot or a radio spot to talk about the calls for help you get and keep it going steadily. Press is a via. Radio and TV are straight communication, relatively speaking. So whatever you do don’t, particularly now, fall away from that Code of a Scientologist and always act within the area of Ability Major 1, “The Scientologist — A Manual on the Dissemination of Material” which you can get from the HASI for $1.00.

Now by the time you have all this started I’ll have something for you in the way of fast assists if what you’ve got isn’t fast enough for you.

In other words, wherever we can, let’s get this show on the road. We don’t care how many Churches of Scientology there are in a town. So long as there’s a leading Church. So long as they’re actually Churches. We don’t care how many ministers we have so long as they’re good auditors and good people, willing to run Churches and help their fellows.

The cost of starting all this is not high. If you’re working keep on working for a little until you get a practice started. Put your interview hours in the right place for you and work harder by putting yourself in two slots at once. If you’re not working and broke, get a job doing anything, finance your project and then cut loose from the job when you are rolling.

Well, here goes a main all-out push across the world. We want 5,000 auditors and 5,000 Churches by 1958.

There’s not a minister anywhere around that measures up to what the public thinks he should be able to do — except a Scientologist.

There’s no remedy for a case like busyness.

There’s no remedy for an attack on an outfit like a full-scale offense toward Theta goals.