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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Scientology - Revision of Translators Edition (PAB-89) - PAB560619

The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8
19 June 1956


Well, we have finally come to the end of the Translator’s Edition of Scientology.

This book running for so many PABs undoubtedly brought to you many new aspects of Scientology. The reason for this lies in the fact that there has not been a new book for some time and the research material has been piling up here undergoing re- codification and so was included all in a rush in the Translator’s Edition.

Now, for me, begins the job of rewriting the Translator’s Edition for book form, since I believe you have noticed, as I did, many typographical errors. The Translator’s Edition must also include on its rewrite considerable additional information on processing, although I think you will agree with me that it was a real triumph to get the entirety of processing crammed into two PABs, Nos. 87 and 88, but of course as always happens even those two PABs could stand some re-codification, and two or three very important processes and tips must be included in them. It should be apparent to all of us that as this Translator’s Edition will go and is going into very many languages it may just happen that Scientology will be represented entirely textbook wise by the Translator’s Edition and it may occur that in several of these rarer languages no further text will be available. This is very probably the case with one translation that is now in progress which is going to a country of several hundred million people who, of course, could afford the few pence necessary for the booklet, but who will probably be left without any further information of any kind.

As a tip to translators here and there who are undertaking these translations, the refurbished edition which is coming out in booklet form in English in a few weeks should be consulted before your translation leaves your hand and goes to a printer in your language. One reason for this is the fact that the therapy section is not entirely complete and another reason for it is that some of the typographical errors unavoidable in getting out something quickly in the PABs will be entirely eradicated in the booklet. Thus, if you are translating this you should begin at once from the PABs to hand and order immediately from the HASI, No. l Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8, a copy of the Translator’s Edition at the special PAB price of 5/- d. As the shilling is worth 14 American cents, this is a price of 70 cents. However, it will take forever to get to you unless you include two-and-a-half shillings or an additional 35 cents for airmail postage, so thus a fast copy of the Translator’s Edition will come to you for 7/6d airmail or I dollar and 5 cents American wherever you are throughout the world.

Do not for a moment bother your translators with the matter of royalties. All that I ask of you is that the Translator’s Edition text made up here in full without any cutting or editing has my “by-line” on it and that it includes the addresses of the HASI in London and the United States. So, you translators, there is no difficulty here of royalties. I am not asking for any. If you can get royalties for translating it, they are yours.

Furthermore, translators, I would not worry about somebody else translating it into the same language as you are translating it into. That two editions might appear in the same language is of interest only to authors who are attempting to acquire royalties. As you have herein the author’s permission and need no other special permission, there is then no possibility of legal conflict because you are publishing a book somebody else is publishing in your language.

I suggest that the published title in your language is something like the “Fundamentals of Thinking” or “Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thinking” or, if it translates better in your language, the “Fundamentals of Life” or the “Fundamentals of Mental Science.” The word “Scientology” should appear on the cover, as it is already becoming known very broadly throughout the world.

The reason I make my “by-line” a condition is so that there can be no royalty conflicts of any kind whatsoever. If the book were published without a “by-line” or with some other authorship there could be royalty claims, thus such release would be outside the grant made herein and so could be contested if such a “wildcat” edition appeared.

I realize that the book is a necessity to any person whose study of Scientology is hampered by a current life childhood spent with another language, therefore the Translator’s Edition should be of considerable help.

Do not for a moment suppose that the HASI or myself have any grip on editors or publishers in other languages than English. We cannot assist you on getting the book printed in, for instance, Greece, but with the manuscript translated and with your information that the textbooks on Scientology are the most advanced material on the mind in the United States of America you should have no difficulty in getting this book published. It is up to you to place it. Therefore, I call upon the initiative of anyone who has contacts in any country, no matter how small, or in any language to translate the book and display all necessary initiative in getting into print in that country.

To give you some sort of an idea what these exact materials can do, there is one small country right now which has had Scientology addressed to it on the working man’s level. There is every obstacle in this country against the dissemination of material on thought or the mind. All this country seems to have absorbed in the past was revolutionary materials. Any material offered to it that was constructive and told it to support its own government and told it to get civilized has hitherto been ignored by that country. Scientology in the form contained in the Translator’s Edition was disseminated into the teeth of an economic revolution. In a few short months thousands of people of the working class have not only absorbed Scientology but are using Scientology in their everyday work. Several members of their government have studied Scientology in this cursory fashion and, coincidentally or not, a new stability has come to that country which is amazing even to itself. Scientology has power. To display that power it must be disseminated.

We have a certain mission of civilizing the peoples of Earth. The first step to take in getting shoes on them is to translate the Translator’s Edition and release it in a very cheap booklet form and make sure that it becomes disseminated in that area.

The Translator’s Edition does not, of course, contain all there is to know in Scientology, but it contains the essentials. There is even material considerably in advance of that contained in the Translator’s Edition which the auditor, the most practiced auditor, will be happy to get his hands on. So ending the Translator’s Edition did not end the trail of research and did not end the PABs.