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CONTENTS An Idea Versus War
Vol. 2, No. 8 [1955, ca. August]
The Official Publication of
in the British Isles

An Idea Versus War

L. Ron Hubbard

Creation precedes destruction: for to be destroyed, a thing must have been created.

The initial form of creation is an idea, and from an idea flows the energy and forms necessary to action.

Destruction requires action when that destruction embraces nations, towns, and the bodies of man.

Since civilization began on earth, men have been seeking to destroy men in the “glorious cause of ending war.” Force begets force; the spear only seeks the weak point of the shield; the shield itself, offered long enough, will provoke the invention of a spear which will pierce it.

Man has sought to solve his confusion by applying it to the chaos and confusion of force on the level of the material universe. Yet no progress or advancement ever has been made by mankind which did not have as its vanguard an idea. An idea alone is capable of altering man’s circumstance with regard to war. Ideas, their creation and control, alone can defeat an atom bomb. The idea which will defeat the bomb may be as low as the construction of a force stream to render impenetrable the defences of a city, but that idea would end war only for a time. Observably it will require an idea of far greater magnitude to stop the bloodlust of nations.

Perhaps in Scientology there exist sufficient techniques for the origin of new ideas and the control of ideas to halt the willful suicide of man through the machinery of battle.