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L. Ron Hubbard
(From The California Association of Dianetic Auditors Journal [THE CADA JOURNAL],
February, 1952, Vol. 1, No. 2)

The processing of the auditor requires that the sessions he has given preclears be run and that his general address and consideration in Dianetics be processed.

An auditor’s case presents a problem somewhat different from the usual preclear. Before the service facsimile is attempted, before any other item is addressed in an auditor’s case, his own efforts, emotions, and thoughts related to processing must be run. They should be run thoroughly. They should be run no matter what the auditor drops into from them. In short, they should be run. The auditor, by auditing others, has set up a computing circuit on cases, including his own, and it is about as easy to run as any other computing circuit. An auditor cannot be successfully audited until his own auditing of others is run.

The following efforts must be located and run for every run the auditor has given another:

  1. Physical effort to make preclear move on track.
  2. Effort to give preclear perceptics.
  3. Effort to make preclear emote (tears, terror, etc.).
  4. Effort to wait and wait and wait.
  5. Effort to make preclear remember.
  6. Effort to make preclear understand.
  7. Effort to speed up preclear in work.
  8. Effort to look and sound confident.
  9. Effort to shut off exterior sounds from preclear.
  10. Effort not to run own case while running preclear.
  11. Effort to keep going despite restimulation.
  12. Effort to give preclear strength to go through session.
  13. Effort to make people believe in Dianetics and one’s ability in it. The following emotions must be run for each and every session:
  14. Emotion not to appear baffled.
  15. Emotional curve of failures.
  16. Emotional curves of every session.
  17. Emotional curve of strain.
  18. Counter-emotion of environment threatening preclear (in auditing room).
  19. Counter-emotion of preclear’s pain, terror, grief, anger, apathy.
  20. Counter-emotion of preclear’s insults to auditor.
  21. Counter-emotion of preclear’s compliments to auditor.
  22. All sympathy for preclear.
  23. All feeling auditor is to blame for preclear’s state.
  24. Emotion to make people believe in Dianetics and one’s ability in it. The following thoughts (postulates) must be run:
  25. Dianetics in general.
  26. About individual preclears.
  27. About own case.
  28. Regret and envy on easy-running preclears.
  29. Computations on cases which were wrong.
  30. Thought to make people believe in Dianetics and one’s ability in it.