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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Model Consultation for HC - BTB700906
- Model Consultation for HC - BTB700906R74

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Модель Консультации для Консультанта Хаббарда - ТБП700906
Revised & Reissued 25 JUNE 1974 AS BTB
(Revision in italics)
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 6 September 1970
Same Title
Remimeo HC


Just prior to doing a Consultation, the first thing the H. C. does is to make sure the room and requirements for the Consultation are set up. i.e. the room is as comfortable as possible and is free from interruptions and distractions, the meter is well charged, set up and that the Consultant report forms and worksheets are ready and that he has a sufficient supply of pens and a good dictionary.

The person receiving the Consultation is seated in the chair furthest from the door and is asked to pick up the cans (from now on until the Consultation ends the person remains on the cans). The H. C. ensures the person is not wearing any rings, that he has eaten well, had sufficient sleep and rest, has had no alcohol for 24 hours prior to the session and has had no drugs and has taken no. aspirin or painkillers for at least a week. When this is all checked and ascertained to be OK, the H. C. says: "This is the Consultation. ", and then gently informs the person what he is going to do and ensures that the person understands this.

If the needle is quite clean and loose or if floating (may not be the latter if the person has had little or no, auditing) and the person is quite cheerful, the H. C. goes directly into doing the actions intended for the Consultation - i.e. any of the H. C. Stress Analyses or the Out-point - Plus-point assessment and two-way comm, which ever is scheduled for the Consultation.

If the needle is fairly clean but the person is somewhat upset, the H. C. should find out and clean up what is troubling the person by two-way comm as per Stress Analysis No. 1 until the person is feeling bright and cheerful and the needle is floating. He should indicate this - i.e. that the needle floated and then proceed with the action intended for the Consultation*

If at the beginning of the Consultation the needle is found to be very dirty or there is an ARC Break float and the person is quite upset, the Consultant should gently say that he is going to conclude the Consultation at this point and say: "That is all*". The person should then be routed to the Qualification Division of a Scientology Organization to visit the Examiner end to arrange for some auditing to be C/Sed for him.

If at any time during a Consultation, the needle becomes dirty or there is an ARC Break float and the person is upset the same action should be done • i.e. conclude the Consultation at this point and send the person to the Examiner, this is if the Consultant has not been able to clean the upset by two-way COMB.

When the major action intended for the Consultation is complete and the person is very cheerful, has finished what he wants to say, realises what has bothering him and has a floating needle, the H. C. says: "that is all. " and ends the period.

Points to be noted:

(1) The Hubbard Consultant should never run any subject which does not read well on the meter as it will not readily discharge, but should locate something else which reads well and run that instead,

(2) If at any time the person comments that he is exterior or that he can see his body or the room from a different viewpoint other than from where he is sitting, the H. C. should acknowledge, give the person art R-factor that he will he ending the session at this point and gently end the session by saying: "That is all," and route the person to the Examiner. Later, if his TA is high, he should he sent to the BGC to see if an INT Rundown is needed.

(3) If at any time the H. C, is unable to make progress with the person and the TA goes high, he should give the person an R-factor that he will be ending the session at this point and gently end the session with "That is all. "

And route the person to the Examiner in the Qualifications Division of a Scientology Organization for the trouble to be resolved with processing.

SO Compilations BranchSO Organizing Bureau
Revised & Reissued as BTB by Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd: Molly Harlow
Authorised by AVU
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