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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Havingness (PAB-23) - PAB540402

Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W. 11
2 April 1954


(From the Researches and Notes of L. Ron Hubbard)

Starvation for energy is the keynote of any case which maintains facsimiles in restimulation.

The thetan who holds facsimiles to the body has chosen to have the energy in spite of the perceptions and significances in it. He is attempting to have the energy and not have the aberrative quality of it. Thus he is posed the problem of trying to reject the thought and accept the energy and thus he cannot do either.

In Dianetics we gave him the energy by processing out the significances (perception) in it.

When well exteriorized a thetan may have his energy so far reduced that he becomes unhappy. Having him create and snap in anchor points upon himself (not the body) will remedy this unhappiness.

Matched Terminaling, Admiration Processing and any other process which reduces energy, at length “starve” the thetan for energy.

All these conditions are remedied by remedying the “havingness” of the thetan.

As we saw in Acceptance Level Processing (PAB No. 15) only certain energy forms may be acceptable to the thetan. This is regulated by the screens he has erected against things. By setting up a resistance to certain energies, he creates an eventual appetite for them. He sets up screens to resist the form and the screen becomes plus for the form on the far side and negative for the form on the near side. As the screen caves in upon him (by being pounded by the unwanted form) it eventually causes an appetite (vacuum) for the form. Thus he actually starves for a form he once detested. This is the dwindling spiral of the MEST universe. The thetan believes he has to have the form to survive.

The remedy of havingness is necessary for all cases at and below Step IV of SOP 8.

An auditor remedies havingness by “starting an avalanche,” by making the preclear begin an automatic inflow of acceptable things, then graduates the preclear rapidly to avalanches of stars, planets, heavy masses and spaces.

It is density and mass which count, not specific items.

Degradation begins when the thetan is interiorized into unwanted mass. It is completed when, having developed an appetite for heavy mass, he is exteriorized from it.

In this lifetime the downfall of any thetan began with his loss of some heavy mass. The heaviness of the mass was the value of the mass. For instance, an auditor wishing to trace the feeling of degradation in a preclear would look for a time when the preclear lost or was removed from a massive object. The auditor then has the preclear mock up the object and change its quality better or worse until it “snaps in” automatically on the preclear. Then the auditor has the preclear mock up enough of the object to create an avalanche. The preclear must then add more and more to the inflow, then add planets, stars and black stars until the preclear can comfortably throw several dense objects away in mock-up. A reverse (outflowing) avalanche is then begun and outflowing and inflowing avalanches are run on the preclear until his “hunger” is satiated.

Numerous facsimiles may appear. The auditor continues with the dense masses in avalanches, not the facsimiles. The facsimile will “blow.”

This process, run for four or five hours, will create a Book 1 MEST Clear.

Perceptions are turned on by running “acceptable” smells, lights and sounds in avalanches. Masses are more important than perceptions.

[The above PAB is reissued as HCO B 3 May 1972, Havingness. ]