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CONTENTS Scientology:
The Philosophy of a New Age

Issue 60 [1957, ca. early December]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

The Philosophy of a New Age

L. Ron Hubbard

It takes Truth to live with a swiftly changing world. Nothing less than Truth can Survive. You cannot Survive with anything less than Truth.

We are the heralds of a New Age. Man, stuck for millennia in the rut of status quo can at first balk and even ridicule, but, Can He Survive?

Always the old has hooted at the new. But the new grows strong and each day’s dawning sees us closer to a new World.

What will this world be? Atomic reactors giving unlimited power. Automatic machines providing for the most of Man’s animal wants. Space flight to the Solar System. New politics, new leisure, new hates, new loves.

But before any new era begins there is always a period of instability and change, a period of violence, a period soiled with the death of the old and the failed experiments of the new.

Such periods of change are violent. Many things, many men may not Survive them.

What will it take to Survive this change? Who can Survive it and sail onward to live in new times?

The lucky and the clear.

But who are the lucky but the clear.

Scientology for the individual is a passport to this new time. Scientology for the group is the Survival of the State.

No old shaky basis of thought could last out the fire of the period of change. No quivering, unstable person could Survive the duress of the times just now to come.

One’s first duty to all is to be himself clear, able to Survive, able to lead his own destiny by the hand.

One’s next duty is to his fellows to be sure their ability can compare to the tasks imposed by the new State of things.

The answer to these trials is contained in Scientology. And Scientology is the answer to you.

Only a clear could think and act fast enough to live in a disaster and to make others live. Only a clear could Survive in Space. Only a clear could enjoy the fast pace of the game to come.

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Others may die or worse, become slaves in the inevitable advance of technology which holds in question the abilities of a man.

Hence, Project Clear. That’s our goal now. We can do it. We can teach you to get it done.

It’s taken seven years to iron out the kinks. Seven years isn’t long against 73 trillion.

Today can be ours. Tomorrow can come. Let us be ready for it.

We are the prime movers in this, the new age. Forget the old. Face up to what will come. And let the dead yesterdays bury the philosophy of Authority and Capital Gains and Communist psychology cults. We’re no longer tied.

The eons march on. Space Opera has again come to a planet on which we live.

Always before it meant destruction.

Perhaps, this time, due to our efforts, a humanitarian world can exist. We, the Prophets of the Morrow, know the way.