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CONTENTS MOTIVATORISH CASES The Motivator Case Assist Wording Prepcheck Zeros Zeros for Theetie Weeties
12 JULY 1962
Reissued 9 July 1974 AS BTB
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 12 July 1962
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The following data has been compiled by Mary Sue at my request from her experience in directing the processing of cases.

The "Zeros for the Theetie Weetie Case" are particularly valuable. Although I gave the data in a lecture some month ago it was not otherwise compiled or released and has been over­looked. The "Theetie Weetie Case" is high on the APA yet makes no progress. This is because such cases believe you ought to know what they are thinking about, so every moment around them you are missing withholds. Their overt acts, that got them into this condition are expressed in the listed Zeros Mary Sue compiled below. This case is also motivatorish and very hard to prepcheck as they give nothing but motivators in answer to requests for missed withholds or overts and just about spin themselves in.

The auditor must not let a pc give motivator answers. This bulletin is valuable in that it gives the right question that prevent this.

About 8% of all Scientology cases come under this heading. So if you don’t know these things, you will completely fail on one pc out of twelve, because that pc will avoid standard ques­tions and, very adroitly, give motivator answers.

Such pcs also ARC break very easily so all acknowledgment must be particularly good and one must be firm but gentle in getting the auditing done.

Also, any case may sometimes do this.

The Motivator Case

There are certain types of preclears who are predominately motivatorish. Auditors can get into severe difficulties with such cases and cause a great deal of upset for a center or academy by running them at effect, rather than at cause. A preclear who only gets off motivators in a session is not only being run at effect, but is also throwing out, while doing so, all of the end rudiments. So not only do we know that a case will not change when run on motivators, but we also know that such a case will have a drop in his graph due to ARC breaks. Remember that a reality break is part of an ARC break, as the ARC triangle has either corner depressed when one factor of the triangle is broken. The motivator case is well aware that each motivator answer is not truly real, but reac­tively he is incapable of looking at the cause side of the picture and considers any effort on the part of anyone to attempt to get him to do so as an effort on the part of that person to punish him or to make him guilty. Therefore it is vitally important with such a case to word questions which will permit of no possibility of his answering the question with a motivator, so as to not get him started on this deteriorating cycle.

There are several reasons a case is in such a condition as this. The most general reason is that all responsibility or cause is blame. Such a person has many overts of blaming others and uses any motivator as a justification of his overts against others. Another reason is that this person failed to and has had others fail to listen to and acknowledge various difficulties and troubles. And another reason is that the person believes that everyone should know all about them. Any question addressed to such a case restimulates missed withholds on them, as the auditor or individual should have known all about them in the first place. This case has overts on accusations of people and overts of pretended knowingness against others.

As already pointed out question must be so worded with the motivator case that they can­not possibly answer a question addressed to them with a motivator answer. To prevent this occur­ring, the following question are suggested:

Missed Withholds:

Assist Wording

Overt/Withhold Assist:

Particular note must be made that on General O/W quite a few cases have figured out the perfect motivator answer — all answers are given as motivators which the preclear disguises as overts against the first dynamic. So the auditor says, "What have you done?" and the preclear says, "I have committed the overt against myself of being audited by you!" When a preclear does this, accept the answer but next time change the command wording.

Prepcheck Zeros

Unintentional W/H:

Zeros for Theetie Weeties

Should have known:

So don’t run your pc at effect. If you are asking a question which gives you only motiva­tors or mostly motivators or justifications or explanations or criticisms, ask right question of your preclear.

Mary Sue Hubbard
Reissued as BTB By Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU