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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Something Has Happened (ABM-86 M) - ABM581200

CONTENTS Something Has Happened!!!
Issue 86 M [ 1958, ca. late December]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

Something Has Happened!!!

L. Ron Hubbard

The single largest technical gain in eight years has just occurred. Anyone can be cleared by engram running.

A new style of auditing has had to be developed to handle the explosive power of the new Scientology methods of handling Dianetic engrams.

Shades of Book One! Whoever would have thought that engram running could be improved as much as it has been improved in the past three months.

To make engram running possible, twelve new TRs have had to be developed.

There are now three styles of auditing: Tone 40, Formal and Engram Auditing. The first two are quite adequate to clear fifty percent of cases. It takes a new approach to get enough locks off the rocks of the remaining fifty percent to get them clear too.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy. I had the largest ACC ever held in the world during October and November. And I had the luck in research to put us on a new plateau of stable clearing.

I asked the ACC Instructors, “What shall we do about America?” They were just about knocked to pieces training the British to handle the double-dynamite of modern engrams. But they said, “Somehow we’ve got to get in everybody we can to the January ‘59 ACC in Washington. We’ve got to get this data out.”

So we’re doing it in a Congress on the 3rd and 4th of January in D.C., and the 21st American ACC following.

Look, it’s no promotion talk. It just can’t be said hard enough. We’ve made it!

We’ve shot through the last barrier. We’ve got it and a new society made.

We’ve worked hard. We’re willing to work harder. But we need help. I want to drop some coal on the fire and get the show on the road. I need people who can do this. I can show a lot of people at a Congress and can show specialists in an ACC. I need staff and I need action.

ACCs are my own course. I don’t care what arrangements are made to pay for it.

But this one has been on wait for eight years and now it can get going.

I can’t give another U.S. Congress and ACC for some time. There’s only the 21st American ACC. And only the Success Congress.

Will I see you there?