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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Intensive in Progress (OB-7) - OB551206

1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.
BAY 5780


As an item on the First Dynamic, which we seldom discuss, I am fifteen and a half hours deep on an intensive being given me by Mary Sue. I am just a little bit astonished to note that two or three processes which we went by swiftly in the last year or two are most intensely workable. It is not a bad idea to get some subjective reality on some of these things, before drawing up anything like a final issue of SLP. If you want to ask auditors who have run me, I audit like a well-greased wheel. It is rather amusing, therefore, to have the GE picked out of an incident auditor Dick Saunders left it stuck in, in July of 1950. That gives you some idea of how fundamental our newer processes are, if they can even remedy 1950.


The Hubbard Association of Scientologists of the United Kingdom is still in a state of formation, but the British public has not yet learned that the old organization has all but disappeared, and the new organization has taken its place. People and even a couple of staff members are still reacting towards the organization as though it was the same old grind. This is a case of doing too smooth a job of change-over, without making enough fireworks. We are left with the job of informing the British public very directly that the HASUK bears little if any resemblance to the HAS of old.

In the first place take the matter of Clinic. We closed the HAS Clinic many, many months ago saying we were going to open it again in December of this year. We have done just exactly that, but on its opening, we find an entirely different programme than we had before, entirely different processes, and different methods of handling people. We are hand-picking our auditors, and we are supervising the auditing of cases right down the middle. This of course does not even vaguely compare with the way we were handling cases a short time ago where we were farming them out. But that, remember, was the HAS, and this is the HASUK. The Clinic at Brunswick House is turning out more results faster than are being turned out anywhere else in Great Britain.

People have also overlooked the purpose of a central clinic. Its purpose is to clean up cases which are left in distress, and to produce sufficiently excellent results to alert the public at large to the benefits of Scientology. As far as cases in distress are concerned, we have all that locked up. If any more exist in the British Isles that we have not patched up, and put way up the tone scale, then we do not at this moment know about them. We do not include in this a case or two that were in terrible condition a decade ago and on which we are still working with success. As far as results are concerned, we are making absolutely sure of these results by giving psychometric tests before and after each intensive. We have no idea whatsoever of letting a preclear get away without having benefited appreciably from processing.

The public does not know this. Free group processing, lecture service, a free basic course given by LRH for auditors now in progress and an evening professional, and a day professional course, plus publishing and general Scientology organization, have altered with the general organizational plan of SERVICE. We admit there were many things left to be desired by the HAS, but the HASUK is in there pitching and the like of this we have not seen in a very long time. It remains for all of us to do enough talking to convince the auditors themselves and the public at large that we are a different organization, that we are operating differently, and that we are getting results. That they must be told this, and that it must be demonstrated to them becomes obvious when one realizes that preclears in London are going to a rather distant part of the world when they could have better auditing at less right here in London.


Aside from the slight change in command wording in SLP, we have levels three, four, five and six of this series of processes taped, which is to say they are just about the way they’re going to be. However, levels one and two are still being overhauled. Two more basic processes evidently fit on level one below the level of present time problem. One of these processes is “What wouldn’t mind obeying you?” “What wouldn’t you mind obeying?” The other one is an old one: “Tell me something in this environment you could have.” Either one of these is more workable than spotting or assigning intentions or 8-C.

Oddly enough, there is some possibility, for various reasons, that the “What wouldn’t you mind obeying?” “What wouldn’t mind obeying you?”, however phrased, is one of those all-the-way processes. I stumbled onto it recently and it has now been under test for a month, and is showing every sign of being the bright-haired process of the future. This process and “What could you not-know about that?”, run almost at random on a case, are rivals for the most productive sessions. However, stuck cases seem to progress best by getting them to tell you lies about the environment. Also it appears that havingness processes, even Opening Procedure of 8-C, should be preceded exhaustively with “Tell me something around here you could have.” I won’t go into the mechanics of why, but we have been running people, and making people spot the environment who could not have the environment but could have a subjective bank. When they can have the environment they don’t have to have the subjective bank, and that’s about the end of it.

There are some recent philosophic advances in Scientology which are compelling interest, as they bear very intimately on the question, “Can a thetan get along in this universe, or can’t he?” You will be happy to know that the answer is yes he can, but will be probably very astonished to know just why this is true.