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1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.
BAY 8881
31 January 1956


Well, Operational Bulletins now enter their 15th issue, furnishing copy for the PABs, Certainty and Ability, and information and pre-release data to the staffs of the HAS everywhere. Mailed every Tuesday afternoon on the dot by Hubbard Communications Office secretary, Margaret Tousaw, the Operational Bulletins get there firstest with the mostest.

The beginning of issue of these Operational Bulletins signalizes the turn of the tide, the beginning of the avalanche, the bend in time for Scientology. Since within their earliest issue the greatest difficulties in processing have been ironed out by calling attention to the repair and remedy of havingness and the auditors’ chief problem — how to get a practice — has been cared for and the finishing touches have been put upon training good auditors and therefore a long continuance has been guaranteed to the association. But there is more than this to come. We still have to codify SLP Issue 8 and many other needful things have to be done.


When you entered Scientology you did so because you thought the world could stand a change. You thought that war, crime and insanity were needful of remedy. You hoped that Scientology could contain answers to these and that the answers would be effectively applied.

You have watched for five years or some fraction thereof the twist and turmoil of organizational unrest and you have participated in more than one significant advance in technique.

What you have watched and in what you have participated are the labour pains of something new born into a world of misunderstanding and unrest and which has sought to establish a foothold in an area of agreement in which it did not belong.

But you have watched and participated in definite and positive forward change, definite and measurable progress and, although our advances may be minute when compared to original dreams, they are vast compared to the most optimistic inroads made by earlier efforts.

The early days of development of Dianetics and Scientology found us with too many preparatory gestures to make in too many fields. To gain a new foothold in organizational procedure as well as research and dissemination required us to advance on too many fronts simultaneously which brought about an apparency of slow forward motion; but when one considers how many fields were invaded, how much preparatory work was done, how much had to be learned, and how arduous was the early fight, one begins to appreciate that we have gained not an evanescent and chimerical advance, but have won a solid platform of know-how from which we can continue.

If you were to sum up all the questions we have had to answer, and if you were to sum up all the answers we have learned in the fields of organization, training, clinical, management, publication, finance and personnel, you would see that we know a great deal and that these answers could have been won only by experience in the actual doing.

Having now started we are already well advanced toward our goals. The oddity is that the starting was the slow thing since it required that we create a platform from which to start.

Do not lose this technology gained. There is know-how contained here which was five years in the acquisition. The list of organizational points made in an earlier Operational Bulletin are only a fragment of what we have learned about organizations but this fragment is essential along any organizational line.

We are well advanced toward the goals we first envisioned. We have never deviated, we have never subordinated personal gain to their attainment and we will win just as certainly and inevitably as earth will again circle about the sun.

The time to have stopped this movement was 1951. Stopping it in 1956 would be impossible.

You have your own individual as well as organizational share in continuing our forward progress. It is up to you to bring heart and courage into individual practitioners throughout Scientology. It is up to you to demand of these that they bring about a maximum advance in their area through the use of these hard won technologies. It is up to you to make sure that these individuals know (I) what Scientology organizations mean, and intend, (2) how to build and maintain a group, course and practice, (3) how to audit with maximum results on groups and individuals, (4) how to continue their courage in the face of the blunting stupidity of a semibarbaric world about them.

If you have felt our advance was not maximum, determine now to make it so and determine that practicality to consolidate and utilize our gains and indoctrinate those about you in the knowledge, courage and activity necessary to bring all of us up to and through this new day which has begun for earth.

The 2000 year cycle of ignorance, cruelty and bloodshed is over. We mark a new era, remember that.


Beginning with the re-write of “Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health”, continuing with the publication of all PABs to date, and carrying through with new basic course material, HCA material and a complete glossary as well as a new slant for each one of our publications, the publication schedule is well oriented. All this depends on now is that my pen achieves sufficient nimbleness to accomplish all this writing.

In actuality I have been waiting for technologies to settle down before I began to inscribe them and it looks with some of the newer material that this period is now

My willingness to write has resurged on the discovery of the conquest of the G. E.


Remembering that remedy of havingness is necessary to all processes and remembering that repairing havingness is distinct from remedying havingness, and recalling as well that getting the preclear to lie about various things and getting the preclear to invent problems, and remembering as well that one never gets him to lie or invent problems about conditions but only about terminals or solids, the following SLP is an interim SLP for use in the clinics in order to get those preclears coming up the graphs.

Level One:

“Find auditor. Find preclear. Find room.”

Handle present time problem with “Invent a problem that (terminal, not condition or generality) could be to you” until flat. During this repair any havingness drop with “Look around here and tell me what your body could have”.

Repair preclear’s havingness with blackness or invisible or anything, using any method including body motivators to repair havingness.

Now remedy it by having preclear mock up and pull in and by any method throw away mock-ups of anything.

Now run “What body would you like to have?” When preclear says one, then by any means have him mock it up and thoroughly remedy havingness with it. Then ask him question again and with the answer remedy havingness with it. And so on, until preclear is exteriorized and stable.

(Preclear exterior should pull in and throw away mock-ups from self not body.) Now run “orders” with good remedy of havingness. Now go to Level Two of SLP 7.


It seems unnecessary to point out that one in managing a department or an operation must keep in mind a certain obvious principle. One finds fault with those persons or divisions which are not doing their job, which are not disseminating Scientology or producing income. One emphatically does not find fault with those persons, divisions or departments which are producing results, disseminating Scientology or producing income.

It seems impossible that it is necessary to remind anyone of this principle. However, some people are so anxious to make nothing of things that they take only those things which are producing and try to make nothing of them.

This principle is very overlooked in military forces for instance. Anyone during a war who tries to fight the enemy is liable to be castigated. Only those officers who do absolutely nothing are promoted. This is also pertinent to many govemments and is certainly to be traced in history.

Man is rather sold on this idea of ruining all production units. We find in studying the history of govemments that those rulers who had been good for a country and who brought it into levels of prosperity have lasted the shortest periods of time. The longest reigns we discover are accomplished by those who ruin everything and anybody. This is one of the reasons man is in the state he is in. He follows the idea that he should ruin all producing units and should neglect all worthless or useless or non-active things.

This is the essence of reactive action. A thetan unwilling to or actually unable to duplicate a somethingness tries to make nothing of everything as he counts upon the environment to fix his attention and himself does not fix it by choice; when he is in a very bad state a thetan then sees only those things which have mass and are in action and neglects those things which do not have mass and are not in action.