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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Scientology U.S. (OB-16) - OB560207

1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.
BAY 8881
7 February 1956


Here is a big idea and one which should go into operation right along with the world-wide dissemination plan and as soon as possible in spite of the stationery bill.

At once, if not yesterday, Washington should print up new letterheads for all operations simply as “SCIENTOLOGY U.S.” or “SCIENTOLOGY UNITED STATES”. This should be bannered across the top of the paper in large letters of a precise design; in two lines at the bottom of the page the name of the organization emanating the actual correspondence, the address of that organization, and the director of that organization should be printed. The organization name should be preceded by “in reply address”. In other words, “SCIENTOLOGY UNITED STATES” is at the top of the page very bold, and in much lighter and smaller script at the bottom of the page one is invited to reply to the sender of the communication in his organization. On the left-hand side of the page in the vertical column to the left, and below SCIENTOLOGY UNITED STATES, in very small type we will then list every organization even vaguely connected with Scientology.

The reason we are doing this is because I think people’s attention is getting dispersed by the fact that we have so many organizations.

I know that this confesses a connection amongst these organizations but the explanation is, and remember this in case anybody ever asks you, that these organizations are joined together as members of a society called SCIENTOLOGY UNITED STATES. Any number of organizations have a right to belong to any society. We do not then confuse these organizations but we put people’s attention on Scientology United States which is of course located in Washington, D.C. We do not use Scientology Washington

D.C. because one of these days we’re going down to the Ozarks, as soon as we’ve got enough money to buy ourselves a big whopping piece of land, and therefore we are not going to attract people’s attention by using Scientology Washington. By the way, we are in Washington to get ourselves sorted out to make sure that we get in good with the government and to get ourselves enough capital to reset ourselves up where we ought to be. We are not going to stay in Washington and wait for the hydrogen bombs but I figure we’ve got almost five years. After that SWISH-ON.


In accordance with earlier information concerning dissemination there will be a further slight shift in publications. The Operational Bulletins as they have been shipped out to staff have been a dress rehearsal for their appearance as PABs. Operational Bulletins will continue to be issued to staff but much reduced in size and material similar to Operational Bulletins will go out under the heading of PABs. In spite of the fact that this change will mean a considerable expense and will be a change in format since we are going to continue to mimeograph them, we are going to issue the Professional Auditors’ Bulletins on a weekly basis unless I hear some loud squawks from some quarter. This means we will have to streamline our membership files, streamline our stuffing and get set in London, for even if I move on elsewhere, London will continue to address and furnish the envelopes for the Professional and Special members, although where I am the actual mimeographing and stuffing will be done.

In view of the smallness of our list of professional and special members, it should be no real trick to use this issue of information on a weekly basis under the heading

Professional Auditors’ Bulletins to get in new professional and special members and to secure all those who have fallen from grace. We will additionally airmail the PAB but because of its mass bulk we will have to recompute the cost of airmail privilege. It may be as high as $22.00 a year irrespective of dues. It may be that we will wish to overhaul or peg special and professional membership fees. Professionals have lately been reduced on renewal but I see no reason why special members should get any such privilege. It may be that a special member will now be more expensive than a professional member.

The primary reason for this move is to re-establish communication amongst the field on a highly factual personalized basis and to bring up the skill of auditors and get them into action.

Publications will then be: Professional Auditors’ Bulletins issued weekly (unless I hear some squawks) appealing to professional and special members and going to them only, material not to be re-distributed and all issues to be copyrighted in the United States and in the United Kingdom; Ability Magazine, going out every two weeks to the interested people or subscribers and carrying in each issue the definition of a word and its considerable extension; and Certainty Magazine, going out to the general membership and the professional membership of Scientology everywhere.

Ability Magazine will have to carry special mimeographed pages folded into it to give Washington bulletins, talking specifically about the Academy and Scientology in Washington. This material should be minimal but should personalize Ability in the United States. Certainty will have to broaden its advertisements to include activities in Scientology in the United States, to be more exact, the Washington Operation. Ability will go out to professional, special and general members and will be available in quantity to all auditors to hand out to their students and groups.

I hope John Sanborn has already gotten going on some early edition of this type of Ability. I haven’t heard a whisper from him about it. It is probably now in the mails.

The effective date of the change from Operational Bulletins to Professional Auditors’ Bulletins depends on the number of PABs all ready in advance and ready to mail. These, I think, are one or two issues. As soon as they are exhausted Operational Bulletins will become Professional Auditors’ Bulletins and will go out broadly.


I have been waiting for twenty days for word from the Home Office as to an extension of visa in Great Britain. A great many friends, some of them in higher places, are pitching in to straighten this out. The outcome of it depends upon them and the outcome of it says where I will be next.

There are quite a few things to see to here in Great Britain organizationally but with the great capability of Jack Parkhouse, Dennis Stephens, Ann Walker and all my other good friends here I have few qualms about the London operation. It’s been rebuilt from top to bottom in the last four months.


The latest news from the research front has to do with the fact that the GE demands and requires and has to have evidently sacrifices. The GE does not run on an overt act motivator sequence which makes one suspect he is not a thetan. A GE runs exclusively on being sacrificed to. If you have the preclear mock up sacrifices to the GE you will find these become very readily assimilated. On a lower level the body accepts motivators; as soon as it is through this motivator band it accepts sacrifices and normally comes up to a point where it will accept live bodies. When one considers that eating is entirely a matter of absorbing death one sees this death hunger in processing by running sacrifices. A person who has bad legs should have a sacrifice of legs run on him and so forth. This is astonishing material. It is almost unbelievable that the GE will not be sacrificed to anything but will only be sacrificed to, and this phenomenon that the GE is thereby demanding death tells us at once that the atomic bomb will be used and that there are people in the world who will actually crave the sacrifice of cities and even nations. Aside from being a fantastically workable process more of which anon, this matter of sacrifices tells us at once a great deal about the future. There will be no moral restraint where the atomic bomb is concerned, for about the highest level in some areas of the world as to case is “operating GE”. This tells us too why soldiers will go to war. This explains a great deal of conduct. The GE evidently operates on the postulate that as long as anything else is alive it can’t live. However, it is becoming more and more doubtful that there is any more life in the body than the thetan puts there, and that the body is a single machine operating on some implanted postulates contained in the energy masses which are activated by the thetan somewhat on the order of the old pole theta trap. Many of these considerations can be changed around rather easily. Nothing changes them quite so fast as these sacrifice processes. This does not alter the ad interim SLP. It gives auditors a new tool with which to handle chronic somatics.


Everybody should take every opportunity to get the dissemination program of the three ways to get preclears and groups and teach a basic course before the eyes of auditors everywhere. This one we’ve really got to pound home. Until we get auditors to collect large groups and until we get those auditors to train those groups in a basic course and make Scientologists rather than preclears, we are not going to get any place. Man needs to know Scientology more than he needs to absorb it into the GE.


Everything is sweetness and light now between the operation and the business associates of the Silver Spring Business Service, which matter called for a considerable exchange of cables in the last few weeks. The SSBS is on the road to being incorporated as the Silver Spring Business Service Incorporated, Box 242, Silver Spring, Maryland.


Clinical test reports of the past week as a direct result of the application of the principles of remedy of havingness in Washington show an enormous gain. The only two auditors who did not show an adequate gain in their preclears were people who themselves have a great deal of trouble in havingness. There is a direct co-ordination between the results of an auditor and his ability to have. If his ability to have is low he makes nothing out of the preclear. These new test reports give us at once a confirmation of having put the finger on the roadblock with all auditing in nominating remedy of havingness, lack of, as the villain. All auditors ought to remedy and repair all havingness.


[The Funeral Service on the following page was originally issued as part of this Operational Bulletin.]