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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Office in Ireland (PAB-74) - PAB560306

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Офис в Ирландии - БПО560306-074
The Oldest Continuous Publication in Dianetics and Scientology
Via Hubbard Communications Office
Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8
6 March 1956


Well, hello there. How do you like your PABs coming to you once a week?

What really happened was that I felt that I was getting out of communication with people, and as I was getting out information under a heading called Operational Bulletins it seemed to me to be a good idea to use these as PABs.

If you remember many years ago when the PABs started they were dedicated to setting up auditors and making them a healthy and respected class of professionals, and so with Issue 72 we immediately and abruptly resume this intention through this particular medium. In other words the PABs were dedicated to this in the first place and they go on now doing their best for the auditor.

When the Queen asked me to tip my cap and leave England as an insidious and Communist influence intensely disrupting the very best plans of the Home Secretary, I might have gone straight back to America. However, the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C. has never been in better shape. With His Nibs as Executive Administrator the situation is under good control. With Ken Barrett running the best academy classes that have been seen in the past year and Julia Lewis doing a bang-up job at the Clinic, with John Sanborn teaching indoctrination, and Dick Steves rolling an HCA class in good shape and keeping the Washington politicos at bay, and with Don Breeding getting an intensive, things could never be better.

I have a habit of turning up where I am needed or turning up data when it is needed, and as England is not yet in perfect shape there at Notting Hill Gate and as enough British brass has interceded on my behalf to permit me on occasion to pop into London, it seemed to me that I had better spend my time setting up an emergency station for Scientology in a country that wasn’t likely to get atom bombed. So here I am in Dublin, Eire, ten days and one completed office in operation deep.

The Irish spring shows signs of being late and we were freezing lately with the rest of you, even though we have a pretty and snug home here in the outskirts of Dublin in a fashionable suburb. Susie and the three kiddies are well and happy and the kids after being cooped up in a London apartment most of the winter are staggered and stunned at a huge yard to play in and are exuberant and boisterous along with the Irish wind. Downtown in the most fashionable square and professional address in Dublin we now have two large suites of offices. The address is 69 Merrion Square, South. Just across from one suite and just next door to the other is the American Embassy. In ten days, with the assistance of Bernie Green, we took an old spacious set of offices and painted them, laid in new linoleum, bought the 101 small items necessary to running things and exactly seven days from my landing had a going concern. We have two pretty Irish girls

and a smart Irish office boy, and that lovely Canadian, Margaret Tousaw, and the ubiquitous Dr. Green. During part of last week, Mike Walker, the English shipping department, was over here helping out, and what with American, Irish, Canadian, English and Texan, we are quite international. Eleven days from my landing we have somewhere between fifty and a hundred and fifty applicants for a course, practically none of the applicants having previously heard of Scientology. All this sounds too fast and exaggerated but it is factually and precisely true.

What I am trying to do is this. I am trying to pilot a project in an area not previously noted for Scientology interests which can serve as a model for an auditor in any area of the world just to see how it is done and to pick up pointers. As Ireland has only 3,500,000 people in the total nation you can see that I am working in a relatively small population area which is at the same time noted for its poverty. I am of course taking advantage of the peculiar features of the place, such as the fact that the major export of Ireland is people, and am making all the shots count. However, we have a hurricane of activity going here without previous preparation.

I am having to write all the little brochures, enrollment cards, descriptions and etceteras which are handed out and I am packaging all the course materials and slants of the subject, and all this material is being shaped up so that it can be packaged not only for the public in Ireland, but for the use of auditors elsewhere. Accordingly, as soon as I am satisfied with this material and have the envelopes printed, I shall send one package of it, one of each piece, to every auditor in Scientology.

If the weather is cold the Irish heart is warm. The country and the people could not be improved upon. Unlike Communist-infiltrated England, where Russia has been active with anti-American propaganda in order to rob the crown of its only powerful ally to ready a later banquet for the Russian bear, Ireland is enthusiastically pro American. Lacking things to fight, the Irishman has been shooting up Communism quite enthusiastically and so we don’t even find the medical profession here antipathetic to Scientology. It’s all good roads and good weather.

Probably the greatest oddity of the Irish adventure is that aside from one year’s office rent, some transportation and shipping expenses, and a small loan from London, the entirety of the operation will be supported by Mary Sue’s and my salary from the Founding Church in Washington. As these two salaries amount to slightly less than

$200 a week you can see that the Irish operation is not big in terms of staff or offices. However, pay is very low in this area and rent is quite cheap. We can then support this activity for some time but strangely enough, without actually paying any of our bills yet aside from office rent and a couple of other items, we have income in sight adequate to take care of the activity.

It does the old heart good to see people swinging in toward Scientology at this rate. I could always get an operation started and get things wheeling, but we have made so much progress in technology and know-how in the past few years and since I last had to start anything from scratch, that I had not realized the pulling power of Scientology itself. I could be very mean at this point and say that if we have within eleven days of my landing a hundred and fifty people lined up for a course who have never before heard of Scientology, that somebody somewhere in some group or another has been loafing like hell. I might also say that the bulk of the calluses collected in the field must be on a private portion of people’s anatomies, not on their palms and thumbs, for this operation has not in any way depended upon my own identity and reputation. It is Scientology itself and what it can do that is creating the stir. Ireland being somewhat out of the way has not heard my name. Furthermore, no public lecture has been given in order to attract people in and no other mechanism or device has been used that would be peculiarly mine, except perhaps the ability to know how to do things and to make words work effectively, so I am sitting here at this moment wondering why there aren’t eight to ten thousand member groups under the charge and control of every auditor, since there would certainly be a fifty thousand member group directly under the Dublin office within five months if I continue the experiment in earnest. Perhaps the main difference here is complete security on my own behalf as far as Scientology information and capability is concerned and the fact I will freely admit that our auditors all too often lack initial financing capital. The Dublin operation duplicated in any large city would cost about $800.00 done up well, the $800 including the living expenses of the auditor and his while he got going. However,

$800.00 is not very many preclears, so it seems to me that an auditor could have immediately gotten some preclears and done some auditing — until he had $800 or

$1000 and then could have launched into a wider operation on this pattern, or he might have talked his friends out of an investment in his venture. This, I say, with perhaps a superiority of know-how and ideas, would be the chief difference in starting up the Dublin operation and somebody starting an operation say in Chicago. Well I could say all these things and it would be very mean of me so I won’t say them. I will simply go on shaping this mock-up up until I have gained as much know-how out of it as possible and will let you have a blow-by-blow account of how it happened.

What you should know first is that the Irish adventure is your adventure being conducted on your behalf to help you square away Scientology in your area and put you on easy street, and what is more important to the rest of us, to put mankind in a position of self-defense for the first time on a planet confronted with atomic fission.


Wouldn’t it be very funny if the moguls and high mucky-mucks of the higher insane wards of government were to have their favorite threat — atomic fission — turn into an atomic fizzle. This would be the joke of this or any other century.

Because we’re all professionals here, well schooled in Scientology, let me talk a little bit about past track. This is not the first time that a planet has been threatened by the development of atomic technologies. It is on the past track many places and times that planets have been scorched and made uninhabitable to all forms of life. This tells us as we read our E-Meter that life is capable of abandoning a planet and going to another planet, setting up the painful process of making lichens and moss to make soil out of the stones and building a gradient scale on up to moving beings.

Atomic energy has always been a tragedy. Atomic radiation burns savagely and furiously, and life so burnt in this age and time then is incapable of procreating. In other words, an atomic burn hits mainly at the second dynamic. The reason it does is the number of times planets have been wiped out in the past. When atomic radiation came all procreation became pointless. The genetic line was over-ended and done. There was no use making new cells or new babies. There was no future into which they could go. Thus the appearance of radioactivity tends to aberrate the second dynamic. Its actual use brings about a total apathy on procreation. Radiation first and foremost when it burns is effective simply because the hemoglobin no longer makes new cells and so a person dies of acute anemia. The blood cells are, it is true, the most cowardly of all the body cells. Blood cells lake into the center of the body in a moment of fear or terror. They give up quickest when struck by atomic radiation.

I have been conducting a series of experiments, one of them almost fatal to myself, on the auditing of radiation burns. I have found that we can make an enormous effect upon radiation burns and can cure them in a milder form. That means we are the only agency, the only people on the face of Earth who can cure the effect of atomic radiation. I expect to make further progress in this direction and the whole answer is not yet gained, for the whole answer would be to actually proof a body against radiation itself.

It is rather foolish to believe that a flash of light which actually goes through and is not stopped by ten feet of concrete can yet do things of hideous magnitude to a body. That is all that alpha and gamma and the rest are — a flash of light. There must then be some cooperation on the part of the body to stop the flash which is not present in concrete. True, a newspaper held before the body interposed between it and an atomic flash can keep the body from being severely burned, but remember the actual destructive rays do actually go on through the newspaper and unless stopped by the body itself would go on through the body. On such reasoning I began to experiment to discover what the body was doing in connection with atomic radiation and discovered that it was actually stopping it.

I found out further the procreative aspect of atomic radiation came about because atomic radiation on the early track was used as a punishment mechanism. At first it appeared that atomic radiation was the basis of the second dynamic and its various wavelengths, but this is not true. They were so identified because radiation was used in second dynamic punishments and activities. Radiation is the only thing capable of reaching into the mock-up strata of a thetan and on this high wavelength knocking apart his bank. There are many black fives around whose black screens are actually radiation hunger.

On the basis that the only havingness difficulty is under the heading of “not enough” I caused atomic radiation to be wasted (until the thetan could accept it). The difficulty was trying to operate with radiative mock-ups in the vicinity of bodies. Evidently the thetan has to change his mind very thoroughly before the body can be coaxed into letting radiation pass by. The body is apparently anxious for radiation punishment, since it then no longer has to continue a genetic line.

The problem on which I am working is the actual proofing of a body against damage from bomb flash. That is between us auditors. To publication, however, it is actually factual that we are the only people who can do anything to alleviate or cure atomic fission. No serums or other mechanisms have proven effective. The most effective means of cleaning up radiation or radioactive dust in an area is the common water hose. That is the high tide of anti-radiational research. In Scientology, using standard procedures and including in them an address to radioactive masses, we can cure by remedying havingness with it radiation burns. Indeed, it requires a very skilled piece of auditing with a great deal of havingness remedy, but we can do it.

Now I want you, and by that you I mean you, not a general editorial “you,” to send me at once any article in whatever publication or any book or pamphlet of whatever simple or complex nature you have, know about and can get, to me here at the Scientology Emergency Station, address “Scientology, 69 Merrion Square S. , Dublin, Ireland.” Please send me as well any horror material you have. I do not even have a copy of John Hersey’s book on Hiroshima or any newspaper accounts on it. You can help by taking upon yourself personally the responsibility of being the only person who is going to send me any material here. As Ireland is well removed from any such threat, the material extant at this point is very poor. I need this material in order to draw upon it for a book. This book will be called “Atomic Burns, Their Danger, Cure and Prevention,” and it will be, we hope, in all the major book stores of the world and will be, I assure you, translated into the various languages.

You see, the most frightening aspect of atomic radiation is that it is the very most basic ingredient in insanity, and people close to it, handling it or restimulated by it can be no better than totally insane. You see the threat we are up against? Now it may well be that the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission outlawed psychiatrists from its ranks and precincts simply because these, who do at least know insanity when they see it, might have been urging institutionalization of every leading atomic scientist on grounds of paranoia, megalomania, and other psychotic symptoms. My own experience with these people would confirm it. The atomic scientist in the world today on grounds of security is removed from any skilled mental observation of any kind whatsoever. Nobody knows whether they are sane or not. Researches demonstrate that the stuff they are handling would bring about insanity in them in very short order. A light look at the subject demonstrates that they have a craving for the destruction of all life. They are totally careless and conscienceless when questioned on the subject of destruction of men, women and children in cities. They are equally conscienceless concerning the injury of their fellow workers.

A symptom of this insanity visible to us every month or so from Enid, Oklahoma, is a man who was, for a long while, closely connected with atomic energy, and who between attacks on Scientology has horrible writhings concerning his own sanity and alternates attacks upon his auditor with grovelling begging to be relieved of the awfulness of his life. Nothing could be done for this man previously in Scientology, as no research had been done on the peculiar aberration from which he was suffering— overdoses of radiation received while an observer at Eniwetok. The screens which covered his vision were radiation hungry. No one auditing him connected his past experience with atomic energy and his case, since it was not known that there was any relationship. So we have had at least one case in our own midst demonstrating various types of insanity simply by reason of having been connected with atomic energy earlier in his career. There may be others. We know now that these surrender as cases if by auditing they are brought to create and destroy radiative masses in mock-ups. It is, however, a very dangerous piece of auditing and must be done very gently. You may, by the way, have wondered why I never really attacked this particular vilifier in Oklahoma. It was only that I was aware of the fact that his case was unsolvable and that Scientology had indeed failed him, and because I felt sorry for him. I am not the sort of a fellow to kick a dog when he is down and I knew what desperate shape that person was in. I am rather relieved now to know exactly what was wrong in his case, and sometime or other an auditor can be sent down there.

But if we have been caused lies and upsets in our own ranks by the side effects of atomic radiation, then imagine what it would do when close up against a government which is being advised on atomic matters by persons who have long since passed the sanity point. Therefore it looks like thee and me have some work to do. Fortunately Scientology is already well entrenched in many atomic energy areas and many atomic scientist connections know of it and the materials which are developed concerning radiation cure can of course be applied to this particular problem with considerable benefit.

Well all entheta aside, please get that material to me fast.


Associate memberships are now available for sale by auditors to their groups.

The associate member is a member without time limit of Scientology. An associate member does not receive publications but does receive a pin and membership card.

An associate membership costs five shillings in the United Kingdom and areas under the London office, and one dollar in the United States.

The auditor can purchase from the organization the pin and application form already assembled in lots of 25 with brooch backs or button backs for two shillings and sixpence in the U. K. and its areas, or fifty cents in the U.S.

The auditor sends in to the U. K. £3.2. 6 to Scientology, 69 Merrion Square S. , Dublin, Eire. He will receive in return 13 button-back and 12 brooch-back pins mounted on application cards. An auditor in the U.S. can send $12.50 to Scientology, Washington, or for quicker delivery at this stage to me in Dublin, Eire, and he will receive the same lot.

The auditor then sells these associate memberships to anyone, but we hope to people who are taking or have taken a basic course. He keeps the totality of his receipts. The person to whom he sells the pin and card fills in the application form addressed to the organization provided with the card and has returned to him at once his membership card. The total clerical work on the part of the auditor is sending the order here, receiving and directly selling the card. The associate member newly made by the action is the one who sends in his application. This makes for minimal bookkeeping.

The pin is the lovely little S-and-double-triangle pin designed by Bob Hollanbeck in Phoenix, Arizona. Some of you have already seen them. The design was taken originally from the dust wrapper of Science of Survival’s earliest editions.

Arrangements will be made at a later date for the sale of subscriptions to our improved publication line for general and special memberships, all of which can assist the auditor in financing his activities in Scientology.

The reason we want this membership to be widespread in existence is that the power of an organization is counted by the number of members it has. We must have a membership class which includes everybody and which permits people to be in no doubt as to whether they are with us or not.

A particular oddity of the associate membership card is that it is not renewable. It has no termination date and does not expire every year. It might be a good thing if some other classes of members also became associate memberships if they have any fear of lapsing, since they would at least be an associate member at all times. This, however, would not bring them publications or services.

You must be aware that at this price we are actually selling the card and pin at the actual cost of production.

As this is announced, the manufacture of the pin and card is already arranged and in the works. Acts of God, perils of the sea or strikes could delay the filling of your order for a few days, but this is only an eventuality, and by the time your order gets here the pins should be ready to ship to you.

As a point of incidental interest, I just happen to have by accident in my jewel box where I keep the keepsakes of value that people often send me from various parts of the world the original solid gold S-double-triangle pin made by Bob Hollanbeck. He sawed this out for me personally as a gift in Phoenix last year. If I owe him anything for copying it for everybody’s benefit, I wish he would let me know since I don’t have his address here in Dublin.

There was another slightly smaller S-and-double-triangle pin made and issued from Phoenix a year ago, but it was not from this handmade design of Hollanbeck’s which he intended for my personal wear. By the way, Bob Hollanbeck will make you a Mexican tie-tie with the S and double triangle in solid silver and very beautiful for I think $15. When I have his address I will insert it in a PAB.


All auditors everywhere in good standing with the academy or London are authorized to teach a basic course in Scientology.

In its program of assisting the auditor to finance himself and the advance of Scientology the central organizations will do all possible to assist him in the teaching of this course.

The course should be a minimum of twenty hours, including some eight hours of group processing and some twelve hours of instruction.

The instruction should be precisely cycle of action, the 8 dynamics, ARC and what each element means, the tone scale, something about havingness and its relation to the tone scale, and how to do an assist. The principal stock in course should be the most elementary and should be repeated often so that everyone in the course actually knows these principles. No other material such as past track, past lives, thetans, clears, or any other data should be introduced into the basic course. The essence of teaching a basic course is to make sure that everybody in the unit understands very well these basic elements.

I am at work at this moment on a Basic Course Manual. However, you need not wait for it.

At the end of your basic course you should give an examination to all persons who were in it covering just exactly these points above and their definitions and uses. You should then ship with the address of this person that examination paper to London or Washington, depending whichever is your most immediate area. The central organization in London or Washington will immediately execute, if the exam was passed, a basic course certificate and send it at once either to you to give to your student or to the student directly as you indicate. Warning: These certificates will not be sent unless the examination paper and the student’s address are included.

The organizations make no charge for this service.

It is expected that a basic course would cost at least £3.10.0 in the U. K. or $10.00 in the U.S. It is also expected that this charge will be made and collected by the auditor and that the auditor will keep for his own uses and the financing of Scientology in his area the totality of basic course fees.

The only way you are going to accumulate a group that will stick with you and forward Scientology is by teaching that group a basic course. Group processing without training doesn’t work.

We are very shortly going to publish a book as possessing the only effective cure for atomic radiation known to man. You will hear more about this later. The best and first thing to do is to create a large group and to teach it a basic course. Let’s get this one out of the way fast. People are talking Scientology and demonstrating its adequacy in their own spheres.

One of the ways of gathering groups for a basic course is to teach for the first week something you will call a free course and which contains perhaps four hours of auditing and six hours of instruction, and give this free course to everybody but don’t let anybody take the same free course twice, and then simply continuing the free course on up into another twenty hours or two weeks, covering these essentials much more precisely, teach a course that you charge for. Remember, the organization does not care how much money you charge for this basic course. It would actually be surprised if you did not charge at least five guineas, or $25.00. There are plenty of ways of accumulating groups. For such basic courses you will learn these as I tell you more about the Irish adventure in later PABs.


After years of no alteration it may come as a bit of startlement to announce that it will shortly be generally announced and is effective immediately that training costs and charges are changed in the central organization.

For five years the cost of a professional course in the United States has been $500. In London the same course has cost you formerly £125. It is rather interesting how these two figures were arrived at. The $500 fee was set by Parker Morgan in Elizabeth, New Jersey at the end of May in 1950. Parker Morgan, beseiged by requests of people who wanted to take a closer look at Dianetics, invented a status whereby that person could hang around the office and watch what was going on in the Foundation as an intimate observer for one month for $500. There were ten in the first professional course. The only chair case there was Ted Ottison, recruited up from St. Mary’s College. After a few days I took pity on these ten, since although they were interested they were getting very little know-how, and began to give them a daily lecture, and so started the first professional course in Dianetics and Scientology.

The figure was set in London at £125 because that was the cost of maintaining an instructor and quarters for a minimum class of two students over a period of two months and the general one-month hangover of training. As I could not stand by London forever and had no idea that it would have many students, it was necessary that the school remain solvent. It was also necessary that a central organization continue to exist, and that needed finance. Actually the £125 charge was not too far in error, since the London office just barely did remain solvent during my long absence in the U.S. Commie critics, which exist in vast profusion, swept Scientology into its group propaganda about American dollars and was long active in pummelling this £125 fee as demonstrating that Scientology was a get-rich-quick scheme.

The actuality is that in both cases the central organization has to be maintained or auditing itself would go all to pieces everywhere and there would be no way of disseminating new processes, and that it takes far longer than a month or two months or three months to train a professional auditor. He has to be trained by experience as well as formal instruction, and the central organization always has the responsibility for this. As an example, in Australia where an inadequate financing was done the HASI office has been in continual difficulty trying to maintain itself, and as it has failed to maintain itself adequately, the professional auditor in the area of Melbourne has had a rather hard time of it. Part of that squirrel cage of course is the activity of squirrels in the area who always reduce the effectiveness of Scientology and blunt its progress, unable to understand evidently that not everybody shares their own enthusiasm for kicking the bucket. Of course a few of these squirrels were on the side of the allies during the late war. They evidently didn’t get their fill of death, like the most of us who are more intimately connected with the hostilities. A squirrel has used these fees as a target rather continuously, but this is not the reason they are being changed.

Because we can train an auditor today in the eight weeks allowed without having to pay for a great deal of continued training, thanks to the invention of the indoctrination week and dummy auditing — of which I am quietly proud — we can actually afford to train now for less in the United Kingdom. We are going to extend

U.S. training into a later retraining period and we are going to do several additional things for the U.S. auditor than we have done before, so the training cost will remain the same for considerable additional service in Washington. In London the fee is dropped to £75.

In view of the fact that we have the basic course planned for auditors in the field a