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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Handling Misunderstood Words on Tape Recorded Materials (TCS-08, WCS-26RA) - BTB711126RA74
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CONTENTS Handling Misunderstood Words on Tape Recorded Materials METHOD 3 WORD CLEARING ON TAPES
Revised & Reissued 17 August 1974 as BTB
Revised 21 November 1974
BTB OF 26 November 1971
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Word Clearing Series 26RA

Handling Misunderstood Words on Tape Recorded Materials

Method 3 Word Clearing must be done routinely by any Course student. It is done by the student himself and also by the Supervisor on his students.


1. The tape machine and tape are set up exactly as per Tape Course Series 7, BTB 25 Nov 71 R, Rev. 21 Nov 74, “Setting Up and Using a Tape Player”.

2. Whilst listening to the tape, if the student hears a word he does not understand, he immediately stops the tape by means of the foot pedal start-stop control.

3. He writes the word down in his notebook and immediately looks up the word exactly per BTB 4 Sept 71R, Rev. 15 Dec 73, Word Clearing Series 22R, “How to Use a Dictionary”, clearing all definitions and any not understood or misunderstood words in the definitions, and putting each into sentences.

4. Student then checks the tape for the exact use of the word in the tape.

Проститутки Троицка.

5. Student then rewinds the tape to just before the word cleared above and relistens to the section to ensure that it is understood.

6. The student continues listening to the tape until he encounters another word which he does not understand, at which point he does the actions outlined in 3, 4 and 5 above.

7. If at any point the student becomes bored, feels blank, washed out, not there, starts yawning, dopes off or wants to blow, he must recognize that he has gone past a misunderstood word.

8. The student must turn the tape back to the point where he was interested and alert and check the section just after that for the misunderstood word or words, and clear them according to steps 3, 4 and 5.

9. The student then rewinds the tape back to the end of the section where he felt fine and relistens to the tape from that point on, picking up and clearing any other words found.

10. If the student starts to feel squashed, gets a headache, stomach feels funny, gets dizzy from time to time, or eyes start to hurt, the student should locate the section on the tape where he had a lack of mass, and either go and find the actual mass under discussion and feel and inspect it, if possible, or find a photo of it, or demonstrate the mass in clay with labels, or use his demo kit to demonstrate the mass. The student should then relisten to the rest of the tape from that section on.

11. The Supervisor must be alert to the manifestations of lack of mass and misunderstood words and quickly see that the correct handling is done rapidly. If he does not handle, he will shortly end up with no students.

12. If a student cannot locate the misunderstood word using Method 3, either on his own or with the Supervisor, the Supervisor should apply Method 2 Word Clearing to that section of the tape to quickly locate and handle the misunderstood words. If the student’s TA is above 3.5 or below 2.0, end off and send the student to Qual for a C/S 53RI.

13. A Supervisor should check students who have just completed a tape and look tired or not there, by asking questions about the tape. If the student cannot answer or gives a wrong or altered answer, the Supervisor should make the student go back and relisten to the tape and find and clear the misunderstood words.

The above procedure is very simple and the essential ingredients to have F/Ning students who know and can apply their materials.

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