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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Model Session - BTB681118R74

Revised & Reissued 9 June 1974 as BTB
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 18 November 1968 Same Title
Remimeo All Auditors


(Note: If a Dianetic - Level II Auditor is not trained in flying Rudiments, he would have to get a Level III (or above) Auditor to fly his pc’s Ruds before starting the major action of the session.)

The first thing the Auditor does is to make sure the room and session are set up. This means, in other words, that the room is as comfortable as possible and free from interruptions and distractions; that the Auditor’s meter is set up and that the Auditor’s report form and work sheets are ready, that any correction lists, forms, or references that might be needed are at hand.

The pc is seated in the chair furthest from the door and is asked to pick up the cans (from now until the session ends the pc stays on the cans).

The Auditor says: “This is the Session” (Tone 40).

If the needle is floating and the pc has VGIs, the Auditor goes directly into the major action of the session. If not, the Auditor must fly a Rud.

The first Rudiment question is: “Do you have an ARC Break?”

“If there is an ARC Break you get it, use ARCU and CDEINR, indicate, then if no F/N you follow it earlier, get ARCU CDEINR, indicate, if no F/N you get an earlier one on and on, always with ARCU CDEINR until you get an F/N.” LRH

The second Rudiment question is:

“Do you have a Present Time Problem?”

“If you get a PTP you follow it earlier earlier earlier until you get an F/N.” LRH

The third Rudiment question is: “Has a Withhold been missed?”

“If you get a withhold you find out who missed it” (and what he/she) did to make the pc think he knew — or nearly found out), “then another and another using suppress. If protest you put in false. You will find these w/hs also go earlier like any other chain but they don’t have to.” LRH

On any Rud, “If it didn’t read you check suppress. If it read but is in any way protested you clean false. LRH


“Has anyone said you had a _____ when you didn’t have one?” is the answer to protested Ruds.

If he can’t get a Rud to fly, the Dianetic-Class III Auditor ends session and sends the pc folder to the C/S. Class IV Auditors and above may do a Green Form.

When the pc has F/N, VGIs you can go into the major action of the session.

The Auditor says: “Now we are going to handle _____.”

The Auditor clears the commands per BTB 2 May 1972R, “Clearing Commands”.

After completing C/S instructions to EP, or when EP occurs on the major action, the Dianetic Auditor allows the pc to finish what he was saying, gives the R-factor that he will be ending the session, and then gives the pc a „That’s it“ (Tone 40).

For Auditors Class 0 and above, when the Auditor is ready — to end session he gives the R-factor that he will be ending the session. Then he asks:

“Is there anything you would care to say or ask before I end this session?”

Pc answers.

Auditor acks and notes down the answer.

If the pc asks a question, acknowledge and say: “I will note that down for the C/S.”

Then the Auditor gives a “That’s it” (Tone 40). The data that the C/S will get from this patter will help the C/S in paralleling the mind.

Revised & Reissued as BTB by Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis 2nd: Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU
for the
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