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CONTENTS How We Work on the Third Dynamic
Issue 72
[1958, ca. late April]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

How We Work on the Third Dynamic

L. Ron Hubbard

It is obvious that a barbarian society, leaving all to chance, believing in luck and irresponsibility, needs direction.

If it cannot receive that direction from its elected leaders, it is soon drowned in confusion.

This is particularly true of barbarian societies. By barbarian, we mean, of course, “lacking in social graces.” A nation may have huge machines, projectiles of great violence and stoves that do all the cooking and yet be a complete barbarism socially.

The activities of a barbarism one against another are punishment, revilement, contest for first dynamic supremacy with no thought of the rights of others.

The barbarism solves political problems with brutality, crime with punishment and social ills with degradation.

It is fairly obvious then that the United States of America — and the Western world-is a barbarism, wearing nylon shirts instead of bearskins, lip rouge rather than tattoo tabu marks, but subscribing to the Code of Hammurabi just the same.

The social code used identifies the barbarism and an “eye for an eye” is little better than law for the sake of sadism, mere animalism.

You can know a barbarism by its witch doctors, its concept of the other man’s mind. In this society the mental witch doctor, comfortably enfranchised by the A.P.A., believes sincerely Man is an animal without soul or hope and, following Pavlov and other Russian teachings, that Man works only for reward like “any other dog.”

These are the brands of barbarism. Hate is deified above love, a deterrent to an action is better than a communication, the delusion is more palatable than the truth.

If we place the govemment on our chart of human evaluation, we find a craven psychotic. What would you think of the sanity of a man who sits in his house all day every day loading guns for fear of some mythical enemy? What would you think of a person who used violence against the weak, the helpless, women and children? What would you think of someone who solved all his problems with threats of violence? You’d be right. Such a person would be insane. Just add up the characteristics of a government today, apply them as if done by an individual and make up your mind. Governments are insane. It is a big thought and one necessary to digest if you are not

going to go around all your life snarling impotently against “government stupidity.” The insane aren’t always stupid but they are certainly insane.

Of course you could define government as “that body created by the aggregate irresponsibility of a people.” The insane are irresponsible. That is why they are insane. If you lump all the irresponsibility in a nation into one body you would then have an insane body. Thus the government temper.

Now it is a fact that help and destroy are opposite ends of the same string. When a person can no longer help he seeks to destroy. Destroy is the same as help to a psychiatrist. Total identification. But more of this elsewhere. It is enough here to demonstrate that if you try to help an insane body it responds by seeking to destroy you. This is nothing to be afraid of since the ability to direct in an insane body is very poor. Thus the blows usually go awry. One sees it in government when the police arrest and question the man who was attacked by a thug. The police forget the thug and arrest the innocent.

Now all this comes about only when you have a barbarism, where the social training of each person is so poor as to amount to a collective insanity.

To cure a barbarism one must make men socially grow up. And that is done with individuals. One works with individual people, not with groups.

We in Scientology have done a “power of growing up,” me and you both. We are strong in that we have the ability to make other people “grow up.” Our target is the individual if we wish to increase the group level of responsibility.

To properly hit the target each of us needs to be (1) a good example in our own case and (2) well trained and secure in our Scientology skills.

All we really have to do to win is to get clear and clear others, the while keeping on with the routine demands of life.

As startling as clearing is today, as impressive as it is to learn Scientology well at the Academy, yet these things can be done rather easily.

Clear is now no esoteric goal. It can be reached in a few weeks of highly skilled auditing.

Getting to be an excellent auditor is a must if one merely wishes to live. But one dynamic isn’t enough. It takes all the dynamics to make a freedom. Therefore to be clear is not enough. To be a cleared auditor and to handle and audit people is a must if we wish to be totally free.

Face it. We live in a barbarism. The shiny cars are driven by degraded men. You won’t be free unless they are.

It has taken me ten hard years to make clearing everyone an accomplished fact.

That I could do it was not enough. That you could do it was part of the major plan.

My purpose is to bring a barbarism out of the mud it thinks conceived it and to form here on Earth a civilization based on human understanding, not violence.

That’s a big purpose. A broad field. A star-high goal. But I think it’s your purpose, too.Best,