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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Release Rehabilitation - BTB651021R74

CONTENTS Release Rehabilitation
21 OCTOBER 1965R
Amended & Reissued 10 December 1974 as BTB
HCO Bulletin Op 21 October 1965 Same Title
Remimeo Class III and above

Release Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of any Grade is done on the basis of actual auditing having been done on processes of that grade to the end product of a release or free needle for the process of that Grade.

To do a release rehabilitation of any Grade it would mean first of all finding out what processes had actually been run on that Grade and then ascertaining whether the Preclear went free needle on any of those processes. And if the PC was found to have attained a free needle on some process of that Grade, then the state would be rehabilitated according to laid down procedure.

Naturally, if a Preclear has never been run on any process contained in a certain Grade, he or she would not receive a rehabilitation for that Grade, but would have to be audited on the processes for that Grade, a Preclear who has never done R6EW would, of course, never be checked out or rehabilitated on Grade VI release.

Frequently, a Preclear will maintain that he is a release for some Grade on which he has never been audited. This is no reason for an Auditor to Q and A and check such and it is certainly no excuse to send such through to Qual for declaration. Such a Preclear should be reviewed to locate and indicate by-passed charge. Usually, the cause for such is anxiety for status or the Preclear may have had a lower level grade of release by-passed or incorrectly declared.

There seems to prevail more concern with regard to invalidating a Preclear concerning the subject of release than there is for by-passing a Grade in the Preclear’s processing through false declaration. Both are of equal importance and concern.

Amended & Reissued as BTB by Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd: Molly Harlow
Commodore’s Staff Aides Approved by the Board of Issues for the BOARDS OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCHES OF SCIENTOLOGY