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CONTENTS PART II: The Loophole in Guarded Rights

PART II: The Loophole in Guarded Rights

Whenever phenomena become known to a small number of unscrupulous men, these, by secrecy, can employ it to the enslavement of many. This, in a thimble, is the history of the race.

It was inevitable that once natural law concerning thought became known, it would be utilized by individuals to enslave, reduce, or even to murder others.

Invalidation of Dianetics is now, fortunately, rendered impossible by the vigorous program of proof and testing to which it has been subjected. However, an invalidation of Dianetics as a process by which aberration can be relieved, works in the direction of permitting Black Dianetics to be employed without censure upon luckless human beings who may not even know that it has been so employed.

The processes of Black Dianetics can be remedied by what might be called White Dianetics, in most cases. If any group desired to use the phenomena discovered in Dianetics to enslave an individual, a group, or a nation, its first step would be to place White Dianetics out of bounds, to illegalize its practice, and to condemn the tenets contained in it. To debar the general public practice of White Dianetics is to make possible a general unpublic practice of Black Dianetics.

At the present writing, there is one certain method of disenfranchising a human being. In 1215 A. D. by the Magna Carta and in 1791 by the Bill of Rights in America, certain liberties of person and property were delineated and given to certain nations.

In the absence of any known natural law relating to sanity beyond the legal definition that it is the “ability to tell right from wrong” without saying what right and wrong are, clauses relating to sanity were, perforce, omitted from such documents. Thus a wide loophole was left in civil and criminal structure. For whatever a sane man’s rights may be said to be, it is only necessary to declare him insane and his rights vanish. He has no right to property. He has no right to trial. He has no right to be confronted by his accusers. All processes of law are suspended the moment an individual is declared to be insane. Indeed, on this whisper, even his friends may desert him. He must have an appointed guardian for all his affairs to whom he cannot object. He can be spirited away into a public jail without other than a complaint that he is not sane. There he is examined by men whose pretense it was to be able to distinguish sanity from insanity and who, themselves, are suspect of being insane in most part. An individual so accused can be incarcerated without any other legal process and can be given “treatments” which will leave him a hopeless imbecile for the remainder of his life. Or he may simply be killed by attendants.

Electric shock, “psychosurgery,” other types of shock “treatment” are at this writing accepted treatment of the “insane.” Adequate documents exist to demonstrate that these “treatments” never cure anything, that they often break a man’s spine or leave him even unable to control simple body functions.

All this waits for the individual the moment he is pronounced “insane.” He is disenfranchised, his property is forfeited, he passes into hands which have the power of life and death over him.

Thus we see that even the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights are worthless in the hands and under the manipulation of the unscrupulous.

In order to have a true bill of rights a citizen would have to be given rights to his sanity and to his life. These are two rights which cannot now be guaranteed. Until they are guaranteed, the Constitution, to many, is a mockery.

In one insane asylum, at the behest of a government, a man that government considers dangerous is held as “insane.”

After Pearl Harbor in 1941 any naval captain who dared cry “Treason!” when he saw how high administrative orders brought about a debacle was shipped, quickly and without any recourse to friends or courts, to insane asylums.

Thus it is possible, even now, in this “enlightened age” for a group of men to function much as did the assassins, even without Black Dianetics. By using the public fear of the insane, a fear born from the unknowns of insanity, anyone can be discredited and imprisoned.

By using Black Dianetics, insanity itself can be brought about with considerableease.

In these turbulent times, with an A-bomb hanging over every city, civil law ismore and more withdrawn from the citizen, censorship is more and more strict. Disaster breeds secret control and enslavement. In event of a national disaster such as that envisioned in an atomic war, it is not necessarily true that civilization may be destroyed, regardless of what the president says but it is true that disaster may assume a magnitude sufficient for any small group to seize control of the remaining populace, a control very close to complete slavery.

In order to resolve insanity, it was necessary to release the natural laws discovered in Dianetics. When they were released it became possible to create insanity at will. And even more insidiously, complete control of a human being can be effected without insanity being demonstrated by him.

The release of these laws and the whole of Black Dianetics is necessary if a long range program of prevention is to be effected. So long as Black Dianetics remains the property of the very few, a very great many more will suffer eventually than those few who will die because of the publication of this material.

Thus, the first basic principle of Black Dianetics: So long as a natural phenomenon remains the knowledge of a few and is denied to the many it can be utilized to control the many.

The first law of Dianetics which you should know is as follows: The human organism receives and records all perceptions while under duress and in a reduced state of consciousness.

Should you wish to know complete derivations of this law and its proofs, you are invited to study the science itself. Here is contained only sufficient material to delineate Black Dianetics in full.