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CONTENTS Phoenix Clinic N E W Y O R K C O N G R E S S !
Issue 43-G [1955, ca. mid-January]
Published by
The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Clinic

The first actual HASI-HDRF clinic is now in full swing at 806 North Third Street, Phoenix, Arizona. Unlike earlier Foundation and Association processing activities, the present processing center is personally run by LRH from his own office.

The establishment of the center was not entirely intentional, but, like Topsy*Topsy: In Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, a young negro slave girl whose ignorance and unconscious humor provide comic relief. Her replies to questioning, “Never was born” and “I spect I grow’d,” have made her the symbol of that which originates spontaneously and develops aimlessly., just grew — and unlike Topsy and earlier centers, is functioning with startling smoothness. The demand for HDRF-HASI processing had been growing steadily. During and after the Congress recently concluded, it boomed well out of the control of the old processing office at 616 and, as generally happens in such emergencies, LRH was pushed into harness. Ken Barrett, D. Scn. , already Ron’s own administrative officer at 806 was shoved into the post — as another duty — of Director of Processing. He began to line up the best auditors he could call back to or find in Phoenix in order to get a staff which could do the job on the preclears. For their assistance he began to hold a five o’clock daily conference on the cases being processed.

When Ron exteriorized from the Congress he found his office overrun with data, auditors and preclears. This looked interesting and so he decided to hold the five o’clock conferences himself. He sent some of the auditors back to school, added some new ones and began to coach and build into existence the most able staff of auditors so far assembled.

Coached on every case at five o’clock every afternoon, the dozen auditors who compose the staff have begun to concentrate on just one goal — to clear every preclear they get their hands on. Already faced with three of the roughest cases ever discovered, the staff has begun to call clearing a Black Five a routine activity. This staff is out to run up a record of clears.

The center has at its disposal a sanitarium, abundant applications for processing and Ron’s quick assistance and advice. The processing requests are made to Ken Barrett at 806 North Third Street, Phoenix, Arizona, Phone Alpine 24416. The auditor is assigned by Ron after case assessment and psychometry and is checked daily thereafter by LRH. Processing results are secured by guarantee where desired and, should the results be not as good as expected in the preclear’s opinion, refund is made. The goal of this staff is to clear as many people as possible. At this center we may be beginning the biggest forward push to date for Dianetics and Scientology.

N E W Y O R K C O N G R E S S !

Be at the New York Congress if you missed Phoenix! On February 4, 1955 at Steinway Concert Hall, 113 West 57th St., New York City, at 10:00 a.m. you can register and on the same day at 1:00 p.m. the Congress starts with an address of welcome from L. Ron Hubbard as recorded. And on the 5th, 6th and 7th of February the program continues. All the lectures Ron gave at December end in Phoenix, specially recorded with high speed high fidelity, will be given on these days from the 4th to the 7th. All the group processing he gave. All the data on Communication. This was the Unification Congress of Dianetics and Scientology given under the joint sponsorship of the HDRF and the HASI and you can have it in full in New York at Steinway Hall for the same price that was paid in Phoenix. Also present will be specially autographed copies of Dianetics 1955! the SECOND BOOK of Dianetics on which these great lectures are based.

Richard Steves, D.D., D.Scn., will be the manager. Write him now in Phoenix at the HDRF or HASI for your reservation.

If you want to understand communication processing, if you want to meet the stellar names in Northeastern U.S. Dianetics and Scientology, if you want to come closer to clear with Ron’s group processing, be there for sure.

The December Congress was the most important thing that ever happened in Dianetic and Scientology events. It is being repeated in the four comers of Earth by the HDRF and HASI — in New Zealand on Easter given by Tooley of the HASI — in London in January at the great Royal Festival Hall by Horner of the HASI — in New York on Feb. 4 at Steinway Hall by Steves of the HASI. This is topflight, bigline, engraved stuff. (And if you come to the N. Y. Congress, which you will if you are near, Steves says, he promises, he certifies, that he will not thereafter revoke any certificate you might ever hold.) So let’s go NEW YORK!

HOW COME THIS JOURNAL IS TYPEWRITTEN can best be explained by the downright busyness of Phoenix what with the Congress here and the cussed laziness of some people. You got it at all because Ken Barrett he up and pasted and Ron after his Wednesday night public lecture that happens every Wednesday here came back and tuck his typewriter and some multi plates in hand and writ it and because Maxine she up and grinded and the staff stapled and right after this paper was addressed and put to print they all hung the former editor, for being late too often, to the nearest Cottonwood Tree, Western style (no anvil in his pants) and this is all to announce the auction of his boots come February 8th by Tom Esterbrook who has come down from Dry Gulch at last to write once more for the Journal.

DIANETICS, 1955! by LRH is breaking all former sales records with its limited edition. We are sending a hundred to the New York Congress but we are so close to out at $5.00 a throw autographed that you’ll be lucky if you’re fast with your order. This is no sales talk. This is a hint to our friends to act fast. Why is it important? Because it completes the cycle of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.

A SPECIAL TAPE PACKAGE OF SIX ADVANCED CLINICAL COURSE LECTURES WHICH SUPPLEMENT DIANETICS, 1955!, the book, are ready to be airmailed to you for $60 the set. These tapes give a lot of background for the book and several processes which weren’t even talked about outside the Clinical Course.

SIXTEEN HOURS OF CONGRESS TAPES, all of them, at 33/4 inches per second are ready to send at once for $160 a set. In Phoenix they were live. In New York they’ll be close to live at 15 inches per second high fidelity plus seminars and talks by prominent auditors. If you went either place you’ll still want this set of tapes. They cover COMMUNICATION as it has never been covered before in the history of Man. Here’s a milestone!


You have to have an HDA or HCA certificate to qualify for a half cost whole time of eight weeks course. You’ll be a successful auditor if you complete it. That’s $500 for the course of which you HDAs and HCAs pay half only.

YOUR HUBBARD CERTIFIED AUDITOR CERTIFICATE IS YOURS when you complete the eight weeks certification course here in Phoenix. That’s $500 for the whole course, certification examination, certificate and texts. And it’s lovely in Phoenix this time of year. Good instruction, up-to-the-minute data, training completely guaranteed. Of course if you think you are buying for that $500 only eight weeks of training, you better look. You’re buying a career and fellowship with the highest toned people on Earth. You won’t ever know Scientology like a pro knows it unless you take a course. And many take this course just to know Scientology and get their cases up. There’s 24 crackerjack students in the Certification Course right now. They’ll welcome you.

THE ADVANCED CLINICAL COURSE UNITS are the top goal of the auditor in training. You have to be an HCA or an HDA and appointed to the course for this is the course which Ron teaches himself. It is the only way to get a Doctor of Scientology degree, the only way to get a right to train to HCA level. The Dianeticist gets his Ph. D. on graduation if he wants it. All the topflight auditors get to it eventually. We’re just graduating Wing and Smokey Angel even hotter than they were. $800 for the course of six weeks, payable in advance.

By the way we’re trying to build a college out here. We’re growing. We’re expanding, we’re bursting. Every time the squirrels chatter, we grow another notch. Every time you begin to hear wilder rumors about Ron or the HDRF or the HASI you know we must be putting on a burst of speed. If there were space enough here we’d be able to write all the real good things that are happening. We’ve got a new kid school run by Marcia and HCA Estrada to care for the loose children we find lying around and for the kids of the staff and students. We’ve been working a miracle case on sclerosis. We’ve got stacks of news, news, news from auditors all over the world — and believe us, EVERYBODY lately has been getting fascinated with auditing and its modern results— even auditors!

The June 1954 Congress was promised a book. It is THE CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY—formerly, and an expanded (by triple) version of, THE AUDITOR ‘S HANDBOOK. It’s coming up in beautiful hard covers in a very few weeks. And those of you who will receive it or have placed orders for it will be very happy to know that we held it to get it up to date and make it stay in present time. If you haven’t ordered it, better. Almost the entire first printing is already bought. It’s $5.00 a volume. It has the AXIOMS of SCIENTOLOGY and 76 terrific processes including the important exteriorization steps. You’ll need this and Dianetics, 1955! both. They’re very different, each is getting raves — for a few have had a peek at the galleys of The Creation of Human Ability.

We have just read this through and find there is too much enthusiasm in it as a paper and we realize that this will offend a lot of people who can’t take enthusiasm. But we can’t much help the enthusiasm because all the dreams and goals we have been working toward since 1950 are starting to take form and come true and we look at the old HDRF here and feel mighty good and we look at the projected college building and we feel good and we talk to some of the people these staff auditors have been processing and we feel good and by golly we’re sorry we just can’t get down to tone for the public good. Even Alphia could make us laugh tonight.