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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Non-Application - BTB701028

28 OCTOBER 1970
Remimeo Student Hat All Staff (Based on talk with LRH)


LRH first noticed this phenomenon at Saint Hill. A student would starrate on a bulletin completely. Then he would sit down to audit and do the action 180 degrees in reverse. Completely opposite to what was supposed to be done.

You see this in students who study and think the materials have nothing to do with them. They signed up for the course but they are there for some other reason than to study. They are not there to use the material.

When you see this kind of phenomenon you are looking at three things:

1. Status

2. Involvement

3. Representation.

Under status you might get a student who is studying because there is prestige or rank involved. "I want to study this course so I can get promoted to Lieutenant" or "I can't wait to be a Class VIII so people will look up to me finally. "

You see this in Spain where an engineer gets his degree in engineering and never has to use it. It is a status symbol. They just sit there and have a certificate.

Under involvement you get fear of involvement and spectatorism. The student is afraid to really get into the materials he is studying.

You see this in a resistance to do Clay Tables as per 11 Oct 67. You see this in a reluctance to do TR 0 as per the bulletin with no movement but just being there for two hours. The student is afraid to get involved. He becomes a spectator and not a student.

Under representation you get people who represent themselves as something when they are not. "I am a student" when the guy doesn't even know what a student is and hasn't begun to apply the study data to himself. Or "I am a Dianetic Auditor" and the guy never uses Dianetic Auditing. He is really just a symbol.

Any of the three add up to no doingness.

These points when used can help a student or supervisor locate what is preventing the student from applying the material he is studying to produce a desired result.

Flag Class VIII Course Supervisor