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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Psychiatrists (PAB-62) - PAB550930

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Психиатры - БПО550930-062
The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W. 11
30 September 1955


Don’t be terribly surprised if in the next year or two the psychiatrists start pushing auditors around with even greater antagonism. And DON’T be caught flatfooted when they do.

You know, auditor, we HAVE had a fight on our hands. And we have and WILL have a fight on our hands. The old Book One Black Panther mechanism is all right in its place, but it doesn’t do here.

Nearly all the backlash in society against Dianetics and Scientology has a common source-the psychiatrist-psychologist-psychoanalyst clique. Their patter doesn’t vary. Behind the bulwark of authority these people, when asked about you, an auditor, or about the subject or about me, usually say that it is a hoax and that you or I are really just out of an institution for the insane.

Wherever some auditor stupidly decides to co-operate with psychiatrists, he has been gobbled up very quickly. One cannot co-operate with them any more than he can “do business with Hitler.”

You think maybe I’m just sawing out a tune when I say this. Very few people believe the actual true history of our science in the past five years, the amount of attack and antagonism to which it has been subjected. But let it suffice that about two million have been spent to put Dianetics and Scientology out of the running. Because the people trying to do it are, by and large, pretty stupid, and low-toned, the campaign has not succeeded. But the amount of fast action necessary to combat that much money has been, to say the least, exhausting.

I could tell you a lot more about this: I could tell you about the strange finances of the BDR,*Bristol Dianetic Review, Bristol, England. of DIANOTES, of other squirrel publications. I could tell you about three actual murders. I could tell you about long strings of psychotics run in on the Foundation and the Association, sent in to us by psychiatrists who then, using LSD and pain-drug-hypnosis, spun them and told everyone Dianetics and Scientology drove people insane. I could tell you about the strange politics and ambitions of psychiatry, so well covered in the book Psychopolitics, and give you a proper riddle as to why we, a small group, the only ANGLO-SAXON DEVELOPMENT IN THE FIELD OF THE MIND AND SPIRIT, have been subjected to so much attack and finance. But I am not telling you stories or being dramatic. I am inviting your co-operation in your own future security. Whether you believe this war exists, or believe the psychiatric rumor that it’s all a figment of my mind, it’s best to be safe in this battle.

It’s best to be safe because it isn’t our battle and it isn’t our objective to ruin psychiatry or medicine. We don’t care about these. Our goals are to make more people more able, to make a rather inefficient society a lot more fun. In order to attain these goals we had better scan the river ahead for shoals and fit our craft so as to survive any, and having done that, lightheartedly continue on our way. Dianetics and Scientology are not political; they desire to overthrow no government. Each auditor anywhere is expected to continue his long-given allegiance. Dianetics and Scientology exist to serve and assist any given officialdom in a proper way. We have in view no empire of madmen all screaming for some dictator or banner. We have our place in the world of things as they are, and we can do an awful lot right in that place, seeing that we know more about the mind, the spirit and religion and even science than any other group in the world.

Granting this, then, we should act to best fit our niches, and so do our jobs. About the only thing which upsets our forward course is the fact that psychiatry and medicine sit close to the advisers of state, and these officials, on matters of the mind, turn to psychiatrists for their opinion, and the psychiatrist there can be counted upon by his cult headquarters to give the right amount of sneer to the official about Dianetics and Scientology. The public as a whole love Dianetics and Scientology. Our word-of- mouth praise is remarkable. But in the official strata, because the psychiatrist is the authority, we are likely to be mud. Similarly, the newspaper, in wanting an opinion of us, calls the local medical or psychiatric board and again gets this formulated sneer and defamation. That the public responds to us and likes us is remarkable in the face of this authoritative calumny. Reversely, the public utterly LOATHES psychiatry. You waste time if you try to defame psychiatry to the public. The public is already in a spitting frame of mind on THAT subject. Coals to Newcastle, strictly. Psychiatry stands in the public mind for ineffectiveness, lies and inhuman brutality. The public is better informed on this than you suspect. The public only avoids YOU, an auditor, when it believes you are a psychiatrist or a psychologist, so there is no team-up; there never will be. The Busy Business Bureaus, advised by psychiatry, will always give Dianetics and Scientology a bad report no matter how hard you work to get them to give a good report. The answer — ignore them. We are an organization for and of the people.

But don’t fail to take the steps to secure yourself an immunity from attack, auditor. Make sure all your papers are in good order. Make sure, no matter where you are in the world (for the last attack upon us was in Central Africa) that your ordination is in good order. Make sure that you are running a good and orderly congregation every Sunday morning. Make sure your Church is registered properly. Make SURE your literature says you make the able more able, and that insanity and illness are no more your problem than they would be the problem of any minister. Stay out of that slough of insanity and severe illness, for you don’t belong there and never will. Practically, I don’t know any auditor who ever came out unscathed entirely when he attempted to work with the severely ill or the insane. The amount of enturbulence caused by contact with such is fantastic.

Now, not to scare you but to inform you, psychiatry has armed itself with several new drugs. One of these, LSD, has the total goal of driving persons insane for 15 to 25 hours — JUST long enough to convince people that your auditing spun the preclear. When you see a process solve a case, and then the case spins, don’t even bother to look for the needle mark on the pc. The APA spent their whole May convention in Atlantic City drooling over the effectiveness of this LSD, WHICH HAS NEVER MADE ANYONE WELL AND IS WELL KNOWN TO HAVE THE TOTAL PURPOSE OF PRODUCING INSANITY. Grim? Fantastic? Ha! Ask the few auditors who’ve had this done to the pc. For the pc or his family often has a psychiatrist looking in, unknown to the auditor. And it HAS happened. Wild? It’s a lot wilder when it’s happening to you as an auditor. The answer? Don’t process people with psychotic histories. That’s simple enough.

Now if it does happen to you, don’t just abandon the case. Give the case a few exercises and observe the recurrence of the weird spin. Observe this carefully. And then bluntly inform the family or the authorities, if you are questioned or called in, THAT YOU AS PASTOR OF THE CONGREGATION TO WHICH THIS PERSON BELONGS HAVE A VESTED INTEREST IN THE LIFE AND HEALTH OF THIS PERSON AND THAT YOU BELIEVE THAT UNDUE INFLUENCE WAS USED AND THAT SPECIFICALLY YOU GAVE EXERCISES TO AND OBSERVED THE PERSON IN QUESTION TO DETERMINE WHETHER OR NOT THAT PERSON HAD BEEN GIVEN THE INSANITY DRUG LSD SO THAT YOU COULD REPORT IT TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES. And don’t testify otherwise. Sounds wild? Well, always do it if involved in such a thing. You’ll find the family physician or psychiatrist was called in midway in processing (which consists, remember, entirely of making able people more able). You’ll find there is a vested interest somewhere in the insanity of this person. And so testify that you suspect it. We will have to hand lots of literature on LSD, in fact we’ll have the APA convention reports on it for you. If this happens to you, you, minister, are the only policeman who would suspect it. If, then, psychiatry “plants” one on you, look it over, report the sudden occurrence of insanity promptly, testify your suspicion of LSD, produce the literature on it and get the sheriff looking around for that medico or psychiatrist as fast as possible. BUT, don’t look for trouble in the first place. Leave insane people alone. I know we can do things for them. We can also shed light on how to solve the national debt, too.

DON’T ever promise people you will cure them. If they want to know if Scientology will help their arthritis, tell them it often has been known to do so, but that that isn’t an auditor’s goal. If a person becomes more able, he’ll usually feel well. But DON’T advertise that you cure things. If you HAVE to advertise, I’ll give you some tips that work. They don’t include curing ills and insanity.

You, as the most educated people on earth on the subject of the human spirit and MAN, certainly deserve a high role in the field of religion. We can reform all of religion and make it vastly better. Why clash with healing quacks?

Scientology is for the people and of the people. It belongs to them. They are receiving it. They like it. Bear with our troubles with the dull official and Authority and go out and make a happier world.