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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Method 2 Word Clearing on Tapes and Tape Courses (TCS-09, WCS-27R) - BTB711127R74

Revised & Reissued 21 November 1974 as BTB
HCO Bulletin of 27 November 1971
Same Title
Remimeo (Translate to various Languages) Supervisors Students Tape Course Series 9
Word Clearing Series 27R

Method 2 Word Clearing on Tapes and Tape Courses

Method 2 Word Clearing is done on the student by another student trained to do so or the Supervisor or a Word Clearer.

The person doing the Method 2 Word Clearing must be trained in the use of an E-Meter and instant reads.

There are two ways in which Method 2 Word Clearing can be used.

As a study remedy on the area of current difficulty.

As a study method on the whole material currently being studied (or the whole of previously studied materials!-

When used as a study remedy on the area of current difficulty, Method 2 is simply used to locate the misunderstood word or words that could not be located by Method 3 Word Clearing. It is done then and there in the classroom or Qual and does not require C/S OK.

This is done by locating and clearing the word that caused the E-Meter needle to read (small fall, fall, etc).

The student having Method 2 Word Clearing done on him holds the cans of the E-Meter (E-Meter electrodes) while he listens to the tape. He does nothing else, other than listen to the tape.


1. The tape machine has been set up as in BTB 25 Nov 71R, Reissued 7 July 74 as BTB, Revised 21 Nov 74, Tape Course Series 7, “Setting Up and Using a Tape Player”.

2. The student, the classroom Word Clearer and the Course Supervisor have been using Method 3 Word Clearing as in Tape Course Series 8, BTB 26 Nov 71R, Revised & Reissued 17 Aug 74 as BTB, Revised 21 Nov 74, “Handling Misunderstood Words on Tape Recorded Materials”.

3. The student is having trouble with the tape or the subject. The difficulty hasn’t been resolved and the word causing the trouble hasn’t been located.

4. The Course Supervisor or a trained Word Clearer now takes over to handle the difficulty with Method 2 Word Clearing.

5. The student either takes the tape he is having trouble with to the Supervisor/Word Clearer’s desk (where another tape machine and an E-Meter are set up) — or the Supervisor takes an E-Meter and sets it up at the student’s tape machine.

6. The student is asked at which point on the tape he became bogged. He is then asked for the point on the tape when he was doing OK. The tape is then reversed to the exact end point of where he was doing well. The first MU will be just after that and there may be others.

7. The Supervisor/Word Clearer operates the foot pedal start-stop control of the tape machine as well as the E-Meter, and does worksheets of the Word Clearing.

8. The student listens to the tape. He also holds the cans of the E-Meter while he is listening to the tape. If the student’s TA is above 3.5 or below 2.0, send the student to Qual for rapid C/S Series 53RI handling and return to course.

9. As the tape plays, the Supervisor/Word Clearer watches his Meter needle. As soon as the needle reads (small fall, fall, etc) the Supervisor/Word Clearer stops the machine by use of the foot pedal, and asks the student for the misunderstood word.

It is extremely important that the Supervisor/Word Clearer stop the tape player at the exact moment of the Meter read, otherwise he may be asking the student for three or four or even six or eight words later than the reading word, and thus cause undue difficulty for the student.

10. If the student can’t spot the word, the Supervisor/Word Clearer replays the last short section to assist the student to find the MU.

11. If the student still can’t spot the word, the Supervisor/Word Clearer turns the tape back a little further and replays that whole section, using the tape counter numbers to guide his stopping and starting actions. He locates the MU.

12. All misunderstood words on tapes are cleared according to BTB 4 Sept 71R, Rev. 15 Dec 73, 20 July 74, WC Series 22R, “How to Use a Dictionary”, clearing each word to F/N.

13. The student keeps hold of the cans and the Supervisor/Word Clearer locates the word in the dictionary, understands the definition himself and then holds it for the student to read.

14. The student reads all definitions out loud whilst the Word Clearer watches the needle in order to pick up any MUs in the definitions.

15. The Word Clearer ensures that the student puts each definition into sentences to ensure the word is fully understood, to F/N.

16. The Word Clearer ensures that the student has clarified the exact definition of the word as used in the tape, and plays back that section of the tape for the student, in order to ensure it is cleared.

17. The tape is now turned back to the beginning of the section where the student ran into trouble to double check that it is now resolved. There should be no reads, and F/N, on that section of the material.

If there are any more reads, these are picked up and cleared, and the section replayed again, until there are no more reads on that section, and F/N on the repair.

18. The trouble is now resolved and the student is returned to normal study, where he is expected to apply Method 3 Word Clearing as a routine.

19. If the student’s difficulty has not resolved, the student is sent to Qual for a Word Clearing Correction List, which will locate the cause of the trouble.

20. The student is returned to Course when the difficulty has been located and handled, resulting in an F/Ning student.


On some professional checksheets or special staff training actions, all the materials of the course are required to be done Method 2 Word Clearing. Also when earliest materials are being Word Cleared Method 2.

Method 2 done for this purpose has steps as follows.

A. The Case Supervisor OK must be obtained to ensure that the student is not in the middle of a major auditing rundown or process or due for an Interiorization Rundown, etc. (Word Clearing M2 can be done between the processes of a program.)

B. The tape player is set up as given earlier.

C. Note: If the student has a high or low TA on the Meter (above 3.5 or below 2.0 after the Meter has been turned on for a few minutes to warm up and the cans have been warmed by the student holding them for a few minutes) or if the student is in pain or upset — the Word Clearer does not start metered Word Clearing. The Word Clearer informs the student, “I’m sorry we will not be starting Word Clearing at this time.” The Word Clearer reports this in writing with the student’s TA position to the Supervisor who forwards the report to the DPE so that the needed C/S Series 53RI session can be given the student. This must be done quickly so he can be gotten on to his Word Clearing. The student is immediately called in for C/S 53RI handling to the result of an F/Ning student at which point the student is returned to his course.

D. Starting the Word Clearing is done by informing the student, “I am not auditing you.” The tape is then started and the procedure is as given earlier in this BTB for Method 2. The only difference being that the whole materials are covered in this manner with the Word Clearer taking up and clearing all reading words (and any words originated by the student as misunderstood).

E. Each word handled is cleared to Floating Needle on the Meter.

F. The Word Clearing period is ended on Floating Needle.

G. Note: If the Word Clearing bogs down and it can’t be resolved, the Word Clearer or Supervisor must end off and send the Worksheets to the Review Auditor in Dept 14 at once, who will handle by doing a Word Clearing Correction List.

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