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The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8
24 April 1956


All communication lines should have a purpose. The purpose of this communication line is the advising and orienting of auditors and Scientologists everywhere on the subject of Scientology, the formation and the direction of its organizations and the creation of space in which Man can walk upright and free.

There is a great deal of material packed in tight in these recent PABs. There will be in the next few issues data of sufficient importance to clarify Scientology even for those who have not succeeded well in life, processing or finance. I invite your closest attention as to what is happening here because data has appeared to me to overcome the challenge of an apathetic resistive society in its regard to our efforts.

We are the only people and the only organizations on Earth which have the technology and the ambition to attempt a clarification of situations which in other hands are considered entirely out of control, to wit, the atomic bomb and the decay and confusion of central governments.

There are those who would tell us that our ambitions are too high, that no single group, much less a single man, could bring about a change in the dangerous career of Earth. But such people do not know their history. Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which Man could walk free. Left to the multitude, each inverted with his own selfishness and greed, the affairs of Man do not prosper. Left to an anarchy of nations with no international responsibility, Earth and Mankind cannot prosper.

The Anglo-American civilization was the first new civilization since the Roman Empire. All civilizations between the last collapse of Rome in the 4th Century A. D. and the present moment were some fragment of the Roman Empire or its conquerors. Rome possessed certain technologies which conquered the world. In company with these technologies there was a philosophy and a willingness to do. When the philosophy had faded or had been changed for one far less workable, when the technologies of Rome had been scattered before the hordes of barbarians who now from Moscow once more seek to spread confusion, Man was left to drift, to interpret the word “freedom” as he would and in the main for his own purposes. The disciplines that were Rome faded away. Today the European countries are beginning to function once more. Various portions of civilization are alert. For over a century a new technology has been making space. That technology is Anglo-American in its development. Leaders of the new industrial age in the United States and Great Britain have pressed upon the world know-how and machinery and ways of living which have revolutionized almost every society on Earth. In Berlin, in Paris, in Madrid and Tangiers and Cairo and indeed in Moscow itself we see the evidences of this onslaught. Anglo-American mechanization

has even driven the Chinese from their background and into European pants and hats. In India and Burma and Buenos Aires we see the cinema, the automobile, the clock, the booklets and the rifle created by or modelled upon Anglo-American industrial might. Technologically the United States and Great Britain have conquered the world. Philosophically they have failed.

The original impetus of the Anglo-American industrial push was carried along with Protestant Christianity. Somewhere on the way there is one spiritual message which, packaged in with the clock and the cinema and the guns, was lost. Unlike earlier Jesuit successes with native peoples, Protestants’ successes have been few for some reason, possibly because the Jesuit incorporated the religion he found with the religion he brought, and Protestantism remained entirely itself. The spiritual philosophy which should have prepared the way for the proper use of the technology did not succeed.

We are left then with a world of confusion, for the tools and the weapons have gone out and no message has gone with them, even to the United States and Great Britain themselves, to use them properly. We are confronted then with the picture of Man’s failure to keep pace with his humanities alongside the onslaught of his technology. We have humanities in the Dark Ages and technologies in the next century. We are, therefore, confronted within our own nations with strikes, crimes, upsets, juvenile delinquency and problems beyond count. We are confronted at the same time with rebellious Indians, Burmese, and Sinhalese and Chinese and Arabs. We are confronted then with a United States and Great Britain which, having delivered the weapons of slaughter into the hands of others, seemingly have no will to continue their regulation.

The white man within his own countries and within all the countries of Earth has solved the problem technologically. Guns, furniture, linoleum, weaving machines, harvesters, air conditioning, medical advances have each and every one conquered their environments. Though the machine has penetrated such distance and though the machine has made each and every United States citizen and British citizen more independent and capable, it has not been accompanied by a philosophy of use adequate to its potential for harm. Thus we have a chaotic world condition.

We have uncounted communication devices and have not had until Scientology any formula for communication itself. We have a thousand tongues, the phonograph, the motion picture, the radio, the television to talk about affinity and we do not even know what it is. We have numberless realities being created daily in huge antiseptic factories without any understanding of what reality might be, and thus we have created beyond the ability of Man to understand, and unless the understanding of Man can be brought to the level of his own creations Man is doomed as the conquering animal of Earth. So desperate has Man become that he will buy almost any ideology whether it is communism or druidism. He will buy the garbage of Marx and even write it unsuspectingly into the United States Constitution under the heading of “Income Tax.” He will seek solutions to his overpowering problems from indigestible sources such as Russian psychiatry or Wundtian German psychology, neither one of which was intended to free Man or to give him understanding and which were intended only to enslave and debase. Counterfeited ideologies and humanities are not good enough in this age of atomic fission and jet planes. These two alone, unless handled sentiently, can bring about the wipe-out of modern Man.

If you have questioned where you were going with Scientology, if you did not know exactly what you intended to do with Scientology, if you had no real understanding of what Scientology was for, read the above again. You will readily recognize that the typist sitting in some office overwhelmed by routine is equipped immediately with the means of writing letters faster than any amanuensis of past ages but has no understandings of why she should be there or what she should be doing beyond the fact that she “has to have a job.” What hope is there for this girl? Like the operator of a drill press in a factory, like the pilot of a jet plane or like the man himself who designs atomic missiles, she does not know what she is doing or why she is doing it. Therefore, she cannot hope to understand the motives of those around her, nor can she understand any need for any teamwork in the execution of a better civilization. She is being overpowered and engulfed by the business machinery with which she is surrounded. Work and happiness, or comfort or pride exist in such surroundings. From the highest head of state to the lowest menial, saving only Scientologists, in the United States, Great Britain or the rest of the world there is no exact understanding of life itself, thus livingness itself has become as automatic as machinery.

Machines do not bleed, they do not suffer. It is only because Man conceives Man to be an incomprehensible machine that makes Man willing to destroy with such weapons as atomic fission. Only men without purpose, without understanding, men who cannot play the game would so attack their fellows.

What craven cowardice is it that requires a weapon as great as an H-bomb to command compliance with one’s bad temper? One can only gaze with contempt upon a person who in a relatively peaceful society will over-arm himself and over-threaten his fellows.

If Man cared more, if Man had a better understanding of his own purpose, Man would make a better effort to survive, but lost in the confusions of ideologies which were intended to do nothing but confuse him, what chance does he have?

The chance he has is Scientology. We’re giving him that chance and if you do not pass along to him what you know, you yourselves are failing that man, failing yourselves, and failing us. This is Man’s one chance. You must give it to him, otherwise he faces other planets, other times, other elsewheres, but no more here. Scientology is not so much Man’s first science of understanding as his last call to reason.

If you cannot see this as a necessity, this science and technology to fit in with Man’s mission of the machine, then you cannot view Man’s further survival, for it will not exist.

Were we to straighten out on its lower and middle strata the thinkingness of Man, he would have a chance to live. You would give that chance to a person dying in an automobile accident. You would give that chance to a dog; you would give the chance to breathe again and look at the sun to your deadliest enemy. Then why not give it to Man at large? Is it because you cannot see him as an entirety, because you cannot see him as units made up in a similar image to those of your immediate family and friends? You must give Man that chance. Given that chance he can live out his destiny. If that chance is withheld from him he will be no more.

Where Earth pursues her gentle way in her orbit about the sun today there will be a black orb seared, scorched and defaced with ruin, its air polluted by radiation, its surface gouged by pocks, the skeletons of its cities standing black and ruined against a sun which was allowed to set upon the Anglo-American civilization. Perhaps there are other planets, perhaps there will be other times, but here we are right now, our urgings and our strivings ought to carry forward the civilization which we have about us. Perhaps it would be better to start all over and make another one. I do not happen to think so. I think that we can and will continue to create this civilization and continue to bring Man through despite his folly in creating industrially far beyond his ability to understand and then borrowing from those who hated him the technologies he hoped would permit him to survive. We know how and we can do. It is up to us. It is up to you and only then we can say with honesty that it is up to Man.


If you read closely you discovered that only those HCA training rights given to DScns which had not been used and only those which although used did not pay for certification to the central organization were cancelled. Those people training to the level of HCA in the United States who have used their training right to train people to that level and who are in good order financially with the central organization are still in force.

Next time don’t jump to conclusions!

Any and all professional auditors have the complete right to teach a Basic Course and should be teaching the Basic Course regardless of the type of mock-up they use to get people running through this Basic Course. You understand that we can see a real Basic Course, one which trains a minimum of twenty-five or thirty people a week. Anything else we call “peanuts.” So let’s get busy on that one.

In the United States toward the end of the year there will be a DScn Course for those who wish to qualify and procure rights to train; otherwise no such rights will be issued.