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CONTENTS Rapid TR 2 CR0000-2
16 JUNE 1971RA
Issue I
Revised 30 MAY 1973
Reissued 27 July 1974 as BTB
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 16 June 1971RA I
Same Title
(Revision in Arial)
Remimeo Cramming

Rapid TR 2


Name: Rapid TR 2 (also could be called TR 2 Comm Lag Cure)

Purpose: To train an Auditor to increase session pace when auditing a fast PC; to permit a PC to fully answer the question without cutting his comm or being hectic, but acknowledging correctly at the exact point when the PC has an­swered the question so PC feels his answer has been understood and dupli­cated.

Position: Coach and Auditor seated across a table from each other.

Commands: "Do birds fly?" or "Do fish swim?"

Training Stress: The Auditor is coached to do Rapid TR 2 to a point just short of a chop, and helping him to develop a more relaxed acceptance, less concern as an Auditor and removing any fear of chopping comm.

The Coach has the Auditor do Rapid TR 2, flunking for all comm lags, hesitation, actual comm chop, evidence of out earlier TRs.

Faulty OT TR 0 and TR 0 lead to outnesses in other TRs.

A coach who does not spot this and lets his student flounder on endlessly himself naturally also has out earlier TRs, so should be put through the same drill.

Coach should get the Auditor to find and handle any misunderstoods if he has undue difficulty with the drill. The whole idea is to train the Auditor to do rapid TR 2 until he has obtained certainty in doing the drill.

History: Developed in 1971 to assist Auditors to increase session pace.

Note: This is basically a correction drill for Auditors who tend to lose session control by slow acknowledgements inviting endless itsa. This is particu­larly important in Level II or other overts type processing where a PC may start justifying or inventing overts if any delay in acknowledgement by the Auditor.

When pcs are found to be endlessly itsaing to a specific auditor — use this drill on the auditor.

Rapid TR 2 does not mean rushing the PC, cutting his comm, preventing cognitions or making a session hectic. It really means 'TR 2 done right'. (Ref: HCOB "TRs Modernized" and LRH Auditing Demonstration Tapes.)

from LRH Despatches
Reissued as BTB
by Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd: Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU
for the
of the