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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Handling Student Dope Off - BTB680905



In my experience as a Supervisor, I found the following of major importance, like the TRs 0-4, words and their meanings must be thoroughly learnt early on in courses otherwise the balance of the course will be dealing with these misunderstoods or even worse, this may lead to retrain from scratch.

For Scientology definitions, I demand and get definitions as laid out in HCOBs, Policy Letters, tapes and books.

English Words, too, are well defined with a good dictionary at hand. I have found that Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary is ideal. Others give less well defined definitions and sometimes they are even vague in their meanings.

In the first week of the SO Cl VI Course, many students doped off and even fell asleep. With steady patience, the misunderstood prior to the paragraph, HCOB or pack was located, indicated and defined in each case. Students remarked how they doped off „for some other reason“.

The second week fewer dope offs occurred and there were less flunks for not knowing definitions of Scientology words. Attendance increased and interest sharpened. More reference to the dictionary was made.

In short, the lesson was being learned by the students that to by-pass a misunderstood word equals dope off.

In many cases I spotted an indicator-a slight dullness and/or a yawn-and sure enough just prior to the sentence or paragraph being studied lay the misunderstood.

One chronic case of dope off and hard grind at study of Scientology was easily handled by getting him to define the word Scientology itself. This after being in Scientology and studying various courses and having read books! There have been many of these handled, as obviously if somebody hears the word „Dianetics“ or „Scientology“ for the first time the immediate response is, „What’s that?“ and where the definition is not put across clearly it follows the person throughout the study of the subject until finally spotted and clearly defined. Honestly, I must have cracked and cured about 20 such cases of bad study habits just getting them to define these two words.

Another student was crying and cracking up and going to pieces with her coach desperately going down hill himself in trying to find her misunderstood on the material just covered.

Simply questioned with regard to where she felt she was doing well turned this off and the reason for all this was that she had not read the last few pages of „Self Analysis“. It was not further pursued as all Good Indicators flooded in, and she could and did continue rapid progress.

There are many such examples with infinite variations and they all add up to a misunderstood.

If you’re sharp these can be located before the student winds up a flat ball bearing.

Another two points on this -

1. Route slow cases to Review for repair

2. Get PTSs off course fast.

These then followed ensures rapid advancement and completions.

Another factor which led to regular attendance was establishing a minimum quota of points which the student had to achieve per week.

Conditions are assigned according to the number of points attained.


Zero Rate 1 points E-Meter Drills* 6 points
*Rate 6 points TRs 6 points
Zero Rate 12 points Auditing on a doll 6 points
*Rate 18 points
Zero rate 18 points Auditing PC to Release 15 Points
*Rate 24 points

And the Kha Khans have Ethics protection.

James Byrne
SO CL VI Supervisor for