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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Processing Results (OB-17) - OB560214

1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.
BAY 8881
14 February 1956


After a three-months period of rather low gain in staff clinic intensives we are now witnessing again the tremendous upsurges in 25 and 75 hour preclears which we should expect from Scientology. The addition of the remedy of havingness and the use of the ad interim SLP with the other refinements developed in the last few months are heavily paying off in terms of better profiles. We are doing fabulous things with IQs and changed personality patterns.

I would not know quite why it is but the London staff has been showing gains of about 400% greater than the Washington staff. Of course this has nothing to do with me being here and directly coaching. Actually poor Julia has had to take this stuff and shove it at her auditors without even the assistance of tapes in most cases, as these were being held up at the Washington Academy and not forwarded through. The Washington gains are of course adequate, but are coming through and rising even higher.

It is very interesting that the first week that a Washington staff auditor used the ad interim SLP without change or variation for an entire intensive, he attained the greatest gain attained during that week by all the Washington auditors. It just might somehow be that the old redhead knows what he is doing when he puts out a procedure. That ad interim SLP really works.


The tapes being cut at this moment for the HPA-HCA course to bring them up to date and permit them to utilize the SLP Issue 8 which is in preparation place processing in the role of games. In other words, we have come back and have done an anatomy on games the like of which we have never had before. It is very fabulous how this material works. The reason this was done is because the anatomy and behaviour of a problem in homo sapiens definitely indicates that he conceives himself to be engaged in a game even though the reaction is reactive.

The first thing that emerged from this is that many auditors consider the preclear as an opposite player and try to give the preclear loses. Actually the auditor is a person who is assisting a teammate in order to gain able co-operation and team-work toward opponents in life. The preclear is not a player. That is why he is being audited. The auditor’s auditing role is in the direction of building a team. The auditor’s instructing role, which has with the new basic course become greatly increased, is in the direction of playing a much wider game than has ever before been played on this planet.

The goal of Scientology is the rehabilitation of the game. The auditor can make a game better or make it possible for the pc to play a game. The pc is being audited because he is no longer able to take part in the game. Life is a game consisting of freedom and restrictions. Play is communication. Communication requires freedom and terminals. Life units as-is with thought. To think, there must be something to as-is. To grant life, there must be something to grant life to. A pc will become as free as he is reassured of the existence of barriers at that level. When a pc is not assured of (does not have reality on) barriers at a level he will not rise to that level. A thetan will carry to extremes making something and making nothing. Auditing is that process of bringing a balance between freedom and barriers. A game depends upon a restoration of freedom of choice on making something and making nothing. One can become obsessed with making nothing. He can become obsessed with making something. Both of these activities and the rehabilitation of the freedom of choice bring about a gain in case. There can be too many or too few universes, but when an individual is stuck in a universe it is because he does not have enough universes. Therefore it is necessary to remedy his havingness of bodies. Remedying his havingness of bodies will clear away universes in which he is stuck by letting him have freedom of entrance into universes.

Auditing is a game of exteriorization versus havingness. There is never too much of anything if the pc is bothered by it. He may say there is not enough of it but he usually says there is something bad about it. When he says there is something bad about it he means there is not enough of it. The pc loses his power to postulate into existence and to unpostulate out of existence energy, masses, spaces and forms.


Life is a game.

Games are composed of freedom, problems, and havingness, awareness and interest.

Each of these elements contains “mood of game” (the tone scale), penalties, and the cycle of action.

Auditing improves the level of game of the preclear.

Auditing is not a game between auditor and preclear on an opposing basis but on a team basis. The auditor and, eventually, the preclear are engaged upon a game, themselves versus the opponents to survival in life.

The preclear is usually close to a no-game-condition. This is reached by a preponderance of win (no-game) or a preponderance of lose (no-game).

A frozen mood of game or no-mood is reached by assuming that interest can exist on only one emotional level (whereas interest can exist on any emotional tone level), or by misusing the mood of one game in others concurrently played.

A game is any state of beingness wherein exist awareness, problems, havingness and freedom (separateness) each in some degree.

A game is rehabilitated or a no-game-condition eradicated in processing by handling the elements of games and their subdivision, with reality, with the intention of bettering the game ability of the preclear.


We are under the immediate crush of getting into action as fast as possible and yesterday we hope one of the largest membership drives ever acted upon. You will see the adequate reason for this as soon as more material is released on world-wide dissemination.

The fact of the matter is a membership establishes the size of an organization to officialdom. Therefore we have to have members by the ton.

The associate membership should be made available as soon as the prepared package is assembled. It is easy for Washington to assemble this for Washington already has pins. London simply will have to get a shoulder back of the stamp works and give them a hard shove, because this program cannot wait. I repeat, it cannot wait.

The elements of the associate membership are these: In England it costs 5 shillings; in America, $1.00. The associate membership card is folded in such a way as to contain certain vital information, such as the Code of Honour, the addresses and course books of the organization as well as the member’s name. The pin used is the Scientology double triangle gold pin. It is the one with the upright S and the two triangles back of the S. The way we put this together we print a membership application form giving the person’s name and address, his group name, his nearest professional auditor’s name, and we use the type of postcard which requires no stamp. The gold pin is put through the blank postal card. This postal card addressed to the central organization is then the card actually which carries the pin. We sell to professional auditors or people with groups any number of these pin-to-the-card items. We sell them for cash and very nearly at cost. In other words, a professional auditor or person in charge of a group could simply pick up a large box of these pins and cards which are already assembled and paying a flat fee, which actually merely covers the cost of the pin, walk off with them. Now this person in his group sells the pin in card combination for cash to his group members or other persons. These by the instructions on the card write in their name and address, name of the group and auditor’s name and send this card, retaining the pin for themselves, to the central organization, the address already stamped on the card. The central organization, the HASUK in London and the Founding Church in Washington, D.C. , then issues without further charge or cost the membership card to this person and adds his stencil to the membership rolls.

The organization of course will find that this operation costs it initially money, but the interest, the books bought, and the fact that these people out there actually now consider themselves members of the organization, will increase the revenue of the central organization to absorb this additional cost.

The auditor in the case of selling the card of course does no further bookkeeping. He has paid the Founding Church or the HASUK in London the exact cash for the pin and card and when he sells it he sells it for full associate membership fee and he puts the fee in his pocket 100%. It is then very much to his interest to sell this pin and card. In the first place he himself could not have a pin made for the amount of money which he is paying for it and it is doubtful if his group would expend money simply for a pin and the group membership.

We place no restrictions of any kind on people buying these pins, beyond assuring ourselves that they will be sold by the person to other people.

You will find these pins and memberships selling faster in the general public than you would think for we will certainly begin to alert the general public very soon on our world-wide dissemination program, for we have some angles I haven’t given you yet which literally make the A-bomb look like a wet firecracker.

It is the responsibility of all persons on these communication lines to make sure that these pins, cards and dissemination on the associate membership level are taken care of thoroughly and swiftly. We can drag our heels around here till summer on this associate membership program. People will act out in manufacturing firms if you start pounding and hammering at them and they can produce these things in a very short space of time. We are losing money, losing membership, and losing ground every instant this associate membership program is not out there. Organizations have already fiddle-faddled with this program for four and a half months. It cannot go any further on a delay basis. It must be gotten out.


As you know, auditors can teach a basic course to groups under the following conditions: 1. That the auditor is a professional auditor; 2. That as a professional auditor he is in good standing and a professional member of Scientology organizations in London or Washington; 3. That he procures and uses for text the basic course manuals and materials prescribed by the central organizations; 4. That he carries out his course in an orderly fashion, gives an examination at course end, and forwards the examination papers so given to the central organization.

The materials of this basic course are as follows: The 8 Dynamics; the Axioms which appeared in the cover of Dianetics, the Modern Science of Mental Health, the ARC Triangle, the Tone Scale, the Chart of Attitudes, the use of these materials in social concourse, a general understanding of the goals of Scientology, and a few minor assist techniques. It is no intention of this course to make a thorough professional auditor. The entire intention of the course is to indoctrinate people with the rationale of Scientology.

The basic course will probably be charged for at the rate of 3 to 5 guineas by auditors in the U. K. and at the rate of about $25.00 in the U.S. It should be continued over a period of about 3 months of two or three times a week classes.

Auditors are pleaded with not to go on group processing people. Group processing people results in better individuals but not better individuals for Scientology. People do not have enough understanding of what Scientology is all about in order to actually benefit from the processing they have received. It is not enough to make people feel better. What we’re trying to do is to reach out into the public. These people actually need and can use the basic materials of Scientology and we are denying them the richest benefit of Scientology in letting them go adrift merely feeling better without any real further understanding of life for they simply relapse. This is an actual fact. It is necessary then that we teach everybody everywhere a basic course.

Once more the organization itself makes nothing financial out of the basic course. When the auditor buys his basic course manual an examination paper is enclosed in it for the student to be given at the end of the basic course he will receive. This examination paper is held back by the auditor and when the student is given the examination by the auditor, the auditor or the student at their election may forward this examination paper through to the central organization. The central organization then prepares a basic course certificate for that individual. It is not even required that a person being issued a basic course certificate have any more than an associate membership. It is required, however, that he does have an associate membership. The certificate itself costs him nothing, is a very official looking document, and lends the seal of approval to the course the auditor has taught.

Auditors are being asked to use one of the three dissemination programs to get a large group assembled and to teach that group the basic course.

We will have these basic course manuals in the very near future but an auditor need not wait on having a basic course manual to recruit and start his course.

In other words, auditors should collect groups in order to teach them courses. He will find this is far more beneficial and that these group members will stay by him and continue to push into the society alongside of him. At present simply collecting people and processing them is not enough. It is not doing enough good for the individual in any except his own case. We are making people better without giving them the tools to live better. Therefore they are made far better in the group processing, are cured of this and that and then go out as human beings with no more knowledge than they had before. We are then doing a tremendous amount of work from which we are gaining nothing. It is absolutely necessary that auditors collect groups and get basic courses going.

It is up to people in the Scientology organizations and groups everywhere to start this program at once. I do mean at once. And just in case somebody didn’t hear me this is the real number one crush. This and the associate membership program go hand in hand. We have got to get over this hump so that we can get onto our next steps. We need 5000 auditors by summer. If we don’t have 5000 basic course people finished in training we won’t be anywhere. It is better to have basic course people than no auditors at all and this is our substitute program and we’ve got to get it under way.

Organizations should not stint in their pressure on this; shortsightedly it may appear that the central organization does not benefit at all from this basic course program. Actually people who have not had a basic course don’t take central organization professional training.

Now I am doing my part for this. I am rushing out this basic course manual as fast as possible, and it will be in our hands very, very soon, but we have to get auditors oriented and our publications and letters about teaching this basic course. We have to do it right away.

Our main lines of dissemination are bogging because we are not doing enough to profit the individual auditor. We must be able to put into his hands at least the income from associate members and from basic course training. If we do this these people will get enough individual auditing from him to make him affluent enough to keep pushing the ball. We are not doing enough for the individual auditor. We’ve got to do more for him. He will not support the central organization because there is no immediate profit in it for him. With the basic course and with the associate membership there is instantly profit in it for him. Therefore we’ve really got to reverse the attitude of the field and collect those members and get people indoctrinated everywhere or our next program right up the line is going to fall flat on its face. We mustn’t waste any time on this. No matter what else looks important let’s get these auditors on the ball.


While three lords and the leader of the opposition in the House of Commons petition the Home Secretary to permit me to stay in England for yet a while, we are nevertheless going ahead with the establishment of an office in Dublin, Eire. This office is located at 69 Merrion Square. It is not at this moment but will be within ten days a mail address. This office is the swankiest address in Dublin. The Park Avenue, the Harley Street of Dublin is Merrion Square. This is where all the medical boys hang out. The Dublin Office is a huge central room which holds about 70 people and four smaller offices surrounding it. The total cost of this is £4.10.0 per week. This is our fall-back point in case of atomic attack and will be completely equipped for dissemination of publications and will be known as the HASUK Atomic Energy Healing Division Emergency Station, Dublin, Eire. This is one small toe-hold up on the ladder toward our next step in dissemination. Right here as I stand we’ve got the problem of radiation whipped so you see where we’re going, so let’s go. We’ve got our auditor profiles rising steadily. We can put our own people back on their own feet. We can actually practically tailor make good executives. We have never since I have gotten us out of this last auditing slump got better results. We can prove what we’re doing and predict what we’re doing, and now we’ve got our hands on the monopoly of radiation healing throughout the world and we certainly had better make the best of it. We are going to go big-time simply because we are over the humps of research and are ready to smash through all barriers.


In the standard medical dictionary there is no definition for “mind”. A nice legal point for legal use.

In psychology there is no definition for “psyche”.

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