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CONTENTS Missed Withhold Handling
30 AUGUST 1962
Revised & Reissued 19 September 1974 as BTB
(Revision in Arial)
HCO Bulletin of 30 August 1962 Same Title

Missed Withhold Handling

There are three very important factors mentioned in the HCO Bulletin of May 3, 1962, ARC Breaks Missed Withholds and the HCO Bulletin of July 4, 1962 Bulletin Changes, and these appear to be completely overlooked by most Auditors.

The first is that whenever one of the fifteen manifes­tations of a Missed Withhold occurs in an auditing session or whenever the Auditor learns of the preclear doing any of these outside session, his primary duty is to pull the missed withhold or missed withholds which have caused any of these manifestations to occur.

If the preclear begins to boil off in a session, the Auditor should immediately pull the missed withhold or missed withholds. If he is in the middle of the Auditor rudiment and the preclear begins to boil off, he immediately pulls missed withholds and then returns to cleaning the Auditor rudiment. He does not wait until he has cleaned the Auditor rudiment or wait until he has completed the beginning rudiments to pull the missed withholds.

If the preclear becomes angry and critical of the Auditor in the middle of a process the Auditor, there and then, pulls the missed withhold. He does not wait until he has completed the process.

The reason for this is that any missed withhold will, if not pulled immediately, cause the preclear to go to some degree or to go completely out of session and will cause the E-Meter to respond less well for the Auditor.

So when any of the fifteen missed withhold manifesta­tions occur in a session, immediately pull the missed withholds and then return to whatever cycle of action was interrupted and complete that cycle of action.

The second factor is that the missed withhold rudi­ment or random rudiment is always used repetitively. You ask "In this session have you thought, said, or done anything I have failed to find out?" by the repetitive system. The reason for this is that because of the missed withholds, the preclear is practically out of session and the E-Meter is not functioning as well as it could.

By the repetitive system, you get the preclear talking to you, thusly putting him more into session and making your E-Meter more operative.

The last and most important factor is that a missed withhold or missed withholds have been pulled when the pre­clear no longer demonstrates the existence of one of the fifteen missed withhold manifestations. This is a factor most Auditors do not comprehend in the least. Daily I will have some Auditor come to me and say, "The preclear is in a terrific ARC broken state. I pulled the missed withholds and preclear is still angry as everything. " Say I, "Then you haven't pulled the missed withholds. Pull them. " Says the Auditor, "Oh, yes I did. The random rudiment is clean and gets no reaction on the E-Meter. " Say I, "Your pre­clear would not still be angry if you had pulled the missed withholds. The only proof that you have pulled all the missed withholds is not whether your random rudiment is clean, but whether your preclear is no longer angry. Pull the missed withholds. "

So the missed withholds have been pulled when the dopey preclear is no longer boiling off, when the angry preclear is no longer angry, when the non-communicative preclear is communicating, when the exhausted preclear is no longer ex­hausted, when the critical preclear is no longer critical of the Auditor, Scientology, Scientology Organization or Scientologists and so on — not when the E-Meter, which doesn't operate well if the preclear is not in session, indicates no reaction to the random rudiment question.

Auditors needing a rule or a set pattern to work by always ask me what to do when the E-Meter shows no reaction to the random rudiment question and the question appears clean. Well an Auditor can do one of two things. He can put in the reality factor by telling the preclear, when the preclear is insisting that there is nothing on the random rudiment question and the E-Meter, not working as well, appears to agree with the preclear, that the Meter isn't reading on the question, but as the preclear still appears upset, would he continue to look and answer the question. Or the Auditor can ask and clean repetitively any question which will pull the missed withholds and get the preclear back into session.

Here are some examples of questions which will pull missed withholds and which can be used as a random rudiment when required according to the preclear's manifesting the presence of missed withholds:

1. In this session has anything been misunderstood?

2. In this session has anything happened which I failed to know?

3. In this session have I missed a withhold on you?

4. In this session have you decided not to tell me something?

5. In this session has anything occurred to you which I should know, but don't?

There are many, many possible questions to ask. Just keep to the basic definition of what a missed withhold is and you won't be far wrong. A missed withhold is "an un­disclosed contra-survival act which has been restimulated by another but not disclosed". So keep this fundamental in mind and really pull missed withholds.

Revised & Reissued as BTB by Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd: Molly Harlow